Upper world – Chapter 14

Chronon: Second one of today. This chapter is called “Party”



The sound of wooden jugs hitting each other fills the air.

On the next day, we finally returned to Koper. We were currently toasting in the inn me and Claire rented a room in, named『The deer’s horn』. To celebrate safely returning home and completing our guild requests.

We were in good humours as our first request gave us more income than expected.

「Anyway, I’m glad that we met Est. If it was just us, I don’t think we could’ve beaten the Orcs」
「That’s true, isn’t it? I’m surprised at how strong you two are」

Don’t raise me up that much. I only defeated 1 Orc you know? I didn’t play that much of an active part.

「I have kept you waiting~」

The inn onee-san brought me a dish from the kitchen. I also ordered wine for two people. Grilled fish the size of a red snapper is on the plate in front of me, it’s surrounded by green vegetables and mushrooms.

Is the cat race interested in fish as expected? Claire seems to be restless. Her face is calm, however her tail is moving left and right unsteadily.

One of the dishes brought over had something like fruit on it.

When I try it. The fragrance of fruit spreads in my mouth. It’s been boiled for a while, so the fruit is easy to chew.

As I was fascinated by the dish, Amyl begins to talk.

「What will you guys do now?」

Hearing that, I stopped what I was doing.

「I think we’ll take one or two requests late, I’d like to try a dungeon as well」

The dungeon was one of the main reasons this town had many adventurers.

「Then, can we follow too? We’ve entered twice before, but it didn’t go well」

The first time they went, they were forced to return after triggering a trap on the first floor. The second time, they went with a party of high-levelled adventurers. As such, Amyl was treated as a luggage carrier. Lelena was constantly pestered by the other party members, which ended in a quarrel.

「Est can be trusted and you’re easy to speak to. Also, your level is close to ours. If we work together, it should go well. How about it?」
「Me too. I think having 4 people will make requests a lot easier」

If two people say so, then I have no reason in particular to refuse.

「What does Claire think?」
「I also think we’ll work better with two more people」

Since there is no opposing opinions. Then it’s settled.

「It’s settled then. Let’s make a party. Once more, my best regards」
「Same here. Best regards!!」

After toasting again, we talked until late into the night.

As I woke up the next day, my head was throbbing from drinking too much. Claire had just returned to the room with glasses and a pitcher of water.

「Good morning, master. I got water with fruit juice in it, it’s said to be effective for a hangover」

Claire pours me a cup with a smile. I wonder if it was free? When I asked, she said she bought it with the pocket money she had saved.

We joined with Amyl in the afternoon. Amyl also seems to have a hangover and doesn’t look very well. Only Claire and Lelena seem fine. I’m pretty sure they had the same amount of drink as us.

「First, let’s go to the guild」

When we arrived at the guild. We were greeted by adventurers with wonderful equipment and complete novices with shabby equipment. Humans and the beast race are here as expected. However, inside there are other races such as dwarves and elves. As expected, elves are good looking.

A long queue was formed at the magic core and material hand in zone. The adventurer in front of us pulls out a bluish magic core from his bag. Beautiful. I wonder if the purity is high?

After the staff member looked at it, then measured it’s weight. The price was 5 gold coins.

Amazing. 5 gold coins for just one? When I look at his level, it is 35. He was a middle aged man with a few grey hairs. I wish I could earn that much.

Our turn is coming finally. A letter of request, herbs, orc meat and orc magic cores are submitted.

Since there were a lot of herbs, it took a while for the appraisal. The price was 1 silver coin as expected. The magic cores seemed to have a high degree of purity, so 1 was worth 4 small silver coins. All in all, the meat sold for 2 small silver coins and 4 coppers.

When we split our money, we roughly got 1 and a half silver coins each. For our first request, this is quite good.

「What are you looking for?」
「I want a bag that can keep food warm」
「Oh. We also want one」

When we searched the stores, we found one immediately. There were varying sizes; large, medium and small. The price also varied per material used.

Even if something like a large bag is inexpensive, it still costs 1 gold coin. Right now, only a small or medium sized bag is needed.

Looking at the medium sized one, some of them have been made from cow stomachs. Others from bear stomachs. There’s even a few made from demon stomachs.

The demon one is said to come from a big frog. They say this demon can swallow a man whole.

The price is one silver coin. If we buy this, our profits will become minus. However, everyone is looking at it, seemingly having decided. Well, the size is handy, so we bought one per person for a total of 4.

Now, should we find another request and then dive into the dungeon?


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13 thoughts on “Upper world – Chapter 14

  1. Why do I get the sinking feeling that the author is trying to kill off Amyl and pair Lelena with Est? If he does it then it’s a massive dick move by the author, those two are a couple for years and it would just be distasteful to break them up and then pair up with a guy that just showed up.


    • Well maybe that will happen and then Est would comfort her, and Est’s kindness will over a span of time cause Lelena to fall in love with him. Still quite the dick move by the author but NTR would be worse, wouldn’t it?


  2. While the above comments seems nothing but ominous… I’m jusy glad he has a male companion unlike other JP MCs who can’t be bothered to find one yet complains that they wish they had one. But still only look for women.

    With Amyl and Leleena joining Est’s party I dont think hey’ll have much problem inside the labyrinth if Est decides to power-level his party before descending deeper in the dungeon. The only thing they extremely need to watch out for are humans.

    Anyway, I’m glad you used “onee-chan” instead of Elder-sister. Aside from being too long to type, it makes me imagine Elder=granny chief.


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