Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 4

“Chronon! Where’s I can speak!?!?!” <- Everyone probably.

Chronon: Tomorrow guys, don’t worry 🙂

Ok, I think I’ve got a grasp on the whole Non-human alliance thing. The name is slightly misleading, but it’s actually a country controlled by the demon king. Not an alliance itself. The alliance part just refers to the unity between different races that are not human. E.g beast, monster and demon.


After the signing ceremony, Kazuya met the demands of Amira to have a private talk, so they both moved to a secluded room. (TLN: The private talk is between her, Kazuya and Chitose)

「Hee. Is that so?」

The conversation between the two was good as their mutual wavelengths matched. It was such a condition where the two appeared to be close friends.

Then, in the middle of the conversation. A knocking noise interrupted the two.

『Your majesty. I brought the two people you requested』

「Oh, they came. They can enter. I thought I should take this opportunity to introduce my daughters to Kazuya」

When Kazuya turned his eyes to the door, it opened and the daughters of Amira as well as a guard walked in.

「You girls, great my benefactor (of the non-human alliance)」

「……………..My name is Fina Rozanguru……Mother!? Your injuries are!?」(TLN: I guess pronounced fin-eh or fin-ee)

「Oh mother! What’s happened!? Your injuries are healed!?」

「You guys!! I said introduce yourselves!!」


As they came into a room, a childish girl showed curiosity to Kazuya much like a cat, the other showed open hostility. As they noticed Amira’s injuries had healed, they ran up to her as if forgetting the situation, they cowered in fear at their mother’s barking.

「I’m sorry. They’re not very well disciplined」

「Don’t mind it. It’s clear that they cherish their mother. Is that not a good thing?」

「Well I guess……but there’s a correct time and place to do such a thing」

When Kazuya returned his words to Amira’s apology, she couldn’t help but show a smile.

「Look you guys. Try and say hello again」

「Ha, yes……..I am the elder sister Fina Rozanguru……this is….」

「How do you do.  I am the younger sister Lina Rozanguru. Please call me Lina」

The two people who were prompted by Amira, showed their greetings.

The older sister, Fina Rozanguru had long, pristine hair. She looked very similar to Amira, with her plump breasts and slim waist. However, she seemed to possess an innocent personality much like Amira.

Childishness was still left in the younger sister Lina Rozanguru. She seemed to have a lively and bright personality. However her smile was reminiscent of a devil’s. She had long hair much like her sister, however it was arranged into twin tails.

「Nice to meet you. My name is Nagato Kazuya. I am the president of Parabellum. This here is the vice president–」

「Katayama Chitose, aide to my master」(TLN: Sorry about last name, first name ordering. Sometimes I switch them around without realising)

After finishing their self introduction, Fina and Lina sit down on a chair pointed out by Amira.

「Kazuya, I have a small favour to ask you. Would you please listen?」

「Oh? What is it?」

「Could Kazuya take on Fina as a housemaid for a while?」

「Mother!! Such a thing!!……」

Fina immediately reacted to her Amira’s words.

「Fina be quiet」


「…..Could I hear the reason?」

「Reason is it…..I guess it’s for future reference. This child is not the same as me….she’s smart and thinks deeply about things. I want her to enjoy new experiences in order to prepare her as a demon king candidate」

「Demon king candidate? Is it not hereditary?」

Kazuya questioned the words of Amira.

「Ah, over here it’s basically the law of the jungle. It’s natural for a strong person to lead and a weak person to follow. When the demon king dies, candidates are pitted against one another in various challenges. Only people who display true power are worthy of being followed」

After thinking for a while and seeing no demerits, Kazuya decided to accept the proposal.


After Kazuya had left the room, Fina voiced her anger towards Amira.

「Mother!! Why must I follow that man, moreover a disgusting human!!」

「Disgusting human!? Kazuya healed me of all my injuries and has offered assistance in the war!! You could learn a lot from him!!」


「Don’t even try! The decision has been made!!」

「~~~Tsu!! I hate you mother!!」

After shouting those words, she left the room.

「It’s because you both are too stubborn!! Ah, where has elder sister gone?」

Lina let out a big sigh.

「Lina, come」

Amira beckoned Lina to sit on her knee and began stroking her head.

「Mom. It’s ticklish」


Whilst listening to the words of joy and embarrassment from Lina, Amira began to think deeply.

「Mother!! I hate you!! Why are you making me leave!?」

In the corridor of the demon king’s castle, Fina let out her anger that could not fit in her chest.

「I only want to be beside mother’s side…….」

Gun!! Fina slammed her fist on the walls of the corridor.

「Fina, are you there?」

An elf man appeared from the other side of the corridor.


「Oh!? What happened Fina?」

Fina’s personality instantly changed when she saw Nelson and displayed a smile.

「Such a thing….」

「Yeah. I don’t want to go, but mother’s making me…..」

Upon hearing the circumstances, Nelson floated a malicious smile not seen by Fina, before reaching into his pocket.

「This is?」

「It’s a bracelet. I want you to wear it all the time. It should protect you」

「Thank you. Nelson」

Fina received the bracelet, not aware of the danger behind Nelson’s smile.

The talk had gone on for a while and after consenting to looking after Fina, Kazuya returned to the Deirusu base.

「But master, is it really ok?」

「Well it is nice. Besides, it’s only a loan」

「For now it’s just a loan….」

「…….Now. Where is the Imperial army?」

Kazuya looked towards Chitose and the surrounding troops.

「…… The imperial army is gathered outside a town that the non-human alliance protects named Olga. It seems they are going to conquer the town and take the goods away. All whereabouts of the remaining enemies who haven’t gathered for the Olga capture have also already been grasped」

Chitose pointed to several places on the map.

「Umm. Let’s settle this quickly, it’ll be winter soon….. First an airplane unit will hit the imperial army, which will scatter them in all directions. A ground unit will then destroy the split army and clean up any remnants. Can we work with the non-human alliance on this plan?」

「Yes. The monster army should support us」

「….Well, that’s sorted then」

Kazuya handed over the report detailing the joint attack with the non-human alliance to Major General Milly, who nodded upon inspecting it.

「The non-human alliance is currently overrun with Imperial Soldiers! Let’s take it back!」


To the words of Kazuya, everyone salute and began to rush. From the airfield numerous helicopters and planes took off equipped with missiles and bombs and the ground troops marched towards Olga in droves.


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  2. So that Nelson is bastard then? Either a spy for the Imperials, has a possessive eye on Fina, or has some agenda of his own that he’s using the war as a smokescreen for – probably becoming the next Demon King or something.


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  5. Kind of weird how he insists on calling himself president, and the monarchists he’s talking to know what a president is. He never really had a vote; I mean yea he’d get 200% just off Chitose ballot stuffing, but still.

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