Weapon’s Cheat – Volume Chapter 3


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As Kazuya walks back to the camp whilst holding Iris’ hand, he suddenly hears a noise.



A large group of people emerged.


Many of the people stared at Kazuya bewildered.


Within the group of people was Phyllis, whose face was completely blue. It felt as if time stood still as she walks up to Kazuya and Iris.

「Great!! What will I do if he’s done something to Princess Iris!?」

……hmmm? Now what?

Phyllis floated a strange expression as she knelt down on one knee in front of Iris.

「First of all, it’s good that Princess Iris is safe. But where on Earth did you go? You shouldn’t leave our side」(TLN: Yes, she says where on Earth, even though they’re not on Earth xD)

「I’m sorry, that was irresponsible of me」

After apologising, Phyllis’ sermon lasted for a good 5 minutes. However, she abruptly stopped as she suddenly remembered something.

「Well, well. Please wait a moment Kazuya. Hey you, since it is getting very late into the night, please escort Princess Iris back to her carriage」

As Phyllis spoke, two maids walked out from the side of the carriage and walked towards Iris.

「Princess, please come with us」



「I don’t want to separate from Onii-san! I don’t want to go in the carriage!」


Phyllis’ facial expression instantly turned grim as she speaks up.

「Princess Iris! Such Selfishness!」

「Well, I’ll escort you to your carriage instead」



「Muu….if Kazuya says so.」

After Kazuya interrupted Phyllis’ outburst, he led Iris by her hand towards the carriage.

Although the walk to the carriage was short, Iris was clinging to Kazuya’s hand tightly.

「We’ve arrived, look」

As he arrives at the carriage door, Kazuya urges Iris inside.

But before she enters the carriage, she lowers her voice so the two maid won’t hear.

「(Will Onii-san also tell me a story tomorrow?」

「Oh? Sure, if I have free time」

「(It’s an absolute promise)」

「…..I promise」

Kazuya was completely overpowered by Iris, who had tears welling up in her eyes.

「….sleep well, Onii-san」

Iris glanced back as she entered the carriage with the maids, revealing a pleasant smiling face. However, Kazuya just realised something.

He would now have to explain the circumstances to Phyllis.

After seeing Iris enter the carriage, Kazuya hurried over to where Phyllis was patiently waiting.

「Now then, what do you have to say for yourself?」

Kazuya walked into the tent and was met by a large desk surrounded by 3 people. Chitose, Beretta and Phyllis.

「Now Kazuya, I wonder what you were talking about with Princess Iris?」

「Even if you ask, Kazuya would not casually speak such secrets」

「Well, I see」

「I see」

「He may even obscure the story, it’s not unusual when asked about state secrets」

「Oh, I guess it’s not unusual to be silently killed once you discover state secrets」

「Haha, is that so?」

After Phyllis laughed a little at Kazuya’s joke, she quickly regained her serious face.

「It seem Princess Iris is very interested in Kazuya….I suppose you didn’t get properly introduced. Princess Iris is the eldest daughter of Princess Aria of the Canary Kingdom..…originally, we had not intentions of letting Princess Iris meet with Kazuya」(TLN: Torture to translate this O.O#)

…..just as I thought. They had no intention of allowing the princess to be seen.

Kazuya begins to break into a cold sweat as Phyllis changes the subject.

「Now, the question you asked at dinner was『Why were you at that place?』the answer to that question is that we were looking for someone with exceptional abilities. Coming from a different world much different from this one, an otherworlder」(TLN: I guess by “Why were you at that place?” He means what were they doing before they were attacked by the monsters)


Kazuya who was unfamiliar with that word, asked Phyllis.

「Don’t you know about otherworlders? Great! It is said that recently someone from another world with exceptional abilities appeared here. The oracle said that that person descended near here, so we were searching the vicinity」

「I see……and why were you looking for this person?」

「Well. One reason is because of the increasing number of monsters. Another reason is the war between the Elsass magic empire and it’s neighboring countries. Because of these crises, we need the co-operation of the otherworlder」

Surprisingly, the reason seems rather dangerous….

「Increasing number of monsters?」

「I think we have also heard about that」

Oh, is it news?

Regardless of Kazuya’s reaction, Phyllis continues with her story.

「The abnormal amount of monsters seems to be centered around two points, however if we leave it as is, the Canary kingdom may be destroyed. With our own strength, we’re not strong enough to destroy the monsters with fighting power alone. So we need help from the otherworlder with the exceptional abilites」

「I understand the reason, but why did you have to bring Princess Iris? Surely you and your knights are enough」

When Kazuya asked this, Phyllis began to talk.

「She was to be used to help entice the otherworlder to help us」

「……is she a sacrifice?」

「…..it is so」

「What would happen if you don’t find the otherworlder. How would you deal with the monsters?」

「Well, right now a fast horse has been dispatched to continue searching whilst we report back to the capital. If, after two months we do not find that person. Then…..we will directly attack the 2 points using large scale ritual magic that Princess Iris possesses」

「I don’t see why you don’t just use Princess Iris’ power from the beginning…」

「Large scale ritual magic uses life force to power it….」


The tent fell into silence.

「…..so either way Princess Iris is a sacrifice?」

Chitose who had been silent until now, suddenly broke the silence.

「…..it is as you have said」

When Phyllis acknowledged Chitose’s words, the whole tent falls into silence yet again.

「Is there no other way?」

「There is, but in order to completely surpress the monsters. The Canary Kingdom would have to completely recall all it’s forces, even the ones on the borders. If we do that, the Canary kingdom will fall to the Elsass magic empire」

「So instead you’re looking for the otherworlder」

「Thats right, currently there are currently many allied powers」

According to Phyllis the Canary Kingdom, Elsass Magic Empire and many other countries are currently occupying varies alliances ready for the upcoming war.

The demon alliance is currently governed by the demons. Vera Girard is governed by the animal people. However, the Elsass Magic Empire is currently the strongest on the continent and the other powers seem to be uniting against them.

「….It’s beginning to get late. We’ll continue this conversation later」

As Phyllis said so, Kazuya also agreed to continue with the topic the next day.

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