I can speak with animals and demons – Chapter 3


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After i was wrapped in the vivid jade coloured particles, i felt my body floating. Then i lost consciousness.

After i awoke, i felt the sense of being lifted. I cried loudly.

「Ogyaaa! Ogyaaa!」

Without knowing why, i started crying.

I could not see anything as my view was pitch black. Also, for some reason i could not move my hands and feet the way i wished. From the darkness, i could vaguely pick up a little voice near me.

「–orn. —‘s child.」(TLN: Thanks DK :))

「Yes, it’s a — child. — to you.」

「— you」


The conversation between what seemed to be a man and two women sounded like a broken record. They were not speaking in Japanese nor in English.

However, for some reason i understood the words. Furthermore, I have not yet heard a word i don’t know.

『Child』a very gentle voice abruptly entered my ear.

Is the fact i can understand them due to the 『All Language Comprehension』 skill i got from Meria?

Suddenly, I am attacked by drowsiness as my consciousness gradually fades.

…..is it true? Did i really reincarnate?

Whilst resting in the chest of someone warm, i sleep whilst listening to a soothing voice.

×     ×      ×

–One month later.

My consciousness has grown considerably recently.

However, as my consciousness grew, i realised that i had an unexpected amount of free time.

My daily routine is pretty much the same, mother is always in my room by my side.

My mother’s name is Claire.

She has beautiful hair that is a mix of pink and red. Her hair is cut and arranged at her shoulders. Her clothes are pure white, her shirt gave off a clean feeling. Underneath that, she was wearing a brown umbrella skirt.

This is definitely a different world, i felt a shudder as i stared at the appearance of my mother.

She was young and beautiful. Her fresh and youthful skin was pure white.

Is her hair colour red? It seems to be red with a little bit of pink mixed in. Hair dyed on Earth could never reach this level of vividness.

Do all people in this world look similar to this?

Various delusions floated in my mind as i thought about my own appearance.

It’s big.

Isn’t this room way too big to bring up just a small baby in? Mother sits on a chair besides the soft crib, reading a book.

How big are houses built in this world? Because i don’t know, I guess it can’t be helped.

However, surely this space is too wide? Although the crib is of an excellent size, situated in the middle of the room. Everywhere, right, left, backwards and forwards, there was empty space.

Because i’m so small, i don’t think i can grasp the size of the room accurately.

Two bookshelves are set at the side of the room.

Is this household rich?

As i thought so, mother who had glanced at me, closed her book and came over.

「Oh, would you like to take a nap?」

Whilst comforting me with the tip of her finger, mother smiles.

Cho~ Stop i’m ticklish there Aah!

「Ah, Jed is cute~」

As an infant, i can’t resist mother’s finger.

Cho!~ Ahhhhh! Not good! Not good!

Contrary to the thoughts in my mind, my face showed a pleasant smile.

Mother who saw that, seems pleased and pats my head.

This is different! The muscles on a babies face are strange! Ah! Ah! It tickles!

After seeming satisfied after stroking my head, she began to peck puni~ puni~ with her finger.

「Ah, Jed’s skin is like a rice cake. I wish my skin was this soft」

Really? Even though mother’s skin is so beautiful?

Whilst i think about this, mother’s face is reflected in full view.

Seeing the smile of a genuinely happy mother, i become embarrassed.

Mother lifts me up in her arms.

My whole body is wrapped in a soft feeling.

It’s warm…

As i entrust my body to the good feeling, i began to get sleepy.

「Aa ah」

Was my change noticed? Mother smiles and begins to sway me gently.

Then, the sound of a loud knock fills the room as someone enters.

「How’s Jed…..Woops! was he sleeping?」

The voice of the large man gradually became quieter as he says this.

I looked at the man through half closed eyes. It was Gerald, my father.

He has bright green hair that reminds me of fresh grass. He wears an exquisite purple robe, you could tell he had a good physique.

「He’s nearly asleep now」

「Is that so?」

The two people were looking at me silently.

The once lively room was now filled with the almost silent breathing of three people. This wasn’t so bad, i thought.


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