Upper world – Chapter 12

Chronon: This series hasn’t had some love in a while. I was gonna post modern weapons in my free period, but I forgot about my Physics revision session, so I ended up getting home too late. I’m definitely free tomorrow, so I’ll post modern weapons cheat.

Oh God, didn’t expect his amount of skills to be so much. It takes up almost half the chapter.


After finishing their self-introductions, the four people left together.

「Est’s level is high. How long have you been an adventurer for?」

Amyl is unreserved when speaking to others, even though it’s our first meeting. I’m not a timid guy, so I answer promptly.

「I just registered yesterday. Claire registered then as well」
「Yesterday!? You’re a high level even with that….well, it might be thanks to your skills that your experience has risen so high」

He seems to have convinced himself. Sorry, I am a 15 year old from another world with a cheat ability.

I hear their circumstances from Amyl. They were both childhood friends in the same village, they had grown up listening to stories from adventurers who passed by. They became attracted to that way of life.

I showed a bitter smile.

With admiration in their hearts, they vowed to become adventurers when they grew up. It has now been 2 years since they left their village.

For the first year, they spent their time doing odd chores, raising their levels and arranging their equipment. It was only recently that they began to receive requests from the town.

Amyl was huddling close together and said in a low voice.

「If this request goes well, I think I’ll propose to Lelena」(TLN: Death flag?)

He said those ridiculous lines with a joyful expression. Hey, think about you timing? What if you die later. Also, your both only 17-18, isn’t it too early to marry?

「I think everyone is married around this age in the village? We’re different from aristocrats who marry early. We still have to work or else our house will be poor」

I see. So there is an economical reason. Though in Japan, people of this age would be seen as children, they are adults in this world.

Lelena keeps looking back, the conversation between Claire and Lelena seems joyful, it’s difficult to hear what they are talking about.

Like this, we arrived in front of the forest, which was our destination. From here on out, we are silent. When I check the map, the Orcs aren’t moving, they seem to be standing still in one spot. Just what are they doing?

Before battle, I managed to acquire a skill from watching Amyl. 『Swordplay: Level 1』 now has the additional skill 『Crushing head attack』. I managed to get it by swinging a sword straight down.

Lelena has the skills 『Recovery Magic: Level 1』 and 『Detoxification Magic: Level 1』. Healing a serious injury would be impossible, but light injuries seem ok.

Est: Level 13

HP 170/170
MP 120/120
Power 78.
Speed 80.
Dexterity 79.
Defence 75.
Wisdom 85.
Luck 41
Possessed Skills:
『Experience Boost: Level 2』
『Swordplay: Level 1』 (TLN: Fencing is now swordplay)
『Dexterity improvement: Level 1』
『Mapping: Level 1』
『Wisdom improvement: Level 1』
『Fire magic: Level 1』
『Chant-less Casting: Level 1』
『Speed improvement: Level 1』
『Spy: Level 1』
『Strength improvement: Level 1』
『Defence improvement: Level 1』
『Shield: Level 1』
『Freezing magic: Level 1』

Claire: Level 3
HP 23/23
MP 5/5
Strength 6
Speed 11
Dexterity 10
Defence 4
Wisdom 7
Luck 10
No possessed skills
Our status doesn’t seem to have changed. My experience boost has risen to level 2 after the goblin attack.

I go a little closer to the Orcs. They seem to be enjoying a meal, several dead bodies of animals are scattered about.

On average their level is 10, it’s slightly higher than the other people with me, but we still have a chance to win.

First, we prepare to strike. Claire takes a bow out assumes a posture. I prepare freezing magic. I look towards Amyl, we both nod and begin the battle.

With a pyu~ noise, a sharp arrow shot by Claire flew into the head of a nearby Orc. The other Orcs who see this, raise a warning cry.

Without giving them any breathing time, I throw my ice magic. It hits the guy next to the Orc who had been insta-killed by Claire. It didn’t kill him in one hit because it landed on his chest.

Spotting this, the other Orcs run towards me raising loud cries of anger.

Running out, I leave long distance attacks to the professional, Claire. I remove my brand-new longsword from it’s sheathe and lock swords with one of the Orcs. It was a heavy hit, but I move the momentum of it to my side. (TLN: Basically parrying the attack to his side)

A short distance away, Amyl was also locking swords with an Orc. He seemed to be pushing the Orc back, I was admiring him a bit.

With no trouble at all, Lelena defeated the Orc I had hit with my sword. Claire had also finished the one I hit with my magic. Hey, have I not killed one yet!?

After showing a pitiable expression, I quickly close the distance to the last Orc. As it makes a swing, I swing upwards. Suddenly, the Orcs face collapses. (TLN: He probably used that crushing head attack skill, it doesn’t come up on acquired skills though :S)

Did we somehow end it safely? Amyl’s death flag also seems to have broken.

All the members here had their level raised. Amyl went from level 8 to 10. Lelena went from 7 to 9.

Est: Level 15

HP 210/210
MP 160/160
Power 95
Speed 94
Dexterity 91
Defence 93
Wisdom 92
Luck 55
Possessed Skills:
『Experience Boost: Level 2』
『Swordplay: Level 1』
『Dexterity improvement: Level 1』
『Mapping: Level 1』
『Wisdom improvement: Level 1』
『Fire magic: Level 1』
『Chant-less Casting: Level 1』
『Speed improvement: Level 1』
『Spy: Level 1』
『Strength improvement: Level 1』
『Defence improvement: Level 1』
『Shield: Level 1』
『Freezing magic: Level 1』

『A new skill can be acquired. Please choose from amongst the following:』
『HP Improvement』
『MP Improvement』
『Luck Improvement』
『Swordplay: Level 2』
『Wisdom Improvement: Level 2』

Claire: Level 7
HP 78/78
MP 16/16
Power 27.
Speed 41.
Dexterity 40.
Defence 25.
Wisdom 19.
Luck 38.
Possessed Skills:

『Archery: Level 1』

Claire’s status seems higher than me when I was at that level. Is it a racial characteristic?

Since experience is shared, we all levelled up a lot. There were benefits to skills as expected.

I decided to go for swordplay this time.『Swordplay: Level 2』acquired.


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  2. Every time he chooses a new skill, I’m all “He has to choose luck improvement now, theres basically no other choice”
    Then he’s basically goes “This skill looks suitably useless, I’ll go with this instead”
    Every. Time.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter. Est come on. She may gain more stats per level than you did at that point, but with the same number of levels you easily gained skills that have stat modifying of x1.whatever of your base stat as a minimum. Why are you complaining?


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