Modern Weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 16


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「Then, Karen. Please report it」

「Hai, then from the first time they came to the fort city–」

After Kazuya and the others had left. Karen gave her report to Queen Isabella.

「–That’s it」

When Karen had fully explained the circumstances of what happened in the fort city, the room grew uncomfortably quiet.

「…Well, from your story. We may have to change our awareness of them」

Our initial judgement was an unexpected mistake, wasn’t it?

Although the overwhelming strength of the Parabellum army had been reported to Queen Isabella by Maria. Having not seen the modern weapons herself, she found it extremely hard to believe. Furthermore, Maria’s points had been abstract and unarticulated, so Queen Isabella couldn’t help thinking Maria overestimated them. However, after seeing the military strength brought to the capital by Parabellum, it was easy to see why the Imperial Army was defeated.

But of course, it’s dangerous to downplay the power of Parabellum. After all, the entire Imperial Army was repelled by a small country. The amount of troops Parabellum used to repel the army was so little, it would have taken hundreds of thousands of troops from the Canary Kingdom to do the same thing. Queen Isabella and nobles initially though it was due to luck, however upon hearing of the power of such modern weapons, their faces turned pale.

「In the face of such a mighty nation, was our attitude wrong as the Duke said?」

「Yes, certainly. However, we shouldn’t pass judgement on such little evidence」

2 Aristocrats were mumbling together when suddenly, the one who had grown fat began to speak up.

「Do not say such a thing! We should kill the man now, since he is escort-less」(TLN: He left his escorts outside when he entered)

The other nobles began to grow rowdy at the words of the fat aristocrat.

「You dare do such a thing!! Wouldn’t we be killed by the soldiers he has brought!?」

「What bullshit!! After hearing the Duke’s speech, even if he is another-worlder, he can’t use magic and he has no special power!! Also, he only has a small territory, it’s not even half of our national land. So how can you be afraid of him!?」

The aristocrats pride was visible, he felt that magic was supreme.

「Were you really listening to the Duke’s story? Even if he has no magic or special power, haven’t you seen that thing they call science? which can create such powerful weapons. We can’t even win against the empire, how can we win against him?」

「Winning against the Empire was probably due to luck. If we kill that man and invade Parabellum quickly, we should win」

「How can you be so optimistic?……and do you know where Parabellum is? Or do you expect us to check the islands one by one? Also, from the Duke’s story, it didn’t seem like luck did it?」


The aristocrats and nobles begin to argue noisily in the throne room.


Queen Isabella raises her voice, at which the entire room turns dead silent.

「Karen. You’ve seen the nation of Parabellum, correct?」


「If we fight Parabellum, can we win?」

「With all due respect. I’d like to make this clear, It’s impossible to win against Parabellum」

The nobles who heard the words of Karen began to mumble amongst themselves, she ignored them and continued.

「The military power and strength of Parabellum can’t be compared to us. The other nobles who saw Parabellum in the fort city would say this same thing. Also, look at this」


「It is a present from President Nagato」

Queen Isabella was astonished at the two white items handed to her by Karen.
「Is this…..salt? No, that’s impossible. To have salt this white and without impurities. Also, what is this slippery thing it is packaged in?」

「As your majesty says, it is salt. The other is sugar. It is packaged in something called Polyvinyl」(TLN: PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride)

「Such a thing…..」

Karen called in the guards, who brought in numerous packages of salt and sugar. Groans arose from the aristocracy who saw this.

「This is part of the goods presented to use by president Nagato. This includes 10 tonnes of salt, 10 tonnes of sugar, 20 tonnes of pepper as well as spices such as red chilli and much more」

「So much…..」

Just as a proof of friendship, Queen Isabella had been presented with large quantities of such expensive items. She finally understood the difference in power between the two nations. Speaking of the nobles, their eyes were glued to the large amount of sugar and salt currently stacked in the throne room.

「President Nagato and Parabellum–I must form an alliance with them no matter what」

As Queen Isabella muttered so, one person challenged the murmur.

「Your majesty, you shouldn’t」

「Prime Minister John Leben」

The Prime Minister was said to be a ruler of a large amount of power, even more so than Queen Isabella. Many rumours had circulated that he was the shadow ruler of the country.

「We may not have a strong military, but in terms of territory expansion. We –」

「Prime Minister, I’m not worried」

The prime ministers words were cut off by Karen.

「……Oh? and why aren’t you worried?」

「Without expecting a reward. Parabellum helped burn off the abnormal demon breeding grounds and repelled the Imperial Army」

「……Wait a moment Karen, is it true that President Nagato burnt the abnormal breeding grounds off!?」

Queen Isabella raised a shocked voice upon hearing this.

「It’s true」

「Is…that…so. In which case we’ve been helped 3 times by President Nagato already」(TLN: 1 -> Saved Iris. 2-> Destroyed Breeding Grounds. 3 -> Repelled Imperial army)

「Yes. Also, their philosophy is reflected in the name of their country. I’m told it means “If you wish for peace, prepare for war” . He himself desires peace」(TLN: The phrase is in latin as “Si vis pacem, para bellum” meaning “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”. Parabellum means “for war” so he’s half right)


At Karen’s words. The prime minister grew silent and began to brood.


After the aristocrats and nobles had left the room, only 4 people remained.

「–I have received confirmation from President Nagato to lend help to the Canary Kingdom. Their conditions are that they will take a strictly defensive and logistic role. The only exception being when another other-worlder appears」

「So…unless another-worlder appears, we’ll have to invade the empire ourselves? They’ll only step in if the Imperial Army invades the Canary Kingdom again?」

「Yes. Because President Nagato does not want the territory. Also, he dos not like to waste troops」

「I see… did well Karen. I’ll carry out negotiations after this」

After hearing what Karen had to say, Queen Isabella instantly began to think of how to advance.

「So, Karen?」

Queen Isabella’s expression changed in an instant. From a stoic one, to a warm pleasant smile as she spoke to Karen.

「……What is it?」

「What do you think of the president?」

「Oh!? No…uh, your majesty?」

「You can’t hide it very well. You seem too conscious of the president, I know exactly what you think about him」


Seeing her feelings easily seen through by Queen Isabella, Karen’s face was instantly dyed red as she looked down.

「So, what about it Karen?」

Queen Isabella looked like a carnivore cornering her prey.

「Your majesty is too mean….」

After making eyes that seemed reproachful towards Queen Isabella. Karen began to speak having made up her mind.

「……I love him」


Despite instigating this reaction, both Karen and Queen Isabella’s face were dyed red. Queen Isabella was showing a shocked expression.

「Your majesty!!」

「Oh? Did I overdo it a little, I’m sorry」

Seeing Karen had gotten angry, Queen Isabella apologised.

「Well, I think you’re suited for one another. We’re having a meeting with him after this, why don’t we propose marriage?」

「Your majesty, what!?」

「It is customary for Iris to do this role in order to deepen the relationship between our two countries, but to see Karen happy would also make me happy」(TLN: Not sure about the second line, perhaps both Iris and Karen will marry him? Polygamy?)

As it is now, the relationship between the two countries is not firm. President Nagato seems conscious of Karen, so it should be okay.

「…..I’m thankful for you attention, your majesty」

Karen was looking at Queen Isabella with a dumb expression for a short time, however she responded in a joyful voice.


The meeting between the Canary Kingdom and Parabellum over an alliance proceeded smoothly, contrary to everyone’s expectations.

As a result, an alliance had been formed. However, the terms of it were rough and open to change at any time.

A military alliance…..or I guess it’s more like a non-aggression pact was signed. It looks like they are still wary of us, well it can’t be helped. We set up a base in their demon infested forest after all.

The reason the meeting didn’t go as smoothly as hoped, was due to the prime minister.

Though Queen Isabella certified construction of the base by ex post facto approval at the beginning of the meeting. The prime minister gave the point that a base was constructed in their territory selfishly and without acceptance. He told Kazuya to show sincerity and provide concessions, making the treaty entirely one sided.

Because of this, the people who had followed Kazuya from Parabellum had blue veins appearing on their foreheads. Chitose in particular was trembling in anger.

「Hmm…..the alliance is formed. Now, excuse me」

I’m annoyed. The meeting isn’t even over, yet he’s nonchalantly leaving. The soldiers of Parabellum saw him off with expressions as if they want to shoot him dead.

「I’m sorry. President Nagato」

Queen Isabella’s authority was lower than the Prime Ministers, so she could not interfere. Instead, she apologised for the way he acted.

「Because Queen Isabella is nice, don’t worry about it」

Kazuya, who is aware of the power struggle in the Canary Kingdom, accepts the Queens apology.

Since the atmosphere right now was bad, Queen Isabella was hesitating on how to bring about the subject of marriage. (TLN: With Chitose in the room? This will not end well….)

At such a time, Iris suddenly barged into the room. Behind her was a guard with a flustered, pale face.

「I…Iris? Why are you here?」

「……? The meeting is not over yet mother」

One of Queen Isabella’s escorts instantly put up a magic barrier. However, Iris went in a straight line for Kazuya. Sitting on his knees and snuggling up to him.

Queen Isabella and the aristocrats who saw this were dumbfounded. Chitose was clenching her fists whilst trembling with rage and jealousy.

「Mother. Marry me to Onii-san!!」


Everyone in the room was frozen, Iris’s remark had stopped the meeting completely.


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    I think this part means, originally to seal the alliance, Iris would be married to him, but since Karen likes him they would replace the fiancee with Karen instead. Which would also seal the alliance and make Karen happy. Probably because the Queen doesn’t know Iris likes him too.

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  5. “para bellum” = “prepare for war”

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    so "para" = "prepare!!!"
    in other words
    "para bellum" = "prepare for war"


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