Upper world – Chapter 13

Chronon: 2 chapters of this tonight. Just found out there’s over 200+ chapters of Upper world currently out, so I need to catch up 🙂


「I just increased my level by 2 suddenly! How!?」

Amyl is startled. It must be because of my 『Experience Boost: Level 2』. It would easily level him up if that was the case.

「Is everyone unhurt?」

Lelena seems to be confirming everyone’s safety. After finding out that we were all uninjured, we all began to collect the magic cores from the orcs.

「Not matter how many times I do this work, I can’t get used to it」

Amyl had been complaining non-stop. It’s difficult to dismantle the monsters each time, it’s disgusting as well. I wonder if those adventurers with higher ranks do the same thing?

As for the share of the magic cores. 3 went to me and Claire, 2 went to Amyl and Lelena, it was split according to the number of Orcs taken down.

「It’s ok, since we gained a lot of experience as well」

I was told with a refreshing smile. I wonder how much the market value of these cores are. Lelena seems to know the answer.

「I’ve seen them redeemed before. 1 small silver coin per piece」

I see. I’ve defeated a lot of slimes and dogs in the first forest, yet they only equal 1 orc. During dismantling, the big parts of the orc were handled by me and Amyl. Claire and Lelena covered the small dismantling jobs.

If it’s similar to a pig, I wonder if it’s edible. From it’s appearance, it’s something I’d really not like to eat. It seems it will get a decent value if sold directly at the city.

I froze the meat using ice magic. If we keep it for a while, I’ll have to recast it. I place the frozen meat in the bag I bought previously. It’s annoying that I can’t wash my dirty hands.

As for the herbs we were originally supposed to pick, as per the request. It seems to grow everywhere, much like a weed. According to the request information, it often grows close to trees. Since it might be dangerous if we stay too long, we pick one set for two people.

As for the demands of medicinal herbs, this one is quite popular for adventurers, it can be pasted on wounds and cuts. The root also seems to be used with hot water by the general public as a nourishing drink.

When we put the herbs together, it makes about 1 straw bunch. On the request it seems you can receive 2 copper coins per herb. With a bundle like this, is it around 1 silver? If it’s like that, even a beginner adventurer can make a decent amount of money.

However, this time we subjugated orcs. The magic core and meat will sell for a lot more. I want to go back to Koper straight away, however it’s too late now. So we set up camp.

I return to the entrance of the forest, collecting dead branches for firewood. We were on alternating lookout duty between Amyl and Lelena and us. Amyl’s face seemed fine at the time of the first change, however on the second change, he had tearful eyes with traces of a palm print on his face. Were you hit? Who did it?

The next morning, having spent the night safely. We set off for Koper.

I was interested in what happened last night, so I asked Amyl in a  low voice. Apparently, after Amyl’s death flag was broken. He proposed marriage to Lelena, however instead of a reply, he had a quarrel where she said she wanted to live a few more years as an adventurer.

Even if they resigned as adventurers now, they would have to move back to their country with little money. Lelena wanted to retire after at least achieving silver rank.

Amyl received a strong slap after coming on too strongly.

「Are you possibly….stupid?」
「Mean!! At least comfort me a little!!」

When looking at the state of Lelena happily chatting with Claire like last time. It doesn’t seem like she’s particularly cross.

「Oh, well. Don’t worry about it too much. Because Lelena doesn’t seem that angry. If you give her a present or something later, she’ll forgive you.」
「Then, that’s good」

It can’t be helped, when we return to the town. I’ll treat you to some liquor.


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5 thoughts on “Upper world – Chapter 13

  1. ” 2 chapters of this tonight” — hope this isn’t like yesterdays Weapons cheat promise 😛 . This novel gets pretty good, ive read upto chapter 50 although they are super short chapters.
    Ty for translating this ,


    • Yeah xD I always make promises, then I lose motivation. I got about half of the next one tl’d so you should see it in about an hour or two. I’m getting hooked on this as well, I haven’t read ahead yet though.


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