I can speak – Chapter 12

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Chronon: Confused? Well, I did chapter 11 ages ago, if you remember. So this is the next chapter. I have a massive update tomorrow for “I bought a girl” about 7-8 chapters.

In this chapter, he was somehow spotted by the goblins.


I was currently being glared at by 3 goblins with their daggers drawn.

Since we were both being wary of each other, we didn’t move.

By the way, the little bird on my shoulder had flown away in fear.

How heartless. No more white bread for you.

『Oh, it’s a human child』

『It’s also a male』

『A human being! Is it coming to attack us!?』

『Of course. These guys usually attack us, no questions asked』

The goblins were communicating secretly. They seem to think I’m here to attack them.

Should I try and speak? No, I should gather more information first, so I’ll wait.

『Should we kill him?』

『We have no choice』

『Have you ever fought against humans before?』


『It doesn’t matter, our enemy is a brat! We can take him with the three of us!!』

『But can’t humans use magic?』

The goblins still haven’t attacked. They seem to be discussing their options.

『It would be impossible for such a young child to be able to use magic』

『But wasn’t Gil roasted to death with magic?』

『Oh, that was unlucky』

Have they forgotten that there’s an enemy in front of their eyes? They’re taking far too long.

『By the way. The human isn’t attacking, is he?』

『That’s right』

『He’s not moving』

They begin to face me as they murmur.

『…..are you possibly freaked out by us?』

『By any chance, are we『Intimidating』!?』

『Obviously! He’s not even moving!』

When I look towards the goblins, their faces warp.

『Do you think he’s strong?』

『Well,『Intimidating』only works on weak people』

The goblins slowly come close, whilst swinging their shoulders.

When I see them like this, aren’t they like hooligans?

『Good! Do you think we’ll get something good!?』

『If he disobeys, we’ll kill him!』

『Oh, well he doesn’t understand anyway』

「I understand」


When I answer, the goblins seem startled.

Their backs are arched like a bow.

『….hey, I can understand what the human is saying』

『Me too』

『Yes, just now I heard『I understand』』

The goblins have blank expressions. Their big ears are flapping.

『Should we speak a little more?』

『Yes. That’s right, we might have misheard』

『Stupid! Stupid!』

Is he shouting at me?

「…..I understand what you’re saying you shitty goblins」

The goblins begin to tremble. Oh? are they angry?

I think so and get ready to cast『Magic Language』

『…….I can understand the human language!』

『Me too! Did we possibly get smarter!?』

『Maybe because we’re smarter,『Intimidation』might have improved!』

『『『Uaaaaaa!? Have we become, Goblin Kings!?』』』

The goblins are screaming in delight, not even bothering with me.

「Sadly, you’re all ordinary goblins」


『…..are you possibly a goblin then?』

『Certainly. His eyes and nose match』

『Maybe he’s a half goblin?』

「Is my face ugly enough?」

『『『It’s perfect!』』』

「I’ve changed my mind! Back to the subjugation!」

I immediately take a fighting stance. The goblins seem confused.

『Wait. Could he be a goblin king?』

They see me as a goblin king!? Do I really look like a goblin king!?

I shouldn’t pay much attention to them. Their intellects are low after all.

I begin to recite『magic language』whilst floating a dark smile.


When I said so, my right arm was instantly wrapped in flames. As I will it to move, it begins to change form into that of a large hand.

『….his hand is burning?』

『Oh, is it not hot?』

『Stop, don’t do that in the forest! You’ll burn it down!』

『Just as he said! Think a little, stupid!』

『Using fire in a forest is not clever!』

As soon as they see the flames, the goblins begin to get angry.

Indeed it might be suspicious. I can use『Magic Language』in such a way that the flames won’t affect the surroundings.

『Idiot! Not so close to that tree!』

『Burning! It’s burning!』


I noticed where the goblins were pointing.

Dangerous. The flames have become too big, they’re about to hit that tree.


I will my magic to disappear and then breathe a sigh of relief.

『Really! That was close, you almost burnt that tree!』

『How stupid are you? Oh!?』

『Are you really a goblin!?』

『Are you a hobgoblin that can use magic?』

Don’t just say whatever you want. It’s impossible for me to be a goblin!

I got mad, but I used a different attribute of magic so as not to get scolded again. It’s intermediate magic of the earth attribute.

By the way, the number of attributes I can use is six. I don’t know if this is because of the divine protection of Meria or not. I decided to keep this from elder brother Gillion.


『『『Uooo! It’s an earthquake!!』』』

The earth starts to collapse around the goblins feet.

『We’re falling into the abyss!!』

A goblin raises a grievous cry.

Isn’t that exaggerated? It’s 5 metres at most.

『Ouch! I hit my lower back!』

『My ass is split into 3 pieces!』

Such voices could be heard from the goblins in the hole I created. Did that goblin really hurt his ass? No, such a thing doesn’t matter.

When I look into the hole, I see the figures of 3 goblins covered in sand. As soon as they look up at me, they raise angry voices.

『Careful! The ground just gave way!』

『That’s right! A hole just opened up where we were standing!』

『Do you understand?』

I wonder why. I should have the absolute advantage, yet I feel like I’ve lost.

Don’t they understand I have their lives in the palm of my hands?

Towards the goblins, I ask a question.

「……what if I fill the hole?」

To that, the goblins look at each other.

No, you shouldn’t have to think about this.

『Oh yeah, we’ll be buried in the soil』

『I guess, buried』

『We’ll be buried』

「And who can fill the hole in?」

『『『You. Hobgoblin』』』

The moment they state that, I point my finger and start to fill the hole.

『『『Hiiiii! I’m sorry!! We’ll be good!!』』』

Their screams rang out into the forest.


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  2. XD Thanks for the chapter!!! They think he is a hobgoblin, i hope that its just that the goblins are stupid not that he is ugly. It would be hilarious if his sister, or brother was watching this play out and we get their Pov.


  3. Oyabun… obtained!!!!! The goblins really should make a “guts” pose because they’re going to have amazing lives from now on….

    Thank you so much for all your hard work, it was really fun to read!!!!!!


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