I can speak – Chapter 10


Chronon: Confused? Well, I posted chapter 11 by accident a while back. Then I did chapter 9, so this is chapter 10. Also, changed Girion to Gillion.

Magic ranks:

Elementary -> Intermediate -> Advanced


After that, it was very difficult to get the room dry again.

In particular, a great deal of water had sunk into the carpet, so it had to be squeezed dry. Doing such a thing is not really possible for my five year old physique, so I asked for help from a butler and a maid.

My circumstances seemed to have been reported to brother Gillion, he just clicked his tongue and helped me with a refreshing smile. I’m really sorry.

Fortunately, there was not a lot of furniture in my room. At this point only the skeleton of my bed remained as it was too large to move. Everything else was thrown outside to dry.

The window was open and a cool breeze was blowing in.

Thanks to that, my already large room felt even larger.

I’ll have to sleep in a different room tonight.

After thanking the butler and maid for helping me, I went to big brother Gillion’s room.

「Big brother Gillion, it’s Jed」

Immediately after I knock, the curt voice of big brother returns an 「enter」

He’s using the same type of voice you’d use for a housemaid.

I entered the room, whilst thinking such a thing.

The size of the room is about the same as mine. The main difference is that the bookshelves are packed with books. Also, there is a large quantity of paper scattered around.

My impression of big brother seems to have changed.

He must put in a lot of effort, studying books and revising, just so he can enter the magic academy.

This was usually a room he would never let a small child near. Why am I suddenly allowed to enter now?

Looking towards big brother Gillion, he seems to be looking for a book on one of the bookshelves. Just like me, he has changed from his soaked clothing, however the clothing he has changed into is exactly the same as before.

He always wears the same type of clothes, just how many copies does he have?

「Oh, this」

As he murmurs so, big brother hands other 3 books to me.

「This is?」

「Books on the basics of magic」

I expected to get a lecture upon entering the room. Whilst puzzled, I ask a question.

「Ah, yes. Are all these for me?」

「Idiot. We can’t have you using your magic carelessly like last time, you might burn the residence down. So read these for now」


「I don’t know why you can read『Magic Language』but these books should help you control it」

「Yes. I see」

As I nod, big brother sits on his chair and begins to write something.

I left the room quietly after a while, looking back for several seconds before doing so.

He was right, I can’t carelessly use magic, it’s too dangerous.

With that thought in mind, I went to one of the spare rooms. (TLN: This next bit is him reading the book)

Magic has six attributes. Most humans have one attribute. People with two or three attributes are extremely rare.

It was said that there was once a wise man who could use all attributes, but it isn’t certain. Most of the magic academies past principals can also use more than one attribute. William is my grandfather, it is said that he could use 4 attributes. 4 attributes seems to be the highest.

I remember the words which grandfather left behind.

『Even if I have many attributes, that doesn’t mean I can use them well』

I read grandfather’s words and was convinced. Even if I have magic with as many as 4 or more attributes, if I can’t manage them adequately, wouldn’t I still be weak?

It’s very difficult to master the magic language. Not just that, but control is also important and equally difficult to master. It’s impossible to master a magic attribute if you go into it half-baked.

Author: ~~~~

「The contents is quite heavy…..」

Does big brother want me to become a magician?

Well, when dealing with magic, it’s best to have a solid state of mind. However, I’m only a five year old child.

Whilst thinking this, I begin to read the book.

×     ×      ×

Before I even noticed it, the sun had set and it had become night time.

「Oh, is it evening? It was quite a good book」

I close the book and stretch myself.
Probably because I was reading the book for a long time, I feel exhausted and my eyes are heavy.
Whilst rubbing my eyes, I suddenly remember something.

「Oh! I forgot about the goblins!」

I stood up quickly and ran to father’s office.

From the window, I could see the butler from before carrying my furniture back in. I really want to help, but I’m carrying a book right now and there’s no time.

I ran through the hallway, whilst apologising internally.

「Father. It’s Jed」

「Oh? Jed…..enter」

As expected, the voice of my father booms out. So I enter.

「Excuse me」

「What’s the matter, Jed?」

My father seemed busy working. He was at his desk with a big brush in his hand.

「Well, I heard that there’s goblins in the west forest!!」

「Did anyone witness that?」


I only came here to report about the goblin in the forest. I didn’t come up with an explanation.

What explanation could I possibly give? Bird-san told me! Yes, I’d definitely be treated like a weirdo.

Staring at me, Father raises a gentle smile as if realising something.

Oh? What is it? What conclusion did you reach, father?

「Oh, it’s that. If you wanted to play, you could have just said so. Father is nearly done with work, so please wait a while」

He said that right to my face.

「No, it’s nothing nevermind」

I exit the room somewhat disappointed.

「…..Jed? We haven’t played together recently, shall we play now?」

The goblins haven’t shown up after that, so there were no witnesses.

Still, I’m worrying about the town. So I decide to go to the forest.

In the mean time, I’m learning magic control from big brother Gillion.

The 『Magic Language』makes use of magic in the body and sparce magic in the air. So, you have to learn how to accurately control it.

Whether or not a magic incantation succeeds depends on pronunciation, rhythm and emphasis.

『All-Language Comprehension』is unexpectedly useful for this.

Also, I seem to have a lot of magic power.

Whilst thinking that. I remembered what Meria had said, that my physique and magic power would be higher than a normal persons. It seems she was telling the truth.

Anyway, I can definitely protect myself with this.

Whilst checking my surroundings, I throw down some white bread to summon some birds.

At least I can rely on bird-san.


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