I can speak – Chapter 13

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I’m making the goblins sit in a corner now, for the purpose of reflection. Also, I can’t speak normally to these guys.

In the beginning they were confused. How do people sit like this? Is this a joke? However their liveliness soon turned into fear.

『Hey, can we go yet?』

『This sitting position is painful』

『…..I can’t feel my feet』

「It’s useless」

『This demon!』



When one starts to shower me with booing, the others join in. They don’t seem to be afraid of speaking like this at all.

And they still call be a hobgoblin!

I prick their feet with a pin.



『My feet!?』

The three collapse onto the floor at the same time. It looks difficult to move their legs, it would only cause further agony. Seeing their figures moving on the ground like caterpillars, it makes me feel bad.

But it’s funny.

『You demon!』

『I can’t feel my feet!?』

『What is this!? Paralysis!?』

The three continue to raise pathetic voices. Is it because their feet are numb? Well, it’s natural after sitting like that for a long time.

In my view, these three goblins sprawled on the ground look like mermaids. Of course, the lower body is not a tail fin, which is covered in beautiful scales. Instead, their skin is green with little meat on their bones. Their fingernails are also dirty.

Whilst staring at their legs, the goblin with the square face opened his mouth.

『What is it? Are you fascinated by my legs? UGYAA!』

It would be dirty to beat them with my hands, so I use a stick instead.


Is the goblin with the square face called Gigi? Well, that doesn’t matter. I continue poking the goblin on the soles of his feet. Poke, poke, poke, poke.


『Stop it! Gigi is-! Gigi will die!!』


Like a puppet with it’s thread snapped, Gigi collapses whilst blowing bubbles from his mouth.

The thin goblin tries to stand up and check on Gigi, but the numbness takes over and he collapses as well.


『Zabu, are you okay?』

『Crap……I can’t move my feet』

I judge Zabu to be the rebellious type, so I pick up the unconscious Gigi and throw him at him.




With those last words, Zabu falls unconscious.

Well, just one goblin left.

『HIIII!! I’ll help!!!』

The goblin scuttled backwards whilst raising his voice.

「It’s useless」

I floated the blackest smile I’ve ever made since I came to this world. It seems I’ve been affected by Julia-oneesan a little. I would never usually tease a goblin for fun, nope, never.

×     ×      ×

「I’m a man who can speak to animals and demons. I’m not a hobgoblin, ok?」


The goblins seem to have calmed down a little after the punishment.

『It’s impossible for humans to be friendly』

『Yes, they’re usually all ill-natured』

『Animals aren’t friends with humans either』

Well, in my case. There’s Karl, Caen and the birds, they seem friendly.

Oh well. Since I’ll be an adventurer in the future, I should make friends now.

「……did you say something?」

『『『It’s nothing! Hob…….Jed-san!!』』』

「I just heard a hob」

『『『Must have been your imagination』』』

That wasn’t very convincing. Best move onto the main subject quickly.

「So, why are you guys coming so close to the outskirts of the forest? Don’t you usually prefer to stay closer inside?」

『That’s right, but the Orcs have settled into our home』

「Orc? The giants with pig faces?」

『Yes yes. They attacked us suddenly』

『Well, there was a lot of food around there』

With their ears drooping like that, they sort of look like dogs.

Really, they were thrown out of their habitat by Orcs, so they settled here. It might become a problem later on, since the forest is becoming smaller and smaller. Due to the trees being cut down.

The orcs could attack villagers.

「Where do the orcs live?」

『In a cave in the centre of the forest』

「Is it near here?」

『Not too far』

「Guide me」


When I ask them, they show a nasty face. Please stop. It’s disgusting.

「I will make you a comfortable abode using magic. I’ll also give you food as a reward」

『『『Leave it to us!!』』』

『Gigi is the best at navigating the forest』

『Yes! This place is like my back garden!』

『I’ll also help!』

Indeed. These goblins are faithful to their desires.

By the way Zabu, did you have a garden before? That’s weird.

「Then please」

『I just want a comfortable home!』

Saying so, the goblins begin to direct me cheerfully.

Like this, I followed the goblins into the forest.


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  2. “And so begins a turning point in history. Children, can anyone tell me the eventual result of then-young Emperor Jed’s actions? Nepu, how about you?”

    “Teacher! Following Emperor Jed’s instructions, those goblins began learning human language and teaching their tribe not to fight humans. Because of this, goblins are now friends with all the main races.”

    “Very good, Nepu, that’s exactly right. Although it took a very long time, eventually the main races were able to accept goblins as a sentient people. Of course, there are groups in each race that oppose this – including the goblins themselves – but these people are generally seen as idiots by everyone else.”

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    • Don’t worry. Only a fool would die getting stabbed by a seemingly depressed gangster after shouting fight at him so soon after coming to America and choosing to do so despite half assing his English studies.


  3. Hmm, the mc’s gonna make some future investments to protect his future heroines…. By slaughtering the Orcs!


  4. Why his act remember me the first servant Rimuru made? Thanks for the chapter and why I am remember Julia havin some kind of crush on him?


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