Modern weapons – Chapter 6


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Chitose and Kazuya had begun a meeting with the other officers to decide on their future.

Now, there were a few problems. How exactly do you decide your future?

「That’s exactly how it is, master」

「……you shouldn’t read other peoples minds without permission, Chitose」

「I know everything that master is thinking」


After the attack it seems that Chitose yandere side had become more prominent.



Oh, did my level rise?

To confirm whether or not Kazuya’s level had risen, he opened his menu screen.

[God’s trial – Number 1]
The first trial has been cleared.

Your level has risen to 19.
The limitation on your ability has been reduced.

[Amount of armaments that can be summoned:]
Infantrymen: 1,000 (One battalion)

Artillery: 200 (TLN: Changed ordnance to artillery)

Vehicles: 450

Aircraft: 250

Warships: 50

※When these arms are summoned, the number of people needed to operate it will also be summoned

※Logistical personnel (combat engineer, maintenance soldier, communication soldier, supply soldier, medic) is not included in soldier summoning, and summoned separately. The amount of logistic personnel that can be summoned is the amount needed to maintain a division.

※There is no limitation on summoning small arms and heavy arms that can be operated by 2 or 3 soldiers.


Kazuya’s level had risen considerably since he killed so many monsters.

With less strict restrictions on his ability, he felt he could truly make a real military base.

Wait a moment…

This forest is on the border between the Canary kingdom and the Elsass magic empire. We should relocate our base soon.

「Ah, Chitose?」

「Well, talking about a new base…」

……is she really reading my mind?

Kazuya began to feel fear towards Chitose’s mind reading abilities.

After Kazuya had consulted with Chitose and the others. It was decided that a large scale base was to be set up on a deserted island, 400km from the previous base.

Kazuya summons a destroyer and travels to the uninhabited island.

When he arrives, he uses his ability to the fullest and begins development.

The speed at which he was building the base could be called nothing but a cheat.

As Kazuya walks the length of the island, he begins to summon the necessary facilities. Including a naval base, airport and command centre. On top of that, he summons anti aircraft positions, artillery positions, radar sites and flak towers. As well as military equipment such as the V2 rocket with silo.

Moreover, he summons various other non-military related facilities, such as amusement centres.

Also, built under the soil there were storehouses and bomb shelters. Above ground he builds production facilities for arms and ammunition, he can’t always rely on his ability.

「……it’s done」

「Thank you very much, master」

Originally, building such a large base would take a copious amount of time and money. However, the construction of this one had taken no time at all.

「Shall we build a defensive position on the continent?」

「That’s a good idea」

After completing the base, Kazuya begins to establish a military outpost

「I will build a smaller version of our stronghold here, it will make it more convenient」(TLN: He refers to the large island base he just built as a stronghold)

「The empire and the kingdom might make a move here, if i build it too big」

Most military outposts are built similarly to strongholds. Although the necessary equipment is summoned, it is camouflaged so as not to be seen even from the air.

By the way, according to the new rules on Kazuya’s ability. He could now operate 2 bases at once. Also, he now had 500 soldiers in each base, with a total of 10,000 logistic personnel. There was a severe lack of weapons, and because of the limitation on Kazuya’s ability, the production factory’s were in a state of constant operation. (TLN: 10,000 logistic personnel. This seems about right considering medics, gun builders, transport, operations centre staff and radar etc… literally 10 logistic personnel to every 1 soldier.)

「The situation is a little bad…..」

「Yes, currently even with our large numbers, we do not have the necessary strength to fight back if we are suddenly attacked」

Kazuya looked over the report on the distribution of weapons and ammunition between the two bases.

The soldiers don’t have enough weapons as expected….

Currently, their main method of defense was the warships.

Now then, what should we do….?

Kazuya began to rack his brains on what to do about the weapons and ammunition shortage.


20 military vehicles are waiting in an ordered line for departure.

「The sortie is complete, Commander Chitose」

「Is see…..then master」

「Ah, are you going?」

About two months had passed since Kazuya came to this world.

After saving up the ammo and weapons produced by the factories, expanding the stronghold and subduing the demons around the outpost. Kazuya had no intentions to be confined to the base forever.
By the way, because the number of summoned soldiers has increased to the size of a battalion. Chitose, who was a major had been promoted to lieutenant colonel.

「About your position as my aide…..」

「Eh? …….the role as master’s aide……..have i already been dismissed!?」

The atmosphere around Chitose changed dramatically, a frightening smile appeared on her face. The light in her eyes seemed to disappear.

「……wait! Who is this!? This is a different Chitose!!」

Kazuya who didn’t understand the meaning behind Chitose actions, saw her dangerous smile and realised he’d messed up.

「What is different, master? Are you perhaps, tired of me?」

Chitose closes the distance between her and Kazuya whilst speaking emotionless words.


Kazuya tried to move backwards a little to put some distance between him and that terrifying aura. However, the distance between the two people was only staying constant.

「I’m not tired of you at all! I just thought that since you are such a high rank now with alot more duties, it would be better if i summoned someone else from the lower ranks」

Ah! The wall!?

Whilst trying to speak the excuse he just thought of now, Kazuya hit his back against a wall, losing his only chance of escape.

「There’s no need to be so anxious…」

「Well, no…..uh….Chitose?」

Chitose pushes both her hands against the wall, trapping Kazuya with her body.

She brought her face closer to his whilst staring into his pupils.

「If that’s the case, then am i allowed to keep my promotion whilst being master’s aide……?」

「Ah! I understand now, you can keep your promotion and keep working as my aide!!」

Kazuya felt fear as he gazed into Chitose’s pupils. Her atmosphere had changed so suddenly, he could no longer endure it, and so conceded.

「Is that so? That is good, master」

Saying that Chitose floated a smile.

After that event Chitose was solidified as both the Lieutenant Colonel and Kazuya’s personal aide.

「Then please look after the base, Lieutenant Colonel Miller」(TLN: Commander was the navy term that i accidentally used, Lieutenant Colonel is the army and correct one)

「Please leave it to me!」

When there is no Chitose or Kazuya occupying the outpost, LTC Miller would be in command.

Kazuya then issued the order to advance into the secret underground tunnel.

「Let’s depart」

「All vehicles, forward!!」

The engines of the vehicles groan loudly. In total there was 18 cars in the convoy. 4 Motorcycles with sidecars, 3 M8 tanks, 3 Armed jeeps (M20 75mm recoilless rifle and the M2 Browning were equipped) as well as 8 trucks filled with soldiers and supplies.

Chitose had organised it so that the total number of soldiers in the convoy equalled 60.

At the end of the underground passage, there seemed to be a dead end. However, suddenly the rock face splits open and reveals an elevator, which raises the vehicles to the surface.

When was Kazuya finished being raised above ground, he found was facing a well maintained highway in the Canary kingdom.

「Stick close. We only have limited knowledge about this world, we don’t want to cause and unnecessary fights」



On the orders of Kazuya, the convoy advances on the nearest city.

「Master, is it okay to use these vehicles? The main method of transportation in this world is a carriage. Won’t we stand out too much?」

「Well, there is no other way. As well as bringing 60 soldiers, we also have ammunition, medical supplies and food. It is more efficient to use a vehicle. My ability can also allow me to summon carriages, however they won’t offer much protection during battle and i can’t summon when i’m in combat. Because of that, it is safer to travel by car」

「I see, i thought that was why….」

「If someone asks, just say it is a magic item. We’re going to be using modern weapons, so we’ll stand out anyway」

After hearing the explanation from Kazuya, Chitose promptly takes out her walkie talkie as a report had just come in.

「…..Ah, understood. Master, the B-29’s report that three wagons are currently under attack from monsters. How should we proceed?」(TLN: B-29’s are bomber planes also known as flying fortresses)

Chitose asks Kazuya whilst pointing out the incident site on a map.

「….ah….abandoning them would leave a bad taste. Chitose, pass me the walkie talkie」

「By all means」

「Kazuya to all vehicles, a wagon is currently under attack from monsters. Prepare for combat」


After returning the walkie talkie to Chitose, Kazuya also prepares for action.

In order to save the group in time, Kazuya hurries.


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      • ha…. that’s honestly a bit too op… Hopefully we see more character or world development, because as of this chapter things are very very bare bones, and characters are paper dolls. Not just the summoned soldiers (wouldn’t they be more akin to magic golems than actual humans?), but the main character himself too. no presence.


      • ” Not just the summoned soldiers (wouldn’t they be more akin to magic golems than actual humans?),”

        If I have to make a comparison in order to understand the summoning, it’s like demon summoning from Tensei Slime, Rimuru summons demons from the demon spirit realm and physically manifest when summoned, so every soldier summoned has a soul.


    • B-29’s aren’t really meant to fly at low altitude. This isn’t a C-130 Spectre here. Doesn’t have capacity for ground support other than bombs and I would rather not be in the vicinity when a B-29 unloads it’s cargo.


  2. About two months had passed since Kazuya came to this world.

    Why is the author sprinting through this novel like he doesnt even want to enjoy the moments. Its like “I came to this new world. Five months later I have 2 bases and a full army.” Like holysh*t slow down for a second and tell us about his process of building the bases, about how he decided to organize his troops. Maybe add in a character from the soldiers who can give the readers insight into what the soldiers think of the MC and the new world.

    It’s called fleshing out a story. As it is, this feels more like a storyboard than a finished story.


  3. i was confused about which of the 2 bases he was at. at first i thought he was still on the island, so it didnt make sense when the convoy started on a main road. then i understood after reading a second time that he built the second base on the mainland.


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