I can speak with animals and demons – Chapter 4


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After seven months had passed, i was finally able to sit up.

Because i had alot of free time, i practised controlling my arms and legs whenever i could.

Though it isn’t urgent, i would’ve liked to have been able to crawl by now.

By the way, my house is a large estate. Some days, my mother would take me out of my room, allowing me to fully experience the interior of the house.

Apparently, my lineage seems to be that of an aristocrat.

Similar to the aristocrats in Europe. My father’s title was Earl.

Though it is not the most significant title, it is still a very excellent, high position.

Because of this, there are alot of housemaids in the residence, there was even a steward.

Mother held me as we explored the house, i was excited from beginning to end.

Although it’s regrettable that i did not get to go outside, i will save it as something to look forward to in the future.

I was growing up very well, however there was one thing that concerned me.

I occasionally heard a very stern voice.

It seems different from mother and father’s voices.

Though I have two elder brothers and one elder sister. It doesn’t seem to belong to them

The voice is obviously not that of an employee or housemaid.

Whenever the window is opened at night, i can hear the voice.

Initially i thought i was hearing the voice by mistake, however the frequency at which i heard it was by no means a mistake.

Is it possibly a child in pain? Is it because of an innate spiritual ability?

No, my skill is『All-Language Comprehension』it doesn’t have such an effect.

Since the cries are often heard at night, it feels as if this residence is haunted.

Whilst i was worrying about this, i heard someone’s footsteps outside my room.

Because mother isn’t here, could it be a troublesome housemaid instead?

However, this was disproved in an instant.

The door makes a loud creaking sound as it is opened. If it was mother or a housemaid, they would not have made such a loud noise when entering, so as not to wake the sleeping baby within.

「Julia! You shouldn’t make such a loud noise, you may wake up Jed!」

「I’m sorry」

「Do you really understand?」

「I will be careful next time!」

After mother had scolded her, the girl who answered pleasantly began to approach.

The girl in question was my elder sister, who had a similar red coloured hair to mother.

However, her hair style is different to mothers. She has long curly hair that looks lovely. Even though she was only seven years old.

「How are you, Jed? Isn’t elder sister cute? Elder sister is cute, Elder sister is cute, Elder sister is cute…..」

When Julia greeted me, she repeated the same line over and over.

Her eyes that glared at me where scary.

「……Julia, what are you doing?」

Mother asks Julia whilst glancing in her direction.

「It’s good to be called cute every once in a while!」

The girl who says such a line so innocently is scary. Didn’t she just try and brainwash a baby only seventh months after it’s birth?

I am not an animal.

Whenever i see this part of her, it makes me feel like she’s a pleasure seeking criminal.

From her figure, she is likely to become considerably beautiful in the future. However, she will also become wicked.

「You’re a child…..where did you learn such a thing?」

Mother mutters seemingly in pain.

「Grandma Anna taught me it! Because younger brother might become conceited when he grows up, isn’t it better to train him early on?」

So it was grandma who taught Julia such a thing!

That sort of thing shouldn’t be taught to a seven year old!

「That Grandma! Saying such unnecessary things!」

Mother says so with a hint of anger.

After that, Julia played with me for a little while, before growing tired and returning to her room.

She was really capricious. Well, she is still just a child.

Children like her should play outside.

Looking at mother, she seemed amused.

Mother opened the door slightly, confirmed that no-one was outside and then closed the door.

—What are you doing?

When mother slowly walks towards my crib, the colour in her eyes changes.

In her beautiful crimson eyes, my baby face is reflected.


Mother inhales slowly, then begins to open her mouth.

「Mother Claire is gentle. Mother Claire is lovely. Mother Claire is beautiful. Jed loves Mother Claire. Jed will listen to what Mother Claire says obediently–」

You’re also doing it!?

Moreover, i think this brainwashing is more ill natured that Julia’s!

With determination, mother begins to spin her words.

「Jed loves to do the dishes. Jed loves to help his mother. Jed—」

Some of mother’s wishes seemed to have been mixed in there.

Ok, ok! Let’s do dishes together. I’ll even give you a shoulder massage as you do them.

After all, i was doing those things on my own when i was in college.

However, mother’s wishes seem too desperate and scary.

Should i cry like a usual baby?

「Jed listen to what mother has to say. If a girl was born, i wanted to cook together in the kitchen……however, Julia is not interested in cooking, only in swordsmanship. The other two boys are only interested in magic…..」

Mother’s wish begins to turn into a grumble, she puts her full weight on the crib, drawing closer.

Yes, yes! When i grow up, i will cook together with you.

Has mother become sleepy? She begins to breathe heavily whilst laying her face on the crib.

If i was bigger i would have put a blanket over her, however it’s not possible since i’m just a baby.

Still, i want to do something. So i pat mother’s head.


Wait until i grow up, mother.


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  1. His family is… lol. Seems like a standard start with a ridiculous death added in, so looking forward to when his skill becomes relevant. Uh, also, is there a reason you don’t capitalize your “I’s”? Because you consistently don’t unless it’s at the beginning of a sentence which makes it a bit jarring to read, at least for me anyways.


    • …..the shift key is so far away…..and I use “I” key so often….. Honestly though, I do everything in lower case for efficiency, then punctuate/check grammar. So I sometimes get too tired to keep pressing “I” continuously. However, after i’ve published this new chapter tonight, I’ll start punctuating as I go along.

      (Note: I do it in lower case because I often have to re-translate certain parts and I see no point in spending time checking grammar and punctuation only to change it all)


      • Huh, the left shift key doesn’t really feel that far away. Maybe I’m just really used to using it because, at least for me anyways, it doesn’t really feel that far away at all. Interesting.


      • I have a solid wall on my left side xD So when I try and hit the left shift key my elbow hits the wall and I have to curve my hand awkwardly. I won’t move though. I’ve made a nest here 😀


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