Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 3

Chronon: I’ve almost finished the bulk translation update, but I need to keep posting chapters in order to catch up to it (I started translating from volume 3 chapter 5 because I thought I’d at least get one or two chapters done before exams ended.

NOTE BEFORE READING: In the chapter it makes mention to a base named “Deiresu” I think this is the name of the large outpost he built in the forest. 


Special thanks to last nights donator! I’ll get that chapter out fairly quickly since I want to get the Modern Wep and I can speak donated chapters done as well.


The construction of a highway connecting the Parabellum outpost in the forest to the Canary Kingdom and the non-human alliance had finished amazingly early due to the efforts of the mechanised engineer corps, so troops were beginning to be sent. Kazuya himself landed in the non-human alliance territory aboard the VC-25 also known as air force one, with a slight delay from the first group of soldiers.

Kazuya had stepped outside the VC-25 and was currently looking around the base. All around him there were cargo planes with lowered ramps transferring supplies. Such as the C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster III and the AN-225 Mriya, which was based on the AN-124 with an added D-18T engine on each wing, giving a total amount of six engines. The AN-225 was also known as the “world’s heaviest aircraft” capable of transporting armoured vehicles such as tanks as well as self-propelled artillery and personnel.

Other aircraft were lined up in the hangars, containing the aircraft in the squadron  under the command of Major Rudel. The fighter-bombers, the F-15E Strike Eagle and the A-10 and the air superiority fighter the F-15. Kitted out with GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided missiles and GPS directed JDAM MK-80 series missiles as well as CBU-87/B cluster bombs, which could be interchanged with the CBU-72 fuel-air explosive, Napalm, etc… The airborne bomb maintenance squad were currently preparing the aircraft for sortie.

Shifting his eyes again, he saw a variant of the C-130 transport aircraft, the AC-130 attack gunship. A great deal of shells were being loaded into the 40mm machine guns and 105mm howitzer. It was currently preparing to rain shells upon the advancing imperial army.

The F-22’s were also preparing to scramble, that fighter specialised in stealth and speed, capable of travelling supersonic if needed. It was a 5th generation aircraft and the world’s first stealth fighter. It used AIM-120C AMRAAM’s based on the F-16 multi-role strike fighter. It was loaded with 6 shots of AIM-9L/M Sidewinders, 2 shots of anti-aircraft guided missiles and 2 AGM-65 Mavericks.

The only aircraft not on base was the strategic bombers, the B-52 Stratofortress, B-1 Lancer, B-2 Spirit etc… they were currently flying from Parabellum ready to bomb the imperials, with strict orders not to land at the Deiresu base unless it is an emergency.

Looking away from the airfield towards the staging area for the ground forces, which was opposite the airport, there were 2 battalions of tanks. Equipped with the M256 smooth bore guns, as well as coaxial M240 7.62mm machine guns and M2 12.7mm heavy machine guns. They were added to M1 Abrams which sported composite armor and rolled homogeneous armor equivalent for defence. There was also around 100 Type 10’s lined up, using the Japan steel works 44 calibre 120mm smooth bore gun which is 13% lighter than the conventional one used by the M1 Abrams, allowing for more accurate fire. They displayed their figure gallantly.

Kazuya, who had finished looking at the state of the Deiresu base began to smile as he walked towards the HQ along with Chitose and the maids.

「I’ve been waiting. President」

The commander of the Deirusu base Major General Milly greeted Kazuya, offering him a seat. Kazuya became tense and sat down, Milly was a beauty. With slanted eyes and glasses bearing a close resemblance to a career woman. She began to report the current state of affairs.

「As you can see, all of the troops you’ve sent have already arrived. When the formal signing ceremony for the alliance is completed, we can move immediately on your orders 」

「You work fast…..」

「Hai! Thank you very much!!」

Showing a wry smile to the proudly saluting Milly. Kazuya set off in a humvee to the demon king’s castle in the non-human alliance’s capital, to sign the agreement.


The demon castle had completely betrayed Kazuya’s expectations. It was just a normal castle.

Kazuya who had entered the castle district area was looking at the streets from the car, whilst being guided by Marquis Oliver.

「Those people….?」

「Them? They’re refuges from the villages and towns caught up in the war. Currently there’s too many of them, we can’t support them all」

Whilst gazing at the dark expressions of the refugees, Kazuya entered the gate to the demon castle where the demon king was waiting.

What kind of form does the demon king have?……does he have horns as expected?

Whilst walking towards the demon king’s room, Kazuya noticed that he knew nothing about whom he was going to meet. So his imagination ran wild.

「The demon king is waiting in here」

-Marquis Oliver said as he stopped at a luxuriously decorated door.

The demon king is in there….

Kazuya gulped loudly. steeling his mind, before entering the room.

「Ugu…..welcome King of Parabellum to the non-human alliance」

「…….Ah, you foun…..」

……A woman!? More over badly injured!?

What Kazuya saw as he entered the room was not a big muscular man, like he expected.

Instead, there stood a woman, missing her left eye. With a bandage covering her elbow as the rest of her arm was missing. Her abundant chest was moving up and down as she breathed roughly. She had an agonised expression.

… I remember, Marquis Oliver did say that the demon king is wounded. Even so, I did not think the injury was this serious. Shouldn’t her vassals be dealing with us instead of her?

Saying that, they were currently waiting on the demon king. However, not one of them was uninjured. Yet none of them had an injury even close to as serious as the demon king’s.

……there was also a few….unfriendly gazes mixed in. Well it can’t be helped. Many human’s had committed genocide against their races, it isn’t strange to hold hostility to the entire human race itself.

I was directed to my seat alongside the vassals, a few of which still displayed open hostility.

「Etto. I guess we should start with self introductions. I’m the demon king Amira Rozanguru and I’m a part of the non-human alliance. By the way, my race is Ogre. You can call me Amira, Rozanguru is too long, so I’ll overlook it. Be thankful okay?」

One of the vassals suddenly whispered into Amira’s ear as she changed into a casual tone halfway through.

「Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’m weak with this formal stuff as well」

「Really? If you say so then I’m saved」

Amira smiled at Kazuya’s words, whilst enduring the pain of her injury.

「So I’ll do a simple introduction then. I’m the kin…..president of Parabellum, Kazuya Nagato. Please call me as you like. My best regards for the future, Amira」

「Ah, my best regards also」

After saying their introductions, Amira suddenly lowered her head to Kazuya.

「Demon King!?」

「Your majesty!! What on earth!?」

「Tsu, silence you guys!! There’s something I want to say! I’m really grateful for the troop support you sent ahead of time. It caused the advancing speed of the imperial army to drop significantly, allowing our forces to reorganise in time」

「…..Oh, don’t mind it」

The demon vassals surrounding Amira fell silent upon hearing the reason for her bowing to the leader of another country.

「–Then, you just need to sign this form…」

「Wait a moment, I can’t keep seeing you like this」


As Amira raised her head, Kazuya stopped the signing abruptly.

Kazuya found it hard to focus whilst watching Amira bear the pain. So he raised his hand close to her.

「…..can you tell them to lower their blades. Chitose and the others, lower your guns to」

「Do it」

Kazuya had his hand on Amira. The surrounding vassals were aiming their spears and swords at Kazuya’s vitals. Chitose was aiming her gun with her finger itching the trigger, as if she could kill at any moment.

The soldiers on both sides lowered their weapons on their leader’s orders.

The thirst for blood emitted by the soldiers began to weaken as they lowered their weapons. (By the way, the thirst for blood Chitose is emitting hasn’t weakened)

「Your injury seems bad, so I want to try and cure it」

「This injury? I’m thankful, but it’s useless. An other-worlder belonging to the empire who kept shouting「I’m a hero!」gave me this wound. It couldn’t be cured by any form of magic medicine or healing powers.」

「….Well, let me at least try」

Whilst floating an expression of resignation, Kazuya warmed his hands and then exercised his perfect healing ability.

A visible change began to occur on Amira’s body through the hazy golden light.



「This is….!?」


Not only had Amira’s wounds healed, but the left eye she had thought would have been lost forever returned. The retainers witnessing this spectacle were speechless. After the initial shock and surprise, delight set in.

「….back!? My hands and eyes are back to normal!? Hahaha…..AHAHAHA!! This! Now I can take revenge on that bastard!!」

As she clasped her right hand, an intense amount of magical energy began to converge. She laughed manically upon seeing the whirlpool of energy flowing around her arm. Coming to her senses, she quickly looked to Kazuya.

「Thank you Kazuya! Is this due to a divine protection!?」

「Ah… tired」

Kazuya had used a lot of magic in order to heal her wounds, so he felt fatigued.

…..I know! I shouldn’t have used my perfect healing ability without thinking about the side effects, okay!?

Kazuya watched Amira, whose eyes looked like that of a child who had found a new toy as she opened and closed her hand.

「…..I’ll finish the signing now」

「Oh, yeah yeah」

After all , Kazuya had no way to ascertain the side effects of his ability and Amira seemed to be in her own world. As if remembering who had healed her, she nodded immediately to Kazuya’s statement.

After the signing. The alliance between Parabellum and the non-human alliance was complete.

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