Modern weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 1


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The speed of the vehicles in the convoy increased as Kazuya raced towards the location of the carriage.

「Is that it!?」

Protecting the carriage there seemed to be knights wearing silvery white armor and wielding a sword and a spear, they were keeping the monsters at bay.

Aside from the knights, there also seemed to be a wizard casting various magic’s out of his cane at the oncoming monsters.

However, gradually the knights were being overwhelmed.

If we don’t help them quickly, they’ll most likely die.

Kazuya who is watching the fight from a distance, confirms the target and then begins laying down covering fire for the knights.

「Target the insect type monsters on the right side of the wagon! Use the canister shot!」(TLN: Canister shots are fired from tanks, they have shrapnel in them to cause maximum damage to personnel)

Kazuya passed the orders to the crew of the M8’s using a walkie talkie.


『Yes sir!!』

The M6 75mm tank gun installed on the M8 armored tank slowly turns to the right after the order was received.

It loads a canister shot and fires it at the monsters as ordered.

The monster bugs in question were over 2 metres tall with limbs that looked like a sickle stretching 3 metres. It look like a over sized mantis. It had long legs with short hair growing from it, in this way it sort of resembled a scorpion. The fired canister shot completely decimates the monsters internal organs.


「Don’t stop moving! Don’t miss an opening, keep up the pressure!」



The bugs begin to pour out of the woods one after another. Suddenly, the wagon’s party heard a roaring sound and saw that the bugs were exploding in a mist of blood. The knights who saw this stopped moving, but returned to their sense after being shouted at by their commander.

「Don’t shoot a human by mistake!」

「「「「Yes sir!」」」」

Kazuya dealt with the bugs in the knights surroundings by shooting them with the M20 75mm recoilless rifle. The other M8 tanks also begin to get involved in the bombardment.

「Enemy approaching!」

「Shoot it dead!」

Although there was a bug that raised a loud shriek and rushed at the convoy. It was instantly shot dead by a barrage of bullets from the M2 and the other infantryman’s firearms. It discharged blood from every part of it’s body and then stopped moving.

「Cease fire! Cease fire!」

After the M8 tank had finished shooting, there was no longer any bugs remaining. The smell of blood and smoke was strong.

Incidently, Kazuya had met with a resident of this world unintentionally.

Kazuya begins to build up his expectations of his first meeting and orders the jeep to slowly advance, so as not to spook the knights.

Nn? Two people have come out.

As his jeep approached the wagon, Kazuya notices that two people have left the carriage.

「It’s good we got here in time」


「Chitose, i’m going」

「Yes, i will accompany you」

The jeep stops in front of the knights. Kazuya gets out and approaches them, accompanied by Chitose.

In case of an emergency, there was a sniper waiting nearby to kill them if anything went wrong.

…….is it a woman knight?

Kazuya confirmed that the two women were knights and so approached them. They looked surprised.

「I thank you for your assistance. I am the captain of the second imperial guards of the canary kingdom, Phyllis Gardener. This is my aide Zara Beretta, would you please tell me your name?」

Phyllis’ features were very pretty. She had fair hair, golden like thread. She exhibited an atmosphere not unlike that of a samurai. However, the biggest surprise was her aide.

Although Kazuya kept quiet. He was very fascinated by Zara’s animal ears, but more so by her tail which began at her hips and was swaying back and forth.

Although he felt nervous at the glances of the two beautiful women, he returned an answer immediately.

「I am Nagato Kazuya, leader of the adventuring party known as “Parabellum”. This is Chitose Katayama, my aide」

Kazuya introduced himself whilst getting excited about seeing an animal person for the first time.

However, the two beautiful women who heard the introduction from Kazuya, looked at him strangely.

「……Pair-ee base lamb? I haven’t heard of it. Beretta, what about you?」

「No, i have no knowledge of it either」

「….is that so? However, the name is sure to become popular as it belongs to an adventuring part who can annihilate a whole horde of bug monsters  with surprising swiftness. That box of iron that you ride in and that weapon you can fire continuously, i have heard of something similar in the Regarisu empire. Are you perhaps from there? 」

Phyllis looked at the M8 tank and the jeep interestingly whilst saying so.

「Sadly, we are not related to the Regarisu empire」

When Kazuya denies having anything to do with the Regarisu empire, the knights aide begins to whisper to her.

「Leader, actually–」

「What? Ok, i understand, let’s ask」

After exchanging a few words, Phyllis looks back with a seemingly apologetic face.

「Kazuya. Although it is painful to ask, would you be able to help our injured? We have had many casualties since the battle began and we do not have enough people to treat them」

「Ah, well that shouldn’t be a problem」

「Is that true? Your kindness knows no bounds」

Phyllis floated a happy expression as she bowed deeply to Kazuya.

Afterwards, Kazuya helped treat the knight captains subordinates. Their eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets as they viewed the medics work.

They never made use of medical technology as they relied on recovery magic.

「This is wonderful, however……medical technology on this level has never been seen before. To not feel any pain as your skin is sewn together with a needle is completely unheard of! The speed at which these injuries will heal may be greater than that of the exclusive wizards in the royal palace. Just who are you?」

「Just an adventurer」

「…….is that so?」

Phyllis did not question him repeatedly, whether or not Kazuya revealed his identity was up to him after all.

Kazuya who had finished the injured people’s healing and the burial of the dead, returned back to the group.

「It’s good, the treatment is done. Will you go safely?」

When Kazuya tried to wrap things up, Phyllis began to speak.

「Ah, Kazuya wait for a moment」

「Nn, what is it?」

「I have a request for your adventuring party, Kazuya-dono」

「Is see…..what is it?」

「I would like you to escort us to the capital. We don’t seem to be able to reach there safely on our own」

As she said this, Phyllis glanced at the corpse of the horse. At the side of that was their smashed wagon, the groans of the injured knights could be heard.

After seeing that, Kazuya understood what she meant, they would not be able to reach the capital safely.

What should i do…..?

Phyllis began to panic as Kazuya had become silent.

「Of course, if we safely return to the capital you will receive a reward!」

「……i would like to consult quickly with my aide, please give me a moment」

「Ah, i understand」

After consulting with Chitose for a short while, they decide to accept the request to escort the knight group to the capital.


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39 thoughts on “Modern weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 1

  1. Er…I really don’t like how the author wants to make it seem like normal medical practice somehow trumps recovery magic in this world just to make his ability seem better…but whatever. Especially as he can only summon from way back then when medical practice wasn’t nearly as refined as now.


    • you are talking about the arms that he can summon. He can only summon old arms at first. Also he leveled up so I am guessing that limitation is somewhat less restrictive now. I am also thinking that their recovery magic is not that advanced like in “Saint’s Recovery Magic”[]

      [The limitation that has been applied will prevent the summon of any arms past 1945. The amount of arms that can be re-summoned and the number of soldiers are limited also. The limitation can be released if you level up, because this ability incorporates a levelling system]


  2. Medical technology during WW2 wasn’t exactly that great.

    It was actually the Vietnam War and later the Cold War that pushed breakthroughs in medical science and technology.

    I would say Recovery Magic is equal to if not better than Modern Medicine since it presents the ideal medical treatment where the patient simple heals through magic without any risk of bacteria or viruses acquiring resistance one day through the overuse of antibiotics for everything.


    • He’s no longer limited to WW2 era, as commented above.

      Which raises the question why did the author give the limitation to him if he was just going to remove it after two battles.


      • Not removed xD it says “The limitation on your ability has been reduced”. He was not only limited by the number of troops summoned, but also the year. Therefore the reduced limitation might just mean that he can summon more troops now.

        Hope this helps!


  3. Chitose’s mind when Kazuya gazed at the kemomimi:






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  4. I am confused as a tank nerd, the m8 makes no sense.
    The scot used a 75mm howitzer the m2
    the prototype alternative to hellkitty used the m3
    and the m6 was on the chaffee.
    Alternatively he might mean the m8 MGS but thats if the 45 restriction has been lifted and that vehicle uses a fast firing 105mm.


    • 75 mm Gun Motor Carriage M8A1: A lightweight tank destroyer prototype that used an M5A1 light tank hull. The M8’s turret was paired with a 75 mm gun M3 as used on the M4 Sherman tank. The project was later cancelled with the development of the M18 Hellcat.

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  5. I’m a little disappointed with author-san on using the generic, “we’re adventurers” line. Seriously, why can’t he just say, “I’m General Kazuya or Army Group/Mercenary Force Parabellum, and we seem to have been transported here from another world”. What are they going to do call him a liar? Also, I’m betting what the Empire has is a lot more along the lines of war machines you’d find in Warhammer (not 40k).


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