I work as a healer in another worlds labyrinth city – Chapter 8

TLN: Wanted to pick up this series for ages. Special thanks to the previous translator who let me take it over.

I have picked it up now, but it’s gonna stay in teasers meaning at least 1 release per week. It may increase later. It won’t effect release dates of other series.

This is to make up for the days I missed due to technical errors. Schedule will begin again tomorrow.


After handing me the slime jelly, we drank for a bit. Then Eight and Geyser left saying 「We’ll go back first」.

Although I’ll have to suffer for a little bit, I can’t bring myself to use it just yet. The main reason being that I can’t seem to get the image of Geyser using it out of my mind. Such an unpleasant image is difficult to forget easily.

Quelling my libido is an important issue, however I feel like using this is lowering my quality as a man and a human being.

Unfortunately, the number of times I can use it is equal to the number I got from Eight. When should I use it? I should think carefully about that.

I return to the table and glance around my surroundings. My eyes meet with Yuel who returns a pleasant smile as usual. Looking at her, it seems she’s recently become a little plump from eating too much everyday. Lovely round eyes, faint blushing cheeks, soft full lips. Whilst lowering my gaze, a childlike modest bulge lifts up her shirt slightly.

Yuel tries to reach for dish in the centre of the table, her body is made to incline forward. Due to gravity, her neckline is slowly exposed. The scruff of her neck, her collarbone. Her gentle swelling —

cover picture2

(TLN: This is Yuel for those who forgot)

Immediately, I cover my face with my hands.

What was I just about to see? was what I thought.

I certainly wanted to put that image of Geyser out of my mind. I’d like to overwrite it with a different image. I also want to use the slime jelly.

As for what I’m looking at now. It’s Yuel. The young dark elf girl who adores me. I’m a useless person, a bad person.

I feel a strong sense of self-hatred. If I relaxed my mind for even a second, I knew my libido would take over.

I’ll resist.
I know, I’ll try focusing on eating.

I examine the food diligently, then gently place it into my mouth. The smell passes through my nose as the taste spreads throughout my mouth. The texture of the food is examined by my tongue, the sound the food makes as it is eaten is examined by my ears. All five senses are used to fully immerse myself in the meal. Concentrating on this meal seems to work well as a diversion.

In the centre of the table, there seems to be a large piece of meat resting on a large plate. I take some from the large plate and put it onto my small plate, carrying it to my mouth. It is light and simple, it tastes like chicken. Actually, it tastes slightly different to chicken, it has more depth. After finishing what was on my small plate, I was interested in it. I wonder what meat it is.

「Yuel, what meat is this?」

「It’s soft-shelled turtle」

「Tsu!! Why!?」 (TLN: Soft-shelled turtles are said to increase libido/lust/arousal)

Why? Why did they choose a soft-shelled turtle? Are those turtles different in this world?

「Well, because Geyser recommended it. Was it useless?」

So it was because of that idiot. You shouldn’t listen to the words of an idiot like Geyser. Because I raised such a loud cry, Yuel seems to be slightly frightened.

「No it’s not useless. It’s not useless at all. Yuel didn’t do anything wrong」


Yuel utters with her usual voice. A childlike soprano, much like the sound of ringing bells. However to me, her voice sounds very sweet, more so than pancakes layered with plenty of honey. Although Yuel was on the other side of the table, her voice sounded like a gentle whisper in my ear.

「Don’t worry about it」

Judging by my current libido, this could be bad. Also, Geyser is bad. My instincts seem to be eroding my sense of reasoning. I don’t know what effect the soft-shelled turtle of this world has, but my body feels hot for some reason. This shouldn’t be on the level of a placebo. Dangerous. (TLN: He’s saying in his previous world the turtle is used to increase libido, so he might be experiencing a placebo effect as he expects it to happen. However, he now realises this is not the case and it is real)

I’d like to run to the rest-room right now, however the slime jelly can’t be used yet.

It’s because I’m with Yuel. If I use it right now, she’ll definitely be the image in my brain.

I can’t allow that. In my mind she is innocent and cute, I don’t want to smear that image.
It’s non-negotiable.

I remove Yuel from my line of sight and look around restlessly.

That waitresses miniskirt is fluttering. I’m shaking.

She was wearing a buttoned shirt, with a frilly collar. A corset was covering the bottom of her chest to her hips. Due to the corset, her chest was pressed up. Surely it’s ok to call them milk bags now? She seemed to be around 17 years old, with a cute youthful face.

Her long, blonde hair seemed to shine every time she went around a table to fetch an order.

She doesn’t seem to be very good at her work. She often gets the orders wrong and has to apologise to the customers.

cover picture4

(TLN: I think this is the waitress, she matches the description of long, blonde hair)

The hem of her miniskirt rises every time she bows down and says 「I’m sorry!」. Her thighs are as white as snow. However, due to the interference from the thighs, the thin cloth is not visible. Even when I’m absolutely sure I’m about to see it, it doesn’t appear.

Still not enough. The images I’m seeing aren’t profound enough to erase my images of Yuel, thus allowing me to use the slime jelly.

I stare intently at the waitress who is currently apologising to a customer.

Of course, Yuel is not aware of this. I held my hands just above my eyes, so that my line of vision can’t be seen. I wrinkle my eyebrows, giving the atmosphere of someone in deep thought.

Appear….won’t appear…..appear…..won’t appear….appear…

Whilst I was looking at the hem of her skirt, how much time has passed? Not much, the angle of the sun shining through the windows hasn’t really changed much. Barely any time has passed. My impatience seems to be making time appear to be moving much slower.

Whether it will appear or not, I keep waiting for the decisive moment.

And that moment came. It was magnificent.

Falling out of the hands of a drunk man, a tankard rolled on the floor. This man is the true MVP.

Facing that direction, the waitress slowly walked towards it. The tankard is between me and the waitress.

As she is only one step away from the tankard, some customers call out to her. This is the second contributer. (TLN: They both contributed to the event that’s about to happen)

The waitress turns to face the call and starts walking.

As she was walking, her right foot got caught on the tankard.

Under the pressure from the waitress, the tankard span diagonally, spinning the waitress a full 180 degrees.


She loses her balance and starts to fall.

Provocative black.

The black underwear from the girl still seems to leave an impression of childishness.

As she had spread out her hands to protect herself from the fall, her rear end was currently in the air. Her legs are completely wide open, there’s no way to hide it.


The waitresses face is instantly dyed red as she closes her legs forcefully.

But it’s already too late. That vivid black colour has already been branded into my retinas.

I speak to the waitress whilst stepping forward 「Are you okay?」. Just looking at her there doesn’t seem to be any injury, just pain.

Although I’m speaking directly to her, I couldn’t help eyeing her red dyed face. It feels refreshing, my face reveals a smile that has no secret intentions behind it at all.

「Because it was done without permission, you do not need to pay me」

「Thank you very much」

She probably has no idea how much my heart is spinning because of those few words. So I try and make an effort, offering my hand to the red faced girl. She takes my 「Right hand」 nervously. I can feel the warmth from her hand as a moist texture is transmitted. I use a slight amount of force to pull her up.

As she stands up she seems unsteady on her legs, so I use my hand on her lower back to support her.

The feeling of tender meat.

From my touch, her body turned stiff for a moment.

Even if she shows a complicated expression, she didn’t seem to reject it.

「Oh, I’m sorry!」

I release my hold immediately and take some distance from the waitress. She opens her eyes in surprise, from her facial expressions she seems to completely believe I touched it by chance. It’s already been ten minutes. Don’t make a mistake when knowing when to quit.

「Oh no, thank you very much」

She doesn’t seem to doubt my actions as she says so. It looks like I’ve been appreciated, I’d also like to extend my hand and thank you. Should I say, thank you for the meal?

In the end I merely say 「Try to be more careful next time」 in my most gentlest tone possible.

After a while I return to the table and put Yuel on my knees. It was by her request. It’s quite rare to see her expressing intimacy in public.

From this location, her head becomes easier to stroke. Also, her ass has become pretty plump recently, it’s going punipuni on my lap. She also seems to be moving around a lot, it must be uncomfortable.

I was interested about whether or not this was the case, so I turned my head to look at Yuel’s face and I instantly flushed red from ear to ear.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Because of her constant shifting around, a pleasant sensation is coming from between my thighs.

I have a bad feeling about this.

When I look on the table, the soft-shelled turtle had been completely picked clean.

This is bad. I shouldn’t let Yuel sit on my knees any longer.

— Was what I would say if it was the usual me.

I now have the slime jelly.

Even though Yuel is sticking to me a lot, I can calm my heart.

I can defeat Yuel.

And it’s all thanks to Eight and this slime jelly.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter; was waiting months for the next chapter for this series. Good to know that it’s being worked on; even a chapter a week is great.


  2. Iyo.
    I’m glad the Christmas Gift that Shasu gave me and the other editor at Infinite Novel Translations has been spun into someone picking up this series. I’m looking forward to reading it without Google’s aid.


      • That’s right, I’m one of two editors for Infinite Novel Translations. I also just started my own original Isekai (other world) story on a my newly made wordpress site, https://bakapubs.wordpress.com/

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        And yes, the blond in that image is Eris, not the waitress. Eris comes back into the story in a big way.


  3. Well this story is like the red headed stepchild of many translators getting booted around here and there. I would appreciate it someone actually translated it at a decent pace. The stated once a week release would be great but can said person actually deliver on it?… low expectations here.

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