I can speak – Chapter 9

Chronon: Sorry, messed up the ordering. The chapter I posted before was chapter 11. I missed 2 chapters out! This is the real chapter 9 :O


A little bird wrapped in grey feathers was perched outside my window.

When I tore up some bread and placed it before the bird, a sad voice could be heard.

『Thank you, your kindness knows no bounds』

「Oh, don’t mind it. Due to your circumstances, this is the least I can do」

『This bread looks good! Is it possibly, white bread!?!?』

After biting into the bread, the bird raised an astonished cry.

『Oh!!! It’s delicious!! I’m glad I got injured!!』

「Should you really be saying such a thing?」

『I’m kidding, because our feathers are our lives for birds』

After the birds eating movements stopped, it stretched out it’s wing and showed it to me.

It seems like there’s a substantial amount of blood on it, it’s pitiable.

「Can you still fly with that wing?」

『Well, it’s a little painful, but doable. It’s hard to get food though』

「Well, sorry. I can’t help as I’m not a doctor」

『What are you talking about? You gave me white bread, isn’t that enough?』

Saying that, the bird began to concentrate on eating.

「By the way, was it the truth what you said about that injury being caused by a goblin?」


A type of monster that can be found just about anywhere. They are small, with a characteristic big nose, ears and green skin.

Against one of them, it isn’t really a big deal. But they naturally gather in groups. An existence of a goblin village can even scare small towns. When an individual becomes a goblin king, apparently the strength of the goblins under it raises highly.

I heard that in the past, an entire country was once destroyed by a large scale goblin force led by a goblin king.

What a horrible monster, goblins.

『Those goblins threw stones at me when I tried to fly away』

「Where did this happen?」

『It was pretty close to this mansion, in the west forest』

To the east of this house is Asuma village. If the goblins come from the west, wouldn’t this residence be aimed at first?

『Well, I only saw them wandering around the forest, they didn’t seem to be preparing anything』

「I see, I’ll have to report it to father regardless」

『Yes! Report it! I have to report it as well』

Saying this, the bird begins to fly away awkwardly.

「Take care」

「…..Jed, who are you talking to?」

That persons voice belonged to my big brother, Girion. He was holding a book with a red cover in his arms.

「I just felt like talking a little」

Even I think it’s a stupid excuse.

「I heard from mother and Julia that you often say strange things, are you ok?」

So even mother is worried, as well as big sister.

「I’m fine. By the way, Girion. What’s that book you’re holding?」

「This? It’s a magic book」

「Magic book!? Please show me a little!」

I had been careless. I had been too busy with talking to animals, I had forgotten that magic exists.

I wonder if it will let me control Earth, Wind, Water and Fire?

「No, even if you see it. It will be impossible for you to understand」

I was surprised. Would it not be possible?

No, after all. I can read any of this worlds characters.

「You only need to show me it」

「It would be useless to even look at it」

Grinning, my big brother handed me the book.

It’s thick and it has a good weight, it’s sort of like a dictionary.

「Magic Textbook. Author, Makerado Chaos」

「Ha? You can read the characters」

「Yes, a little」

I’m sorry brother. I understand all of it.

「Well, that’s my brother. But understanding magic might be a little hard for you」

Although he was surprised, he immediately regained his posture.

I opened the book regardless.

「Oh….magic makes use of『Magic Language』to manipulate the magic in the surrounding air. That’s quite wonderful, isn’t it?」


「Oh, it says that knowing the words and speaking them are two different things. Pronunciation, Rhythm, even emphasis. The spell won’t work unless all of them are perfect!」

Oh? Elder brother looks a bit shocked. I’m happy that we could learn together.

Then, I noticed the page described as a beginners magic.

「Beginners magic? Is there a ranking system for magic?」

「Well, yes. It is split into beginner, intermediate and senior. Each one has different levels of power」

「By the way, what rank can big brother use?」

「You might be surprised to hear! I succeeded in triggering beginners fire and water attributes as well as wind!」

「Is that amazing?」

Girion sticks his chest out proudly. But I don’t know the general standard for this world.

「It is, because I can use three attributes at just ten years old」

He lifted his glasses as he added「We’ve already made preparations for me to go to a magic school」

My big brother seems to have an excellent ability.

「Oh, beginners magic」

Magic has six attributes. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light and Darkness.

With big brother, only half can be used?

「Big brother, can’t you use Earth, Darkness or Light?」

「Ordinary people have at most two attributes. There was once a fairy tale about a man who could use all of them, however」

Girion moves his eyes away regretfully.

「Do you long to be like the man in the fairy tale who could use all attributes?」

「Ah, you’re noisy! Return the book!」

Big brother started to get angry as his face turned red. It seems like I’ve hit the mark.

「Well, I’m sorry. Please let me look a little more」


When I apologise obediently, big brother calms down and hands me the book again.

「….Fire magic」

「Oh, from that point on it’s『Magic Language』you wouldn’t understand it」

Apparently the book says that if you make a mistake with fire magic, it could blow up.

As I read, I stick my hand out whilst holding the book with my other hand.

I begin to recite the『Magic Language』

「【Ignition・Flame】」(TLN: He’s speaking magic language, but it’s translated because of his ability)


As I say so, a large fireball forms in my hand.

Oh! It’s expanding!? Is it going to be ok!?

「What do I do with it!?」

「Stop, quickly! 」


There is nothing in the book about that! As I think so, the ball has expanded a lot. It begins to burn the carpet.


Towards the flame, big brother begins to chant.

The incantation was smooth and quick.

A great deal of water converged in the sky, then it rained.

The flame was extinguished instantly.

A considerable amount of water showered us too, of course.


Our hair and clothes stuck to our skin. The carpet, bookshelf, bed were all soaked in water.

My foot was heavy when I tried to lift it, due to the water. I admit defeat.

I feel ill.

I cannot see big brothers facial expression. But his glasses covered in water are reflecting the light, making him look scary.


Wow, his eyes look like a snake’s.

「……until this room is cleaned, come to my room」

Saying so, we left the room making squelching noises.

Are you angry?

The sound of water droplets filled the room we left behind.


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  1. Isn’t this one 8? because the other one had him attacking the goblins with the birds…. Also what’s up with the ToC link? (Sorry to complain the power of OCD compels me) Thank you for the chapters none the less.


    • Chapter 8 was him talking to Karl and the other horse on the grass. Chapter 9 is him talking to the injured bird and learning a bit of magic. Chapter 10 is him learning more magic. Chapter 11 is him going to the forest.

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      • Okay thanks and sorry, but I could have sworn I read that. Also thanks for not putting me in my place as I am but a humble (kinda) leecher, keep up the good work and take breaks when you need them.


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