Modern weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 12


Chronon: Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t post these past few days. Had some summer Physics work to do. Got 3 weeks until my final exams which determine my entire future -_- so it’s pretty tense with revision.

Mayoi Neko Overrun was supposed to be delivered today, but I was at College and missed it. So I can’t translate it until the delivery person comes back again on monday.

To add insult to injury, I use this setup for wifi. Modem + Router -> Router -> Extender. This is because my connection is terrible otherwise……and my extender just crashed, so this will take my like 2 hours to finish :S

2,400 words again O.O


「What……this…..!! Is this a dream!?」

「….No, Karen. I also cannot believe it, but this is real」

A variety of weapons had been assembled before Karen and Maria’s eyes.

In the sky, lifting a variety of equipment was the MV-22 Osprey and UH-60 Blackhawk. A number of soldiers had emerged from the CH-47 Chinook that had landed at the fort city. An M777 Howitzer was being suspended on the underside of the helicopter, which contained the necessary personnel to operate it.

An AH-6 Little Bird often nicknamed “Killer Egg” was hovering above the surrendered imperial soldiers, ready to shoot 100 rounds per second, in case of suspicious movement. This helicopter takes pride in it’s launch speed, which can kill a person before they even feel pain. It’s equipped with 2 M261 launch pods loaded with Hydra 70 missiles. As well as a M131 mini gun.

Also in the air, there was an MH-6 little bird loaded with soldiers equipped with FN Minimi’s and even an M14EBR. (TLN: Apparently the AH-6 and MH-6 are the same thing. MH-6 is for transport, AH-6 is for attacking)

The F-22’s that still had bullets and missiles remaining were high in the air, looking out in all directions in case of a surprise attack.

Furthermore, from the forest. Causing the ground to tremor, the armoured squadron made up of tanks and armoured vehicles was approaching the fort city.

「What is that!?」

It wasn’t only Karen, others who could see the same sight were completely speechless.

A short while later. The reinforcements from the Canary kingdom arrived.
「The 1st division reinforcements have arrived」

「How is the organisation of the 1st division going?」

Kazuya, who had received the report whilst in the temporary headquarters in the fort city, cast a question to the soldier who had brought him it.

「The main unit is comprised of the mechanized infantry battalion, an artillery battalion, the engineer regiment, and an armoured squadron」(TLN: There is a difference between mechanized infantry and armoured squadron)

「Really….I wanted a little more armour, but I guess it can’t be helped. It can’t all be made up of front equipment (general term for weapons and equipment used in direct battles). That being said, I can summon about 2,500 vehicles」

Vehicles other than front equipment lack strength, such as refuelling trucks, ammunition trucks, logistic support trucks used to ferry heavy equipment, even the fire trucks used back at base. This vehicle shortage problem was really plaguing his head. (TLN: I think he’s saying he needs so many different types of vehicles he’s ran out of summon slots)

By the way, the MLRS and HIMARS were not being deployed by the artillery battalion due to the vehicle shortage. Instead the M777 155mm Howitzer is relatively lightweight and can be deployed easily. (TLN: Artillery and Vehicles are summoned separately. So a shortage of vehicles does not effect artillery)

The number I can summon is still too small.Ah, my level should have increased after this battle. Perhaps the number I can summon will be increased.
[Weapon Summons]
You can summon weapons developed and produced up to 2013.

[Amount of summons]
Your present level is: 60

・60,000 people (1 army)





※When these arms are summoned, the number of people needed to operate it will also be summoned

※Logistical personnel (combat engineer, maintenance soldier, communication soldier, supply soldier, medic) is not included in soldier summoning, and summoned separately. The amount of logistic personnel that can be summoned is the amount needed to maintain a division.

※There is no limitation on summoning small arms and heavy arms that can be operated by 2 or 3 soldiers.

・[Ability Notes]
The menu system does not have to be used. Summons are still possible through voice and thought.

Summoned munitions and equipment can be removed. However, summoned soldiers cannot be erased.

(It’s impossible to erase the body of a soldier who has died. Also, if a soldier dies, you cannot summon that same soldier again) (TLN: I think I made a mistranslation somewhere, this help menu thing said that they can’t be summoned again after death)

Whilst『In Combat』the summon ability cannot be used.

Self-defence logistic personnel are now available


….oh? Various changes have occurred since my level rose. Well, I’ll check the changes in more detail later on. Right now I should focus on the post-war process.

Kazuya sighed inwardly as he looked at the many Imperial soldiers who had surrendered.

Dealing with prisoners is pain-staking work. The manpower Kazuya had before was not enough, so he used his ability to summon more.

「Chitose, tell the Osprey to take me to a location that is not visible from the fort city. I need to summon more soldiers」

「Understood, I’ll arrange it immediately」

When Kazuya landed at the location away from the fort city. He summoned additional soldiers and got them to process the prisoners, since the amount he can summon had now risen.

After that, Kazuya summoned more supplies hurriedly, in order to build a base.

Due to the extra soldiers, the shortage of manpower was solved. Kazuya surrounded the tent with a barbed wire fence that the combat engineers had made. Before calling the senior officers of each department in for a council of war.

As the council of war began. Chitose, who is the master of ceremonies began to read the military gains report.

「First, about our gains. Thanks to the air corps, we gained around 12 enemy ships that had been abandoned after being shot down. Currently, the engineer corps have taken them back to the outpost to be stripped down, since we have found that there is something called a “Magic Furnace” which allows flight. I think we’ll be able to understand it very quickly. The canary kingdom have also provided technical assistance and they believe we can also use the “Magic Furnace”」

Chitose turns the page and continues.

「Next, the prisoners. There are around 100,000 prisoners. Furthermore, about 8,000 of them are either nuns or female soldiers. 200 of them are aristocrats who can be ransomed off to the Empire」

After finishing the military gains report, Chitose sits down as Kazuya stands.

「First, lets discuss the matter of the “Magic Furnace”. Can it be incorporated into the vessels we currently have?」
Kazuya asked, causing the head of the technological development department to answer.

「It seems possible. But the limit is that we can only make 1 destroyer float using all of the 12 engines we seized」

「I see. Then please continue your analysis of the “Magic Furnace” and see if it can be mass produced」


Begin satisfied with that answer, Kazuya moved onto the next problem.

「Next, the matter about the prisoners….does anyone have a good idea?」

Kazuya had no idea what to do with the 100,000 prisoners he had captured. Suddenly, Chitose raised her hand.

「Go ahead, Chitose」

「Hai. First, enslave them all and take them to the outpost. We can buy slavery collars so that they can’t revolt. Then, once another battle starts up again, we can give them spears and use them as our front lines. The so called….disposable piece」

…..That’s almost like a soviet soldier….to not give them a gun, but to make them charge with just a spear. (TLN: Not 100% sure, but I think soviet soldiers were forced to fight even if they didn’t have a gun, if they tried to retreat the commanding officer would kill them)

「You’re right, but let’s keep the prisoners treatment good for now. We shouldn’t utilise them as labour」


Chitose nods upon seeing the determination of Kazuya. Suddenly, a soldier rushed in with a panic stricken face.

「Ah! It’s serious, Captain general!!」

「What happened?」

「Sergeant Funasaka!! Sergeant Funasaka!!」

「Sergeant Funasaka? …..wasn’t he killed in battle?」

After the Imperial army surrendered, the corpse of Sergeant Funasaka was found. (Apparently, after he had been taken prisoner. He managed to somehow escape and blew up the gunpowder the Imperial army had been stockpiling, along with himself) (TLN: That explains the random explosion from the Imperial camp)

「He did! Which means he revived!!!」


All of the members who heard that information ushered a shocked cry simultaneously.



Kazuya, who had received news about the sergeant. Quickly rushed into the first aid tent in a fluster.

「Is that…..Captain General?」

Sergeant Funasaka looked like a mummy, covered from head to toes in bandages as he laid in bed.

「I’m sorry. For you to see my like this」

「Don’t worry about such a thing. I’ll cure it right now」

After Kazuya said so, he raised his hand above the Sergeants body. Suddenly, a light appeared covering his hand as he activated his healing ability. Curing the Sergeant in an instant.

「Great. The injury is healed, but rest in here for a while just in case」

「Understood. Thank you very much, Captain General」

Kazuya left the first aid tent after healing Sergeant Funasaka and telling him to rest for a while.

As he was leaving, Kazuya told the surgeon waiting at the door to transfer the Sergeant to the outpost depending on his physical condition.

After confirming everything was in order, he began to return to the meeting tent where Chitose and everyone were waiting.

「Please!! Mercy!! Rescue this one!! Please!!」

The grievous cry of a female asking for help entered Kazuya’s ears.

I wonder what’s going on?

Kazuya suddenly stopped walking towards the tent and started walking towards the source of the cry.

「Ah, what happened?」

Kazuya, who had arrived at the field hospital, asked a nearby soldier. (TLN: I’m guessing the sergeant had a private room. Since he seems to have come from surgery)

「Oh? Well, this woman is….dying. She has difficulty walking to the point where she had to be carried by the other prisoners. I want to help her, since she’s still breathing, but the surgeons say it’s impossible. Well it seems reasonable, but they could at least try…ah, Captain General!! Why are you here!?」

Finally, the soldier approaches Kazuya after recognising him. However, Kazuya approaches the grieving nuns.

「Wow, it’s terrible」

Kazuya leaked a voice after looking at the charred body of the women.

「Captain General!! There are wounded enemy soldiers and prisoners here! Please step back, it’s dangerous!! Captain general?」

Ignoring the soldiers voice, Kazuya approaches the charred body.


Kazuya opened a space between the nuns and looked at the body.

Both feet and hands blown off, and what’s more, the whole body is charred black, however there is slight movement.

「Please. Serishia….」

「Oh, would you like me to try and see what I can do?」

Most people would probably leave the body of a fallen enemy alone. However, Kazuya wanted to test the limits of his healing ability.


As she’s in a state close to death… takes a considerable amount of magic power.

Kazuya began to exercise his control over his ability. Using it to it’s fullest, whilst fighting against the sense of weariness.

Then, from her body, revival started. A hand and a foot appeared one after another. She began to resemble a person once again.

Moreover, her skin returned to a flesh colour, it began to moisturise itself. Then, her hair grew back.



「….I’m tired」

The nuns and the soldiers both leak their voices as Kazuya finished. What lay there where the corpse once was, was a beautiful young girl.

「Seri!!」(TLN: Gonna just nickname her “Seri” I think xD)

「Whew, I was saved…」

「Ah, sorry!!」

Kazuya drops a knife hand blow on the soldiers head, who was looking to devour the beautiful nude girl whole.


「Ah, Seri!!」

「It’s good!! It’s very good!!」

「Where this for the time being」

Kazuya hands over his jacket to the girl who had just returned to the mortal world thanks to his healing ability.

「I was baked alive by that…hell fire…I should have died…but…that light…」

The beautiful girl with sleepy eyes gropes all over to ensure her body is ok.

「It’s okay Seri. God rescued you」

「Now Seri. Let’s say our thanks to God in prayer」


…..but God didn’t do anything.

They seem to be religious nut cases, best not to say anything.

Kazuya, who was amazed by these peoples ungratefulness turned his back and began to walk away.

「Thankful prayer!? AHA AHAHAHAHAH!!!」(TLN: A Yandere is born….)

The beautiful girl begins to mock chortle.


The nuns who notice something is strange with Seri begin to stir and let out confused voices.

「In the dark, full of despair and suffering. When my prayers weren’t answered. You want me to offer a prayer to the person who abandoned me?」

Surprised at the laughter, Kazuya halted his steps and stared at the girl.

The beautiful girl who seemed to have a halo on her head, had a narrowed eyes like expression.

Her emotions of fear and the feeling of defiance against the thing she worshipped and showed affection for had made her crazy.

The beautiful girl attempts to stand up using a nearby cane. Walking wobbly, she falls onto Kazuya’s chest.

「I offer you my all!!」


What….what’s happening?

Kazuya was struck dumb by the sudden pledge by the beautiful girl.

「Uh…..I’d like to know your name」

「Oh, well… name is Kazuya Nagato」

「Nagato…..Kazuya-san. My name is Serishia Lourke….as your faithful believer, I will revere and praise you. My best regards from now on」

「Why a believer?…..Hey, did you lose consciousness?」

Kazuya was at a loss with the beautiful girl showing a pure smile in his arms, who had lost consciousness.


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