Upper World – Chapter 10



TLN: Sorry it’s not weapon’s cheat. I posted the wrong schedule, I’ll post an updated one tomorrow. It’s a short chapter, but the ending is very satisfying (In my opinion)


As we walked along the street, we spotted several inns in line with one another. The size of the inns were similar, but we chose the one with the large stables in the back.

As is common with most inns, the first floor was the dining room and the tavern. Those who wish to stay the night are located on the second floor. Because it was dinner time, an increasing number of people were entering the inn.

I walked up to the waiter girl and inform her that I wanted to get a room.

「Three small silver coins per person per night. A meal on top of that costs extra. You can eat elsewhere, however because the meal made here is so good, I wouldn’t suggest it」

I was informed with a smiling face. It was alot more expensive than the first village, but I suppose prices will be different depending on the location.

For the time being, I decided to stay for one week and hand over the money. If I don’t find a way to earn money soon, I may go bankrupt; I will have to work hard.

The meal was bread and fried vegetables with ale. The total cost came to 3 coppers. At this price, the first inn was better in terms of food for cost.

「After such a long time, a decent meal is very welcome」

Claire says so pitifully, whilst happily shovelling food into her mouth. Considering the diet of an average Japanese person, this meal is shabby, but to a slave who has gone through many hardships…..I’ll make sure to get something good to eat everyday from now on.

After the meal was finished, we went up to our room. Oh? even though we paid for two people, there is only one bed, Isn’t that strange? (TLN: He makes some sort of reference to Karaoke here. About how it’s not like Karaoke, where you pay for one machine, but multiple people use it. But it was difficult to translate -_- so I left it out)

I tried to protest, but was stopped by Claire.

「Isn’t it common to only pay for the number of people staying?」

Claire tilted her head to one side as she said so. Ok, that wasn’t expected, but still. There is no shower, nor is there a bath. When I asked an elder sister downstairs, she said you order out a large tub instead of a bath.

They seem to usually draw out water from the well out back, then wash themselves with that. However I have magic, I just need to summon numerous ice blocks within the tub, then melt it down with fire magic. Instant bathwater.

「That incredible master! You can use both fire and ice magic!」

She seems to be excessively impressed. Is it really that impressive? I wanted to wash my body first, but I allowed Claire to go before me. As I was a gentleman, I left the room and  I didn’t peak. Nor did I listen in.

She initially refused, she felt it was wrong for a slave to bathe before her master. I told her it would be wrong to enter after a man, but she was still hesitant. However after being told I was looking forward to her transformation, she allowed it.

After she had finished, I also went in and bathed myself. I noticed that I had no extra clothes other than the ones I started with.The next thing on my list will have to be clothing.

However, it had now come to the critical event. Yes, the bed. We have no choice but to sleep next to each other as there is only one bed. If you have the consent of the other person, it should not be a crime……maybe….

As I crawl into the bed excitedly, Claire puts out the light and lies down on the floor as if it’s the natural thing to do.

「What are you doing!?」
「Oh? Aren’t we going to sleep now?」

I was met by a stupefied face. Training of this slave is a must.

「You don’t have to sleep in such a place. Let’s sleep together, come」

I make room as Claire slips into bed. I stroke her hair a little to melt the tension. What is this? any vulgar feelings I had before seem to have vanished instantly.

「If it’s my master’s desire…..I will serve him」

I was told in a trembling voice.

「Does Claire have such experience?」
「I don’t. Only things that I have read in a book….」

I’m not a brute, so you don’t have to worry about it. Was what I told Claire as I stroked her head. She fell asleep immediately after, seemingly relieved. (TLN: Nice to see an MC who doesn’t take advantage of his slaves :D)

I was thinking carefree up until now, this world is one in which others lives can be ruined by one another. This can lead to a constant fear.

Power is needed to overturn this. Starting from tomorrow, I will become a true adventurer.


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25 thoughts on “Upper World – Chapter 10

  1. disappointing how it ended. But well, I’m also in agreement on how he didn’t lay his hands around her this early in the game.

    However, I hope he eventually does. I’m not hoping for a long detailed description of what occured, but more like a YGDA or Desumachi or Slave Harem(btw SL is a waste of time) is enough.

    Anyway, just started reading today. Thanks for the chapter~ Keep it up.


  2. “this world is one in which others lives can be ruined by one another. This can lead to a constant fear.” erm…. Even in our world, thats the case too…


  3. This makes no sense to me… Even if she has nowhere to go, she doesn’t need to be a slave. There’s no reason for her to trust him with her life. Also why wouldn’t Est offer to be equal companions if it’s just that she has nowhere to go…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 「That incredible master! You can use both fire and ice magic!」 … I’ve read up to this, and I just had to comment… Why? Was she blind during the fighting? Unless the translation is wrong, or if I just suddenly dreamt of it being so, she should have pretty much noticed the ice spears and the blazing fire that attacked the goblins…


  5. (TLN: Nice to see an MC who doesn’t take advantage of his slaves :D)
    If he’s the kind who does take advantage of his slaves, then I’ll drop this novel right o way….


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