I can speak with animals and demons- Chapter 6


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I Jed Clifford, was now five years old.

It was now possible to walk easily, I could also run and even speak.

As a result, I obtained a level of freedom I could not experience as a baby.

Fortunately, every day is filled with new encounters, it’s fun. I truly thank the Earth God and the Goddess Meria for allowing me to reincarnate.

And now, my wish to finally visit the village came to fruition. I was currently walking there accompanied by my elder sister.

The Clifford family are aristocrats who serve the Adoretto kingdom.

Due to its hundreds of years of history, it stretched across a vast land.

It’s thanks to the aristocrats that such a land is maintained.

My father seems to be an aristocrat who possesses great military strength as well as intelligence and thus he was entrusted with this land, Lascar.

There are many towns and villages in Lascar. They are all currently being managed by father, who was the magistrate.

As a magistrate, if any unfavourable drama occurs, it can reflect badly on the magistrate. However this was not the case here, everyone was very courteous.

Father established his residence in Lascar’s Asuma village.

It seems he took over the ruling after his predecessor died.
Embezzlement, tax hikes and betraying his country. This was all the wrong doings the predecessor was accused of.

The government in Asuma was particularly atrocious, after father took over, he completely reformed it.

Slowly, but surely. Asuma was regaining its power.

Whilst I was a baby, I heard many things about the village and other things.

For instance, mother felt it was better to give birth to a child in a slowly developing rural area.

Mother herself was a prima facie noble. Reared in the country as the lowly daughter of a baron. (TLN: Prima facie -> On first impressions. Not good with latin, but i think the author meant that she appeared to be a noble at first glance)

As a result, it seemed to be the consensus to set up in Asuma village.

Although other villages existed, it seems that they wanted my talented father to work in the most difficult place, Asuma.

Whilst i was thinking about the village, Elder sister grabbed my hand and walked onto the road.

Because our residence was on a hill, it was easy to look out onto the village. However, the return walk back up was painful.

Because the road is fairly straight, even a five year old like me can easily transverse it.

Although the road is mainly soil, grass like turf grows to the right and left, it is very beautiful.

It looks like a green carpet and it feels very soft.

I lie down there, elder sister sits next to me.

「Looks like we’ll be able to sleep with good weather today」

Elder sister seems to be enjoying it as well, i narrow my eyes in pleasure.
As the wind blows, her long pink/red hair flutters aimlessly in the wind.

Julia turns 12 this year, she’s slowly becoming a beautiful women as i expected.
Her skin looks as delicate as porcelain, her figure is outstanding.

Her soft hair seems to give her a calming expression.

「We should set off for the village soon」


By the way, although elder sister’s expression is calm. Her actual attitude is not.
It is no exaggeration to say she is brutal.

I will not be tricked by that gentle smile.

As we descend the slope, men carrying logs pass us by.

Perhaps they have just cut down a few trees to build a new house with.

The men had cloths wrapped around their heads and waists.

In other words, their upper bodies were nude.

『My apologies Julia, for allowing you to see us in such a state』

A man with black hair bows to Julia whilst holding a large log.

The other men see this and also bow.

「Thank you, you do not need to lower your head」

『No! …..Don’t be absurd!』

Now, now elder brother. Your face is completely red.

「Now then, we’re going to the village. Work hard.」

The elder brothers seem to be blinded by Julia’s captivating smile.

Where on Earth did their manly appearances go?

『Ah…Yes! You can depend on us!』

『『『Let’s go!』』』

After those words of encouragement, the men shoulder the logs once more.

『Ah! Don’t lift with your back!』

『Oof! Be quiet! I’m trying to look good in front of lady Julia』

We continue walking down the road, with the men’s voices fading into the distance.

From behind, two men could be heard.

「Oh? Is that our elder brothers?」

Elder sister who notices something turns around and mutters so.

It seems like two men. Oh? They have the same face and they’re running towards us, holding logs.


『『Your knights are here!』』

「Yes, very amusing」


With a smile and a laugh from elder sister, the two men hold their chest and fall.

Are they pretending to be logs? The expression on elder sister Julia was a pleasant one.

This was not a pure smile however, but a wicked black smile.

Without even noticing this, the two men grin happily.

Looking at them both, they seemed to be twins.

Their looks made it hard to distinguish who was who.

The only difference, was their hairstyles.


Elder sister’s innocent smile was like that of a child who had just found a new toy.

The twins stand up, pick up their logs and walk back.

Each twin is carrying six logs, it looks painful.

Sweat seems to pour out of their bodies as they begin to breathe heavily.

Still, the two men hold their heads high and advance forward.

As if invited by elder sister’s beautiful hair.

「Since it doesn’t cost anything, isn’t it good if productivity can increase with just a voice?」

Julia mutters such a thing with a smile.

Elder sister’s aura is jet black. It’s scary.


I manage to force a smile, which is then returned by elder sister.

As we enter the village.

A barrier of logs was being built around the village to fend off thieves and demons.

Public peace is quite high in this village. There are hardly any demons attacking.

The village is bustling, it seems very prosperous. In the case of such a successful village, it is not surprising that many people come here looking for work.

A man who seems to be a workman is tanning a hide. He’s calling out loudly to passers-by.

「It is too crowded here, let’s move on」


As Julia instructed, we change directions to the East.

「Jed, it’s dangerous!」

Elder sister calls out to me as I walk ahead.

To the place where I had begun to walk, a horse carrying a load just happened to pass by, knocking me over.

At a crowded place such as this, if a five year old child was run over, it would definitely cause a serious injury.

「I’m sorry! Jed, Julia, are you injured!?」

The man pulling the horse suddenly stops and asks.

「Yes, Jed and I are safe. It was our carelessness」

「No! Not at all! This was my fault, I’m sorry」

The man frequently lowered his head to elder sister.

『Look where you walk you stupid punk』


Just now, I thought I heard a voice.

「Is there something wrong? Are you injured?」

「No, I am safe」

When is say so, the man pats his chest as if to say thank God.

『Should I step on and crush the punk? A strong kick might also be good』

「Did you say anything? About kicking and crushing?」

「Eh? I haven’t said anything」

Oh? I could’ve sworn I had heard a male’s voice.

『What? You can understand my words?』

「Hey! Just now I heard someone say『You can understand my words?』!」

The man and elder sister look at me strangely.

「Jed? The older brother didn’t say anything?」


『Wow! This child can really understand what I say!』


When I say so, the two people look at each other.

Then elder sister floats a wry smile.

「I’m sorry. I should have said this before, but my younger brother is strange」

「No, it’s ok」

The man pulls on the horses bridle, leading it away.

The horse turned it’s face towards me.

『I am Caen! Hey! Child! Visit my lodge later!』

Just now, that horse talked to me!

Am I hearing things? Can the horses in this world speak human words?

The horse disappears into the distance, lead by the man.

「Elder sister, can horses speak human words?」

「Horses? Can horses talk? Like all other animals, horses cannot speak like humans」

Is it because I am five years old? My strange question is met with a gentle answer.

If I had said this when I was older, they might have thought I was insane.

「If it is a demon with a high intellect, they can sometimes speak like humans」

「What type of demons can do this?」

「For starters, a Goblin king of whom evolves from a goblin」

Demons can have high intellects?

Part of their nature forces them to attack people.

Demons are generally fierce, they are humans natural enemies.

People are taught this from generation to generation.

「Could it have been a demon?」

Whilst I felt a tinge of fear about the demon having the ability to attack people, I was curios about its existence.


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  2. I don’t understand how it’s possible for him to reach 5 years without noticing he can understand animals. It’s not like he’s confined to his room, he’s been in his garden and to the village before. He must have come close to countless animals already!


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