Upper World – Chapter 16

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Chronon: Thanks for the donation! Sorry for the late translation! I’m drank a little too much before translating so it might not be accurate.

The author messed some stuff up and I got angry. He updated the previous chapters so they no longer use numerical stats like Strength: 86 but now uses levels like Strength: Level 2. Thereby making my previous translations for his status wrong. He may have also removed some of Est’s abilities, but we’ll find out in the next chapters.


Once we decided where to meet, we immediately began preparing for the dungeon. It seems as if Amyl has prior experience with this.

The dungeon costs one small silver coin to enter. Your name and how many days you plan to stay there is written on a plate and registered at the guild’s reception.

You’re also asked whether or not you want to hire a “rescue team” after declaring your length of stay. It costs one small silver coin per person, which is then returned if you come back safely. However even if it’s only one day past the deadline, they get to keep it.

It seems it doesn’t matter whether or not you meet the search party in the middle of the dungeon or at the exit. (TLN: Meaning even if you get out of the dungeon. If you miss the deadline, they keep the money)

As far as safety zones go, the guild established one on the first floor that monsters tend to avoid. The first 5 floors are considered fairly easy, it gets more dangerous the deeper you go.

Various stores were littered around the entrance…..including a guild counter, in order to purchase monster cores and materials, and a blacksmith’s branch office, providing weapons and protection.

It’s troublesome to return to the town each time and there are a lot of adventurers who like to continuously dive into dungeons. I’m very thankful for this.

When I return to the inn, I inform them of our moving out and pay the fees in advance. I made Claire go to the meeting place first, whilst I headed straight to the merchants guild. Slipping through the chattering crowd, I approached the reception area manned by a bald old man.

「Excuse me. I’d like to consult you on the western highway Ogre subjugation mission」

I show him the letter of request and he just glares at it. I glance at him as if suggest continuation of our talk. Is this unsociable old man really a merchant?

I asked him to collect information from travelling merchants on that highway, in order to discover the location of the nests.

「For one week of collecting information from travelling merchants. It’s 3 small silver coins per person, with 2 silver coins prepayment」(TLN: Might mean deposit or something)

It’s more expensive that I thought, but I can’t back out now. If this request goes well, we’ll easily have enough to cover it. After paying the old man, I hurried to the meeting place.

As I arrive at the dungeon reception desk, I meet with Claire and the others who were waiting. Amyl went ahead and purchased preserved food and bedding for all of us.

I expressed my thanks and paid him for them. We then went to the reception desk.

「Est-san..4 person party bronze rank…and how long will you be staying?」

He has black rimmed glasses! The heart and soul of a clerk! Wait, glasses exist in this world!?

「We will be staying one week」
「One week….the registration is complete. Please be careful」

He saw us off after writing down our name, rank and length of stay on a register.

The entrance to the dungeon looked nothing like a cave. It was more like the entrance to an old railroad.

Amyl and I advance as the vanguard. Claire and Lelena are in the rearguard. This formation helps against surprise attacks, as one row won’t receive the attack. I was reading the map next to Amyl, he seemed thankful to be paired with someone who could use one.

After proceeding forwards for a while, the light from the entrance died down, so we brought out lanterns. A map up to the 5th floor is provided free of charge by the guild, although it doesn’t display treasure chests.

Suddenly, there was a reaction on the map. There was 7 moving objects and they were quite fast. As I warned the group, Amyl unsheathed his long sword and stood in front of me.

As the enemy approached, I sent a fireball down the tunnel. The figures of the enemy became distinguishable. They were bats, as large as a person’s head. They’re low level, but their blood sucking attack is dangerous. So you shouldn’t let them cling to you.

Giant Bat: Level 5

Just as the bats were crashed into the vanguard, an arrow pierced the head of the first bat. It was Claire.

I tried to elude on of the bats, but failed. Raising my shield it crashed into me, sending a dull shock down my arm, the bat fell to the ground and began struggling. However a sword impaled it shortly after from Amyl.

One of the bats tried to approach Claire, but Lelena intercepted it. Her morningstar sank into the face of that bat

The other bats behind the lead group were a little late. I used my flame magic at maximum efficiency. As they came into contact with the flames, they burnt up instantly and fell to the ground.

When I turned by eyes behind me, Amyl was finishing off the remaining bats.

Our first battle ended safely. Everyone should have levelled up now.

Est: Level 16
HP 230/230
MP 175/175
Strength level :2 (+2)
Wisdom level :3 (+3)
Luck level :1
Skills possessed:
『Experience boost: Level 2』
『Swordsmanship: Level 2』
『※ There is a skill which is being concealed』

『You can acquire a new skill. Please choose from the following:』
『HP Improvement』
『MP Improvement』
『Luck Improvement』
『Recovery Magic』

Claire: Level 8
HP 90/90
MP 23/23
Strength: Level 2
Wisdom: level 1
Luck: Level 2
Skills Possessed 『Archery: Level 1』

Amyl went from level 10 to level 11. Lelena went from 9 to 10.

In this level up, my primary stat wisdom was rising. So I added recovery magic without hesitation. It would be useful in the future to heal injuries. I don’t have the opportunity to use it just yet as nobody was hurt. So I’ll ask Lelena to teach me in the mean time.


(TLN: Author really screwed this up and yes, it does say luck level and strength level and stuff. Check the RAW yourself. Even if you can’t read Japanese, you can at least still see the numbers. 筋力レベル:2(+2) with レベル meaning level and 筋力 meaning strength or physical strength or muscle strength whatever)

(TLN: WHY???? AUTHOR? He changed the way skills are displayed for Claire in the RAW. Also, Claire’s stats don’t say Strength level. It just says strength 筋力 with a colon then level 2. So this 筋力:レベル2. He needs to get his act together)



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  1. as someone who used to try writing MMRPG original, I kind of understand the reason why he did this.
    basically, he doesn’t have the spirit to keep tabs of too many stats value since its annoying, not to mention finding a way to balance it out. Hence trying to change it in an easier after reading a few other web novels with game elements. The author had a good story telling ability, but he seems like the type that gives up easily and find an easier alternatives.

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  3. To be fair, the Web novels are usually more like rough drafts for light novels (if they can become light novels)… so editing them is kinda normal…

    Thanks for the chapter XD


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