Upper world – Chapter 11

Chronon: I hope you guys don’t become conditioned to feel disappointed whenever a new chapter in this series comes out (Because I always seem to post this instead of what I said I would).
The main reason this time is that I was just too busy, I was helping a family member with her house (Jet washing patio, hedges etc…) over the weekend, so I came back later than expected. I’ll post the missing chapter tomorrow, then Weapons cheat.

When I awoke, I could not find Claire anywhere. Was I abandoned? Although I was impatient at that moment, I later found out that she had helped out in the kitchen and had earned some wages.

「I’d like to help reduce master’s burden, even if only by a little」

Good girl. Claire is such a good girl. I said repeatedly as Claire grew shy, I didn’t accept the money however. Instead, I told Claire to use it for herself.

After we both finished breakfast, we immediately aimed for the south west forest. Because I didn’t know how long a round trip would take, we bought food and drink ahead of time.

For food and drink, we bought some sausage, cheese and mead. I’ve eaten neither sausage nor cheese in this world, but I doubt there is much difference in taste. Mead as well, I’ve never drank it before in my previous world, but I’m sure they’ll be no problem.

I asked the uncle at the food stand how the bags that keep the food warm work. Alot of the other adventurers seemed to have one.

Apparently, there’s a small pocket in the bottom of the bag in which a magic stone is stored. It is excellent in keeping warm things warm and cold things cold, it’s very versatile.

If I knew there was something this convenient, I would have bought it immediately. But since too much money was used for supplies and equipment, I’ll have to wait until after this request.

A lot of people are going to and from the gate this early in the morning. In order to set up camp safely, we should set off now so that it will still be light when we get there.

Whilst looking at the people going through the gate, I took out the request slip for directions. Travel south, go right at the first branch in the road. It was mostly a straight path, it would be difficult to get lost.

Looking at Claire, she initially seemed like a pretty girl. But right now, she seemed extremely beautiful. (TLN: For some reason he says “daughter”? (娘) -> Musume I just changed it to “girl” since I’m not sure what he means)

「I receive food from gentle master every day. I’m also allowed to sleep in a futon and have a bath. I never expected to have such nice thing….」

I stroked her head instinctively. I was truly happy to have helped this girl.

After Claire had finished her bath last night, I discovered that she was a red head. I initially thought her hair was darkish grey. Her pupils are also red, so they shine brightly in the morning sun.

Currently, she had her hair in a ponytail. With all new equipment, she looked like a capable adventurer.

Along the road, two people of a similar age to me. A man and a woman were resting on the side of the road. Since we had travelled for a while, we decided to rest alongside them.

「Are you two possibly doing the herb extraction request?」
「That’s right, you?」

「Well, you probably would want to stop here. We went to the collection site previously, everyone has fled since the site is overrun with orcs」

Orc? I haven’t fought one yet, they must at least be stronger than a goblin. From my knowledge, they are quite difficult to defeat.

There was no mention in the request letter about orc. They must have moved from somewhere for some reason. However, I can not stay here and wait. The request has a time limit after all.

Even if there is no penalty for failing your first request, the guilds impression of us wouldn’t be favourable.

「If it’s okay with you, why don’t you come with us?」

I was told. Well, I may as well look at their statuses and see if they’re the real thing.

Amyl Level 8

Lelena Level 7 (TLN: Someone offer a better name? レレーナ. Switched it to “Lelena” for now, the two kana at the start are “Re” changed to “Le”, the middle particle extends the vowel on the last “Le” changing it to “Lee” and then the last kana is “Na”. So it is pronounced “Le-lee-na” but I wrote it as “Lelena”)

There level is neither low nor high. Is this the standard level for newbie adventurers?

Amyl has a broad long sword equipped to his back. He’s wearing chainmail along with a worn shield. He seems to be around 17 or 18 years old, his hair is short and brown. He seems quite cheerful.

Lelena is equipped with a weapon with spikes all other it, a morning star. She is wearing a long white robe, with a metal chest plate. She looks sort of like a priest. She seems able to use recovery magic, she’d be perfect for a supporting role.

Since Amyl seemed confident he could beat an orc 1 on 1, it would be advantageous to team up with him. I consult Claire anyway.

「Whatever master wishes, I will do」

After getting Claire’s consent, we teemed up with the two adventurers.

  • Changed “Ogre” to “Orc”. I had it in the back of my mind, but I could only come up with Ogre xD
  • Changed Rereena to Lelena (Explanation in the TLN)

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