I can speak to animals and demons – Chapter 2

TLN: Hey guys, here’s chapter 2. It’s becoming fun to translate now, the author seems to have a good flow in every chapter.


「……wake up」

The voice of a beautiful women roused me from my sleep, this is the first time that has ever happened in my entire life.

If such a beautiful voice exists, there would never be any need for an alarm clock.

I opened my eyes and saw i was staring into the eyes of a women with bright silver hair.

I didn’t think a person such as this existed, her beauty felt almost divine.

If i had to compare her to anything –Goddess

「Ah, so you understand?」

「Eh? Did i say my thoughts out loud?」

As i look at the goddess with doubt, her silver hair reflects in my eyes.

This person is really beautiful.

Her skin was as white as snow, her limbs were slender. She was wrapped in some type of ancient Greek chiton, there was little exposure. (TLN: Chiton)

Hey proportions were perfect, she was the very embodiment of a flawless women.

The goddess began to speak.

「I don’t know if you truly understand or not, but i am the Goddess of creation. Meria」

「I believe you」

I answered instantly.

「Why did you pass judgement so easily? Are you aware that you’re dead?」

「There’s no way such a beautiful women isn’t a Goddess」

「It that so」

Oh, she’s cute and a little shy.

「I understand that i have died. However, there is still the possibility that this is a dream」

When i answer so. The Goddess gently taps the pure white floor with her foot, ripples spread and an image appears.

Somehow, i recognise this place?

The image is gradually expanded. It appears to be a man bleeding from his head, he is being covered by a vinyl sheet.

「Wait! Is this me!?」

「Yes, it is you. You hit your head on a rock after falling from being punched」

Why show me this scene of all things? For a moment there, i thought it was a detective drama.

As i float an expression of astonishment, Meria cuts the image.

「Wait, isn’t it still possible that this is a dream – Ouch!」

「You think this a dream? In reality, this is God’s world」

My answer was received by a face slap from Meria.

「Want another?」

「No, no! There is no room for doubt any longer! I Wato Akira have died!」

「Is that so?」

When i answer so, Meria regrettably puts down her hand.

Why does she look unhappy about that??

「By the way, do you know why you were punched?」

「I don’t」

「I see, i thought so」

When i say so, Meria hangs her head and sighs.

「Those two men you saw were gangsters. They had just lost their territory to a rival gang and so were depressed」

「I see. Those two people were in trouble」

「You speak like it is someone else’s problem」

「……but i’ve already died」

「…….so! Think about what you did」

「I don’t understand, didn’t i offer encouraging words?」

「The words were the problem, do you remember what you said?」

「Well, yeah. I said fight」



Meria raises an eyebrow in anger and stabs a finger to me.

「Was saying fight bad!?」

「Do you know the meaning of the word fight?」

「Sure, it means to support and encourage」

「In the case of Japan that might be so. But did you know? in foreign countries the word fight means violence」

「Are you serious?」

「Yes, in addition you raised your fist. It was likely to invite a misunderstanding」

After i hear that, i crouch down worriedly.

Dying because of my skills in the English language…this is why studying is important. Most humans grow to regret this before they die. For me though, i regret it after i die.

「Well, it seems the God of Earth pitied you. He sent you here to reincarnate in my world」

「The God of Earth seems kind」

Indeed, God of Earth. You have a wonderful heart. Well, since it’s a God it must have.

「No, Grandfather isn’t like that」


「When i showed him how you died, he just laughed」

「God damn old man!」

The God of Earth is a considerable snob. Well, I’m thankful to be given the right to reincarnate thanks to his favour.

「By the way, did Meria laugh as well?」

「Well, you are reincarnating in my world because of this…」

「So you laughed!? Did you laugh?」

「Pufu! I’m sorry! I only laughed a little bit」

「Meria, so cruel…」

「Ah, wait you can reincarnate! So please cheer up!」

To encourage the me who got depressed, Meria shouted energetically.

Oh, this person who shouts so energetically is quite lovely.

「Well then, Fight!」

「Is that word stuck to me now!?」

The word itself shocks my exhausted heart.

That word caused me to be deprived of my life. With her merciless face slapping and mean jokes. Is Meria by any chance……an S?

「I’m sorry」

「Your expression doesn’t match your voice」

The voice reflects a crying sentimental maiden, whilst the face reflects a glaring sadist.

「Anyway, when you reincarnate into the other world, i can grant you one ability. Do you have any requests?」


「You can’t be so unreasonable」

I was shot down by Meria.

Her smile is scary.

「Then, please give me the ability to understand all languages in that world both spoken and written!」

「……that’s certainly a different ability than usual. Well, considering the reason you died. I’ll allow it.」

「Really, you have that?」

「I do, it’s called『All Language Comprehension』you will be able to speak, read and write fluently in any language」

「Ok, i understand. Will there be any cases where it is impossible to pronounce a word or sentence?」

「Of course not, you can speak fluently!」

「Then, that please!」


When Meria nods, she taps the floor lightly twice. A warm sensation flows up my chest. It felt like the ability was being carved into my soul.

「See? it was possible to give an ability like that」

「Thank you」

「What a strange ability to choose. I thought for sure you’d choose an ability that helped with casting magic」

「Eh? Is there magic?」

As in the magic found in fantasy?

「Yes, by the way. There are dangerous demons and dungeons in this world」

「….I want to change my ability」

「Impossible. It’s already been carved into your soul」

「…..why didn’t you say that earlier!?」

If there are demons, then i should have chosen a different ability. Stronger body? Grand magic? i could have chosen one of them. Regardless, language comprehension might not be so bad. I’m not good with language study at all, my head is already filled with Japanese. I don’t think i’ll be able to remember the language of the other world the normal way.

Was my judgement wrong? I guess not, but if i’m attacked by a demon, i’m definitely dead.

「I’m sorry. Are you not enjoying your new ability?」

「The face is sad this time, but the voice seems happy!」

This Goddess is really skilful.

「The demon’s probably won’t be a problem for you. I’ll make you reincarnate somewhere safe. On top of that, since you’re being reincarnated by me. You’re magic and physical strength will be slightly higher than the average human.」

「Is that true!?」

「Yes, it’s true!」

Meria puts her hands on her chest as she answers.

「Then, i’ll start the reincarnation」

「Eh? What about the explanation about the world!?」

「Don’t you remember what i said awhile ago?」


It’s short! It’s way too short! All i know is that there i magic……..and demons, that’s it!

「Please tell me more. Are there people? Will i reincarnate as a person?」

Without answering any of my questions, Meria stamped on the floor three times whilst smiling.

Then, jade coloured particles surround me, that then turn pure white.


The voice of the Goddess fades as i reincarnate in another world.


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15 thoughts on “I can speak to animals and demons – Chapter 2

    • well the Goddess kinda sets him up for parts of it
      and you can blame the japanese educational system for his lack of linguistical skill (i’m not even sure if that’s worded properly, “linguistical” just seemed like a fun word to use)


  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    Hmmm…. this skillmight be a disadvantage if he wants to fight others…. but on the other hand he will understand his opponents and the reason why they fight and talk them out of it??? It might be that the demons/beast are attacking due to a misunderstanding and our mc can clear it 😀

    And this skill could be profitable *O* Imagine working for a kingdom or two as a diplomat or the likes! He might become one of the most valueable person in this world, depending on te political situation there 😀


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