Upper World – Chapter 15

Chronon: Almost forgot about this series :O

Was gonna post modern weapons, but if you check the RAW for the next chapter, the paragraphs are insanely thick and the terminology is insane. So it’ll take me til tomorrow to finish it. It’s already been started, it just needs finishing.

Also, someones stealing translations from me and a lot of other translators? We put a tonne of effort in to produce these translations. Seeing the view count, comments and donations keeps us going. It’s annoying that someone can just copy and paste our translation work and get a percentage of our views. I’ve lost around 4k views on modern weapons. I think I’ve lost 1k or 2k on this series.

So to those commenting, liking and viewing on the original sites such as this. Kudos to you.


We gathered at the guild the next morning in order to receive the next request. An urgent notice had been posted on the board and a crowd had already gathered.

Requests are on a first come first serve basis. Rank doesn’t matter. It’s a system where anyone can do a request as long as they’re in a party.

Once upon a time it seems people used to take the request form, leading to some adventurers hogging it. Because of that, it’s now prohibited to remove the forms.

Amyl’s role was to fetch a request. It wouldn’t be too bad if he chose a higher ranked one.

「Good job」

Whilst showering Amyl with praise, I looked over the request form.

Subdual request – Subdue the group of Ogres

A group of more than one Ogre including a Red Ogre have been spotted to the west on the highway from Koperu. The possibility of a nest being present is high. Without causing too much damage, find and subdue them. Although unconfirmed, there’s a chance a Yellow Ogre also exists.

Bonus: 2 Gold Coins

Note: One small silver coin per Ogre. The time limit is 2 weeks. If there’s no visible result by then, the fine is 5 silver coins.

Requester: Koperu Merchant Guild

Recommended Rank: Silver

Isn’t the bonus strangely high?…..and silver? Will we be ok with just us?

Sweat was raining down Amyl’s forehead. He must’ve tried hard. Suddenly, a voice sounded out from behind us.

「Hey, that request in your hands. Bronze ranks should stay away」

Looking towards the voice, there stood a man with studded white armour with an ornamental sword tucked into his waist. He had beautiful flowing blonde hair. A terribly flashy guy.

Next to the flashy man stood a beauty, a woman with blue hair in a robe holding a cane with a large jewel embedded in it, it looked expensive. On the other side stood a good looking man in white chain mail with no decor, he had black hair and was holding a spear. Are they all together?

「Because it’s not a request that you guys can do, know your position and give it to me」

As he says so, the man steps up and tries to snatch the letter of request like it’s natural. Amyl tried to pass it over, but I snatched it from the side.

His hand cut the air and his good looking face scowled at me.

「What are you doing? Hand it over」
「Noisy. This is a request that we have received. Don’t interfere」

It must have been unexpected that I’d resist, the good looking man starts laughing.

「Are you sane? This is a silver ranked request. You’ll only die if you try it」
「You don’t want to die right? So hand it over」
「That’s why you’re an amateur」

Him and his entourage are so noisy noisy. Certainly, it’s more dangerous given our rank. Looking at their levels, they seem to be in the early twenties, but I’m not going to obediently give in to a guy like this.

「Est, why not just give it to them?」

Everyone’s face seems to be anxious, but I plan on staying in this town for a while. It would be difficult to live this humiliation down if I gave in. I did a lot of disgusting things in my previous world like lowering my head to the CEO, I won’t make the same mistake in this one.

「How many times are you going to make me say it? We received the request first, look for another one」

-They instantly turned pale in anger.

「I understand, but be careful. There is a fine if you don’t complete it. Also, accidents happen regularly on subjugation missions, so prepare accordingly」

After they had left, a panicked Amyl approached me.

「Est! We should’ve given it to them, it’s dangerous!」
「Calm down Amyl, I think Est has some sort of idea. Let’s hear him out first」

Lelena managed to settle Amyl down. Claire also seemed anxious, but she didn’t fuss.

「This request is definitely dangerous and that group from before may interfere so-」
「If that’s so then why!?」

I ignored Amyl’s interruption and continued.

「But I have an idea. The time limit is two weeks, we can raise our power in the mean time」

Although it was a simple and good idea, everyone is showing a blank face. Ara? How unexpected.

「You say that so easily…..but increasing your level isn’t that simple you know?」

Don’t say that whilst grimacing. I’ll explain now.

We’ll pass half of the time limit in a dungeon first, it’ll increase our level earnestly! In the mean time, I’ll talk to some merchants and find the location of the Ogres.

And then we’ll have one week left to subdue the Ogres. Sounds like a good plan, right?


Although Amyl is showing a difficult face, Claire and Lelena seem ok.

「I don’t think it’s impossible, if it’s Est. When we fought together in a party, I gained more experience and my level went up by two just by fighting Orcs」
「I see! If we level up that fast, we can make it by the deadline!」

Due to that possibility, the mood rose somewhat. I accept this challenge. I didn’t like the attitude of the man from before, so I guess we’ll just have to show him our power.


Chronon: Weird right? I think there was a brief summary about the request form thing. It might have been translated wrongly. I think they can remove forms from the board, but they have to take it straight to the reception area and hand it in before accepting it. This is so they can’t hog it and keep running the same request.


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