Upper world – Chapter 9


Hopefully be able to do one more tonight.


As I looked at the bulletin board, some bronze rank requests seemed to be stuck on it. Pet searches, cleaning someone’s house, collecting herbs. The requests at this rank seem to just be chores. Although there are also some monster extermination requests such as slime extermination and pest control, there are not many.

First of all, I select the herb collection request as a test. It’s not good is a beginner overworks himself. I’ll be with Claire as well, so I don’t want to be in a life and death battle in the beginning.

I hand the request letter over to the elder sister in order to accept it.

The request is to pick up herbs in the forest surrounding Koper, I was shown a picture of the herb needed as well as a short explanation on how to collect it. The reward is two copper coins per herb. The time limit is one week. There is no penalty for failing it.

If we encounter any monsters and defeat them, we can sell their cores directly to the guild.

The client was apparently the adventuring guild itself. They put out the requests in order to train beginners in recognising danger. The growth of the herb is short and because the demand is high, the request is always available.

I decide that we need new equipment, so after leaving the guild, we go to a nearby equipment shop. Shops such as these generally sell both weapons and protection, because of this they are known as equipment shops.

When we enter inside, various equipment is displayed in front of us. Swords, spears, axes and bows are all displayed on the wall. There’s even armour and a shield on a mannequin.

「Is there a weapon Claire would like?」
「I’m quite good with a bow. At home I frequently went hunting」

Claire moves over the area where bows of various sizes are being displayed. She takes each one and carefully examines it. She seems to testing how each one feels.

「Do you like it?」
「Yes master! It is very easy to use, but the price….」

When I see the price tag, it is indeed expensive. Although the prices of the cheapest bows start at 3 small silver coins, this one cost an incredible 3 gold coins. (TLN: Changed large gold coins to gold coins)

I have recently managed to understand the value of money, the lowest value of coin is 1 copper coin. Every 10 coins equals the value of the next single coin above it. The order of coins is as follows from smallest to largest value; copper coin -> small silver coin -> silver coin -> small gold coin -> gold coin.

I see, so the price is why Claire is hesitating. However, in the case of someone’s life, i can’t afford to be stingy. I also have the property of the slave trader on my that Claire handed back, it currently values 20 gold coins. Even if I buy it, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I also bought a new dagger for Claire. The slave trader seems to have had one before, however it was very rusty. The goods I bought this time were high in practicality, but not so in beauty. By the way, since I bought the bow, I had to buy the arrows separately.

Because Claire lacked physical strength, apparently she didn’t want to wear heavy armour, so she chose some lightweight leather armour. There was also ranks of leather armour, with the defensive power increasing with each level. From, rabbit to wild boar to lizard to bear.

The armour that Claire chose was made from bear skin. Not the type where the whole body is covered, but the one that covers the top half from shoulder to shoulder. It only defends a little portion of the lower body, about halfway down the thighs. The colour is dyed white, it gives off a clean feeling. It seemed like the armour any girl would like, Claire was reserved, but in the end it was bought for 5 gold coins.

As for me, I’ll look at the shields first. They varied in sizes, some could cover an entire person, whilst others could probably only protect the face.

The one that especially caught my attention, was the one that looked like the home base of a baseball game. I equip it as an experiment, it’s not very heavy. The leather it’s made with seems to be from the cow. The colour is grey, almost black. It looks almost like the monster it came from, it costs 1 gold coin. (TLN: The cows/rabbits named here are demon/ monster versions)

Next is a sword. The dagger I was using previously is now extremely ragged.

I don’t want a heavy large sword, as if I can’t move it easily, then what’s the point? I was aiming to get a longsword.

When I ask the shopkeeper, he suggests a magic sword. When I test it, it appears to be much sharper than normal sword. The price is extremely high at 8 gold coins, however I reluctantly buy it.

Although the money I once had has sharply decreased, it wasn’t really my money to begin with, so it’s almost like I spent nothing.

Now that our equipment is sorted, let’s search for an inn to spent the night.


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  2. why not take advantage i sure will. prety stupid if you ask me. how would he relieve the stresse that pent up from his time alone?? i feel disdein for MC’s like this one be true to your feelings bi**ch why be shy or chivalresque release the beast


  3. “The one that especially caught my attention, was the one that looked like the home base of a baseball game.”

    Instead of describing it that way, maybe just have it as kite shield instead?


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