Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 2

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Not sure if you guys remember, but monster allied powers has now become non-human alliance. Since the alliance is between beastmen and monsters.


The chief of each section were currently meeting with Kazuya at the command headquarters to discuss the steady progress of Parabellum’s aide to the non-human alliance.

「Now, chief of the special forces. How is the operation going?」

「All units are doing their duty smoothly, without making any conspicuous movements. Due to the achievements of each unit, there is currently disorder within the chain of command in the imperial army. Their advancement has also stopped as they have not yet received any supplies」

It was more effective than I thought, I only sent them to buy time.

Kazuya nodded with satisfaction at the guerilla tactics employed by the special forces.

「So next, chief of transportation. How is the development and expansion of a railway network to transport supplies to the non-human alliance coming along?」


The chief of transport replied as he stood up, appearing to read off a sheet of paper in his hands.

「First up, the development of the railway network and highway, it is going well. We should be able to finish it within the time period set previously. Next is the transportation program for the goods. The number of goods we set before was too low, we need at least triple that amount. I have added it to the report, please see page 15」

「Ok, I see. Is there anything else to report?」

Several people raised their hands in response to Kazuya.

「First, chief of information」

「Yes, first is about the Elsass magic empire. We used a reconnaissance satellite and high altitude spy plane to check their territory fully. We found three of the air ships used in the previous battle at fort city again. They appeared to be still under construction as the upper part was not complete yet. We also discovered land type fortresses as well as marine type」

「Those could be…troublesome. Put them on 24 hour surveillance. Do not look away from them for one second. When it comes to it, blow them up with SLBM’s (submarine-launched ballistic missiles) and ICBM’s (intercontinental ballistic missiles). Anything else?」

Kazuya urged, causing the information chief to frown slightly and reply.

「Yes. We found the regal empire on the other side about 15,000 kilometres away, across the sea. We scouted the area using a spare reconnaissance aircraft and discovered some surprising results」

「What is it?」

「The regal empire has a current technological level of around world war one」

…..that? But I was told I was going to a fantasy world where swords and magic exist. Why does that technology exist here? This world doesn’t seem like a science fiction one…..

「…..if they have that level of technology, why don’t they come over to the continent? Isn’t there any territory they desire?」

Saying so, the information chief returned a reply.

「The regal empire doesn’t seem to be in a position to move. Our surveillance shows that they have just finished a large scale war. In addition to this, the expanse of ocean between the continents is plagued with excessively large sea creatures and dense fog. It’s simply too dangerous」

Dense fog….I guess it acts as a sort of wall between the continents. That explains why the technology level is so different.

「I see. Then please monitor the regal empire as well」

「Yes, understood」

After saying so, the information chief sat down.

「Next is the chief of technology」

「Yes, it’s the matter of the magic furnace, with the assistance from the canary kingdom, we have a method for mass production. However, it involves the use of the witches whom we have taken prisoner. Next, the automatons and magic weapons that the special forces have brought back. They seem to use rudimentary electronic equipment. I don’t know without examining in detail, but it looks like we may be able to mass produce them both as well」

Kazuya looked at the technology chief who had just finished his report.

「I see. Then start the mass production of the magic furnace. Consult with the chief of the navy and get it fitted to one of our ships, then report back. Also, please do a thorough examination of the automatons and magic weapons to see if they can be mass produced」


As the technology chief sat down, Kazuya spoke to Chitose.

「Finally, Chitose」

「There are several reports to be made. I’ll report them in turn. Preparations to send troops to the non-human alliance has been completed. For ground troops, we have Type 10s, M1A2 Abrams, M2 Bradleys, Strykers and Humvees. Additionally, we also have an aerial unit consisting of AC-130s, F-15Es, A-10s as well as a variety of helicopters. They will be stationed at the base we  are building at the monster capital. We are still waiting for a discussion about bas building with the non-human alliance」

「Next is about armaments. Improvements and refurbishments of all the weapons is about 85% complete. Also, since new weapons are being made in the factory at Parabellum, our weapon shortage is fixed. We have also begun training the volunteer corps, made up of people who immigrated over to Parabellum. About half of them volunteered」

Parabellum had initially accepted 4,000 people from the canary kingdom as an experiment. A volunteer corps was set up, consisting of people who had volunteered and passed the initial selection.

「Even if you say that….I forgot that a volunteer unit had been made. So?…is it usable?」

「…..I expect they’ll be useful in the future」

「Oh, I guess she’s right. Well….the weapons we gave them were a little dated anyway」

「Yes. The gun management regulations here are stricter than that of the JSDF. However, it seems ok. In fact, one of the volunteer soldiers attempted to take out one of the weapons to use privately. He didn’t seem to know it was embedded with a small bomb. That rude person certainly suffered quite a bit」

「That sets my mind at ease….at least we’re no longer short on weapons」(TLN: Since the volunteers are only using dated weapons, so it doesn’t really matter if they blow up I guess)


Kazuya grinned as he saw how easily the advancements were going.


After the meeting was over, Kazuya returned to his room to relax. When suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

「Excuse me」

「What is it Chitose? Those children are?」

Kazuya tilted his neck, looking at the seven girls dressed in maid uniforms next to Chitose.

「Hai, you were saying that you would be going to the non-human alliance directly. These girls will acts as your entourage」

At Chitose’s words, the maids took one step forward and bowed.

Kazuya suddenly looked closer at one of the girls.

「…..hey, Chitose. Could these people possibly be」

「Yes. They are the people who were close to death in the underground jail. The two vampire sisters Liner and Reyna. Culottes of the fox race and Wilhelm of the wolf family. Augel is a lamia and Rumi is a dark elf」(TLN: This is probably their names, I’ll update later)

「I thought so. They did look familiar」

When Kazuya rose from his seat and approached the seven girls who had downcast heads. Suddenly, their heads shot up quickly and their eyes filled with excitement.

「(…..Chitose, this is?)」

Kazuya was assaulted with gazes of enthusiasm as Chitose smiled wryly  and replied.

「(Ah, about that…..they were like this when they woke up. Master appears to be idolised by them. Probably because of you treating them with your magical power, capable of completely healing their injuries)」

…….could this be a side effect of the healing? (TLN: Remember the burnt nun who began idolising him after healing?)

Whilst thinking so, Chitose chimed in.

「(Also….these people have all lost their memories aside from their names)」


「(Whether the treatment in the underground jail is the cause….)」


Kazuya kept an expressionless face hiding his feelings, thanks to the strict training from Chitose. However, with the smiles of fanaticism from the girls in front of him, it was difficult to feel sadness.

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