Weapons Cheat – Chapter 1

TLN: This is the first chapter in the new series i’m translating. It takes me about 3/4 hours per chapter of this (Including translating & editing), yet only one hour of translating and editing for “Lower world”. So the schedules will be as follow.

Lower world – Every Day

Weapons Cheat –  Every 2/3 days.

Sorry, formatting is atrocious, and WP won’t let me fix it O.O#


Kazuya Nagato, an ordinary male high school student, had just finished his classes and was taking the train home like usual.

….when i get home, what should i do?

Whilst he’s thinking this, a sudden sharp pain travels through his chest.

After scrunching his face in agony, Kazuya fell unconscious.

(TN: Yes, honest to God this is how fast he dies, he’s like a certain red shirt O.O#)


[Ugh…..this place?]

When Kazuya, who had previously lost consciousness wakes up, he is no longer in the train, nor is he in a hospital.

He seems to be in a small room surrounded by pure white walls.

Where am i?

Kazuya was surprised to suddenly be in a strange room, he looks around the vicinity restlessly.

He glances at his feet, only to find a small folded piece of paper.

Why would this paper be in such a place?

When he picked up the paper, it seemed to be addressed to “Kazuya”.

[If you’re reading this now, then it means you are already dead. The cause of your death was sickness. You will now be transported to another world. I will also bestow upon you three abilities as an apology for the fact that you died 50 years too early. From God.]

Kazuya stands there astonished.

[I was killed by mistake!?]

He loudly shouted as he threw the letter to the floor.

Well, i’m dead already so it can’t be helped. But being transported to another world…..

Kazuya, who’s shoulders were shaking whilst he was breathing roughly didn’t like that idea. For now, i should at least choose my future abilities.

When Kazuya thought about selecting an ability like in a game, a familiar keyboard and monitor immediately appear.

[What is this? Do i input the abilities i want?]

Three empty columns were shown on the monitor that appeared.

Kazuya immediately inputted the abilities he wanted into the columns.


『Ability to summon weapons and soldiers that can wield them』


『Ability to command weapons and the soldiers that wield them』


『Ability to summon munitions, resources, people and facilities necessary to to operate and maintain the weapons and soldiers that are summoned』

This looks good.

Was what Kazuya was thinking as he re-read the three abilities he inputted.

Even if a weapon is summoned, it’s insignificant if it can’t be maintained.

The second ability pretty much covers everything.

After he accepts, the abilities window closes and a new window appears.


[You have inputted more than three abilities. You may take these abilities, however restrictions will apply. Do you accept? YES/NO]

Geh!! Did i pack too many features into each ability? Well, it should be ok if the restriction is small.

It’s possible the restriction could be serious, however Kazuya decided to think optimistically.

When Kazuya selected [YES] the current window closed and a new window appeared.

[Then, please travel safely to the other world. Furthermore, the world you will be sent to is one of fantasy and magic, even demons exist. There are also people from another world just like you who live there. When a person like that is captured and killed, it is possible to gain a special ability from them]

[Oh, that’s lucky. Is what i want to say…however, gaining special abilities from killing otherworlders…. that’s just cruel]

Kazuya murmured.

Suddenly, a large pit formed below his feet.

[Eh!? Gyaaaaaaaaa!!!]

Kazuya screamed at his helpless situation as he disappeared into the hole.

Whilst he was falling, a window appeared on his left.

[Also, please note that messing around with otherworlders helps God kill time. So be wary of divine intervention]

This warning was way too slow….


A young man fell from a hole in space and rolled on the ground.

[…..Fuuu, i thought i’d died]

The first thing Kazuya felt as he entered the different world was relief.

[Haaa…..I should probably confirm my current abilities for the time being]

When he tries to confirm his new abilities, an excruciating pain spreads across his mind.

[Ahhhh! My head!!!!!]

Kazuya is left hopeless in the presence of the pain as he writhes on the ground.

After about five minutes, the pain gradually fades.

Damn, that headache just now…..

Kazuya holds his head whilst staggering to stand up. Until, he noticed something.

What is this?

Before his headache, Kazuya had no idea about the logic of this world. However, after the pain had passed, he now had access the the basic knowledge of this world.

…..did the headache awhile ago give me this knowledge?

Please explain that before hand next time.

Although Kazuya was disappointed, he decided to forget about it and move forward instead.

[Then let’s check my abilities]

Without even moving his arms or legs, just by thinking about it, Kazuya made a menu panel appear in the air.

  • [Summon Arms]
  • [Status]
  • [Available Summons]
  • [Abilities]
  • [Map]
  • [Help]

Kazuya started operating the menu screen straight away, as an experiment, he tried to summon an M4 carbine….

Isn’t that strange?

The M4 carbine wasn’t summoned, even after he waited a while.

Whilst confused, Kazuya opened the [Available Summons] screen.
[Summon Arms]

Only arms developed before and during 1945 can be used.

[…….no way]

Kazuya, who had an unpleasant hunch, operates the screen until he finds something. He begins to break into a cold sweat.
The reason Kazuya broke into a cold sweat was due to the sentences that appeared.

[The limitation that has been applied will prevent the summon of any arms past 1945. The amount of arms that can be re-summoned and the number of soldiers are limited also. The limitation can be released if you level up, because this ability incorporates a levelling system]

Uhhh…..back in that room, this explains why confirmation was required.

Kazuya regretted not checking what the limitation of his ability was before accepting.

Although he was calm previously, it’s hard to stay calm in this type of situation.

Regardless, Kazuya decided to be more careful in the future.

The number of arms that can summoned seems to increase with each level. Arms up until 1945 can be summoned, this will become an unexpected cheat ability in this world.

Kazuya decided to think about this positively.

What is my current level? I’d better check it in the status menu. (TLN: This is his thoughts, the author often switches between third person to first person during thoughts and ideas)

Kazuya operated the menu in order to display the status screen.



Nagato Kazuya


Uniform, Shoes


It’s a very simple status screen…..i wonder if i can check anything else.
Kazuya decided to check what he can summon.


[Amount of arms that can be summoned]

The amount that can be summoned due to the limitation is as follows:

  • Infantrymen – 250 (1 Company)
  • Ordnance – 30
  • Vehicles – 30
  • Aircraft – 30
  • Warships – 10

※When these arms are summoned, the number of people needed to operate it will also be summoned

※Logistical personnel (combat engineer, maintenance soldier, communication soldier, supply soldier, medic) is not included in soldier summoning, and summoned separately. The amount of logistic personnel that can be summoned is the amount needed to maintain a division.

※There is no limitation on summoning small arms and heavy arms that can be operated by 2 or 3 soldiers.




  • Mental Strengthening (Strong)
  • Body Strengthening (Average)
  • Common Language


  • Present location: Forest of the Canary Kingdom


[Structure of infantrymen]

When summoning a soldier; the age, sex, appearance and race can be chosen. If you do not select anything, all those variables will be chosen at random. When a soldier is killed, they will not return until a month has passed.


Summons can be made using your mind or your voice. Do not use the menu screen.

Summoned soldiers and weapons are possible to erase.

Whilst battling, weapons and soldiers cannot be summoned.


Kazuya looked over all the summoned items and soldiers.

STG44 German assault rifle, M24 hand grenade, P38 pistol, Bayonet.

…..It’s the complete German infantryman set.

For now, i should change my clothes to match. What should i wear….Service uniform? It’s good to unify German weapons with a German uniform.

Then….M43 fatigue’s. It comes with the appropriate equipment. Portable shovel, knapsack, medicine, helmet and military boots.

Kazuya decides to check his status with his new equipment equipped.



Nagato Kazuya


Helmet, Gloves, M43 fatigue clothes, portable shovel, knapsack and military boots.

Main Weapon:
(7.92 x 33mm bullets ×  30 box shape curved magazines)
Side Weapon:
Walther P38
(Parabellum bullets ×  8 9mm magazines)

Supplementary Equipment:
M24 Grenade ×2


A real gun is heavy…..

Kazuya was impressed by the weight of the STG44, a smile floated on his face.

Now then, shall i call a unit and have them scout the area?

Once Kazuya selected a force to summon, a bright light shone in his eyes. In the next moment, a group of soldiers dressed in M43 fatigues lined up in front of him. None of them looked disorderly at all.


Kazuya felt tense as he realised that the soldiers were lined up waiting for his orders.

One of the soldiers who was lined up, took a step forward, salutes and begins to talk.

[We are the first company. We number 250 soldiers.]

Kazuya listened to his words, then returned the salute.

[Understood. By the way, who are you?]

Kazaya questions a nearby soldier who in return advances on step towards him.

With a firm, solid, posture, the soldier saluted before saying.

[Hai! I am Katayama Chitose, Lieutenant Commander, leader of the first company. I will serve as masters aide, please look after me.] (TLN: “Danna” changed from husband to master)

Kazuya’s mind had wandered whilst looking at the company, he seemed to only hear her name and the last few lines.

[Is that so? I will be relying on you in the future Lieutenant Commander Chitose]

Without even noticing it, Kazuya had begun talking in a commanding tone.

[Yes, please do. I will serve master with all my power]

Wait…what’s up with this hot young Lieutenant Commander…

[Understood. By the way Lieutenant Commander, what is the gender ratio of this company?]

When Kazuya had first seen the company, he noticed that there were many female faces.

[There are around 150 female soldiers out of the 250 total soldiers, including me]

…..although i did not set the parameters of the summon, it seems most of them came out female.

Whilst he was thinking such a thing, the Lieutenant Commander opened her mouth to speak.

[It may seem like there are alot of female soldiers, but their skill level doesn’t fall behind that of the males. You don’t have to worry about them holding the company back.]

Worry seemed to spread on the face of the Lieutenant Commander who was staring intently at Kazaya.


Kazuya, who could not longer stand the gaze of the Lieutenant Commander, issued orders to the company.


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65 thoughts on “Weapons Cheat – Chapter 1

  1. You wrote “husband”, but if the word was “danna,” then the author most likely meant “master” as it can have both meanings (I guess, this just something I’ve seen in translators’ notes before.)


  2. Thanks for the read 🙂

    Btw I have a request, if you aren’t using the normal Japanese dialogue brackets 「」
    Can you use the English standard quotes? “”



    • Yeah, that was my first thought too; although technically he’d be limited to dropping them from bombers (ICBMs wouldn’t be an option) and the would be below Megaton yield.

      Still makes it pretty easy to kill the other otherworlders without warning with pretty low danger, although the significant collateral damage might make everyone team up against him. Then again, he doesn’t (presumably) have to deal with issues of mutual annihilation given that he doesn’t (probably) have to deal with someone with the same or a similar power.


    • I was quite irritated by mc apparently being disappointed, 1945 and before isn’t so far away from current weapons..at least not enough to matter in a fantasy world. Even some of our currently used military weapons come from before 1945. Plus,as you said, nukes


  3. If your copying and pasting it into WP, the formatting is kinda screwed up usually be cause of it trying to copy the formatting into it. You have to right click and paste as plain text. That should fix the double auto double spacing and other stuff. That and you want to edit it in the HTML side to more precisely get it down.


  4. Wait am I understanding this correctly?? If mc level up some of them limits will be release? Does that mean the limitation of he can only summon 1945 weapons will be removed? Does him lvling up can allow him to summon up to “real” modern weapons likes carbines and rail gun and stuff??


  5. Thanks for the chapter and some good choices. I would choose 1. Master of Time, 2. Master of Space/Dimensions/Summoning/etc, 3. For a all knowing help and computing system similar to Raphael from Tensei Slime.


  6. “When a soldier is killed, they will not return until a month has passed.”

    So uh, it’s like I can’t explain it the same soldier can be summoned after one month of being killed? But I feel like they are being created instead.


    • Seriously you wouldn’t need anything beyond light cruisers, maybe heavy cruiser. You know how many support/logistic facilities he would need to summon just to arm and maintain 1 Yamato/Mushashi class Battleship. Although personally I would go with either an Essex or Yorktown class Carrier and maybe 2 BB’s at most for shore bombardment. Probably Iowa class. I would go with English Light Cruisers since the English had the best HE naval ammo during WW2. Some Fletcher class destroyers for their ease of use and maintenance. That would all be later though after I had leveled up.

      Now if I’m not having to worry about material quality then I would definitely go with German tanks. Yes they had a lot of problems, but most of that was caused by low quality materials being used. Especially in their heavy tanks like the Tiger II. Type 34/85 Russian mediums tanks would be godly if they were constructed along the lines of English or American building standards. Those tanks changed the face of tank warfare.

      Having some things like Bismark might sound fun, and I love the Bismark, but she had several flaws in her design. One being her fire control radar was too sensitive. When fighting Hood the shock-wave from her own guns knocked out her radar. Bad design.

      By the way he could spawn in the predecessors of the SEALS, the UDT. The original frogmen. They were much hardier than any SEALS ever, but the fatality rate in training was astronomical and they were formed during WW2.

      My god I could go on. This series seriously makes me insanely jealous of the MC and I’ve only read the Intro. I wouldn’t care if I was permanently limited to 1945 and before. I could go on forever. lol


  7. Basically [Comand and Conquer:fantasy pandemic] or [Comand and Conquer: world cross] ya? The technology and amount of troops he can call out raise as he lvl up, won’t take long till he can summon modern US Navy SEAL or Russia’s Speztnat, nuclear tactical warhead, and possibly reaching space sci fi technology stage. Summoning space marines mech divisions, spaceships and orbital bombardment canons.


  8. OMG, this intro had me positively rolling on the floor with laughter. This is going to be a fun journey I hope. Thank you for the work on translating this series.


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