Weapons cheat – Chapter 3

TLN: Finally figured out the perspective. It’s actually third person in general, but it switches between third person for actions and first person for thoughts/feelings.

Even though i said i’ll post every 2 days or so, i seem to be releasing these daily. They take forever to translate, so i wont be able to do daily releases all the time. However, i’ll try my best 😀


The leader of the twelfth division, Sergeant Eric Ball had just finished his communication with Kazuya. He passed the walkie talkie back to the communications officer and issued orders to his division.

[Just now, we received orders from our commander. We have been told that the man at present is to be considered an enemy and must be taken care of. Moreover, there is a fully armed platoon on their way to reinforce us, the strategy will begin once the platoon joins us and takes up position]

When Sergeant Eric passed the orders to his subordinates, one soldier raised his hand.

[What kind of strategy is it, division leader?] (TLN: Forgot to mention, division can be read as squad)

[I will explain it now….however this is an order directly from the commander, failure is not an option. The enemy has some kind of ability, so pay close attention to the two stage plan]

After looking over his subordinates, Sergeant Eric begins to speak.

[First of all, we will pre-emptively strike from a long distance using the snipers in this division and the ones in the platoon reinforcements. He should die with just this attack, however should it fail, the snipers will lay down covering fire. During this time, we will close the distance to the target. Then the entire fire power of the platoon will be concentrated on him…..should that fail, it will be judged that our weapons are ineffective and we will withdraw under the support of a bombardment from HQ]


[Does anyone have any questions? If not i’ll move on. Communications officer, relay the strategy to the first platoon. For convenience we will be named the second platoon]

When he had finished saying so, Sergeant Eric moved to join with the first platoon.

[The target?]

[It’s there]

[It’s that man….]

『This is the first platoon, we’ve taken our attack positions』

At that report, Sergeant Eric moved his troops into position.

[Now, the strategy has begun. Snipers from the first and second platoon will open fire at the same time. If that fails, move onto the next stage of the plan]

A subordinate of Sergeant Eric was relaying his orders to the first platoon. With a Kachari~ the bolts on the Type 99 rifles were pulled back and the first bullet was loaded into the chamber.

[It’s ok Sergeant, with my Type 99 at this distance, it’s impossible for me to miss]

[If you have that much confidence, then bring the target down without exception]

Looking carefully through the scope, the soldier with a broad grin replies [Understood!] whilst filled with fighting spirit.

After a few moments, on the orders of Sergeant Eric, the fighting begins. The Type 99 rifles open fire.

[The first bullet hit his right shoulder, but after that, all other bullets were stopped! the first stage has failed!]

The soldier next to Sergeant Eric shouted so. The soldiers hiding in the brush who heard this, emerged and began opening fire.




The snipers cursed as the soldiers laid down fire on the man.

[Crap!! One of the bullets that the man stopped was going to be a fatal wound!! Moreover, he repelled a bullet by just flicking it!!]


The second platoon lays down fire 200m away from the target.

The sound of gunfire from the STG44’s and the MG42’s fill the air, a hail of bullets rains down on the man.

Before the bullets could hit him, the man jumps into a nearby pit to use as a shield.

[Shoot him, Shoot him, fire everywhere!!]

[Don’t raise your head to the enemy!!] (TLN: I think he’s saying don’t make yourself a target)

Bullets hit the ground near the pit one after another, splinters and dirt explode into the air.

The thing that caused the most damage was the Browning M1919A2 double barrelled machine gun (The type that is easy to transport) that the first company brought. Also, the PTRS-41 with 20mm bullets were heavily drilling the Earth, but the man did not show any reaction.

[Damn!! Where are you shooting?!]

It seemed like a counter-attack, only the man’s hand appeared. He was holding a cane, and was slowly shaking it. Suddenly, a fireball emerged, which was then thrown. Luckily, it missed and exploded in an open area.

[Damn it!! Is he a wizard or something!? That’s terrifying!!]

Sergeant Eric pull out the empty magazine from his STG44, whilst he listens to his subordinates cowardice.

He puts in a new magazine and reloads.

Shit, this guy must have some sort of ability. Is it hopeless!?

Sergeant Eric issues an order for the use of the Panzerfaust auxiliary armament.

[You guys! Use the Panzerfausts! Meanwhile, communication officers, contact the first platoon and order them to use the Type 89 grenade dischargers! Panzerfaust and Type 89 operators, aim at the pit the man is in! Blow him up!!] (TLN: Type 89’s are portable mortars)

Soldiers from the second platoon followed Sergeant Eric’s orders and began equipping the Panzerfaust.

–On the other side, the first platoon who had received the report, began preparing the Type 89’s

[Drop dead!!]

[Die quickly, you magic bastard!!]

The preparations were almost complete, so that the enemy wouldn’t interrupt them, the soldiers concentrated fire on the man’s position using the STG44, MG42, M1919A2, Type 97 automatic cannon and the PTRS-41 double barrelled cannon without rest.

When Sergeant Eric hears that the preparations are complete, he issues an order.

[First platoon, open fire!!]

After a few seconds, the heavy Bon~ sound of the Type-89’s fills the air.

The high explosive projectile landed close to the pit. At this, the man quickly retreated away from the target of the bombardment.

Sergeant Eric did not overlook this and issued some orders.


Sergeant Erics instructions were heard by the entire platoon. Without a moments delay, the soldiers who had been waiting, launched their Panzerfausts.

Shells explode nearby and the man is instantly wrapped in the fumes the explosion.

At the place where the man was last seen, only smoke remained.


Is he dead? Sergeant Eric who thought so, ordered 2 soldiers to check it out.


Suddenly, whilst approaching. One of the soldier’s right arm gets blown off and his clothes are torn. A man who appears to be bleeding from every pore jumps out.



The two soldiers were caught completely off guard.

One of the soldiers is kicked by the jumping man, he then falls onto the other soldier knocking them both down.

When the man tries to approach the fallen soldiers to deal a fatal blow, Sergeant Eric and his men readied their weapons.

The firing tone of the Type 99 sniper rifle was heard from behind the Sergeant.

A small hole opened up on the man’s head.

In response to this, the entire platoon opens fire with the PTRS-41’s as added security.

When a large bullet hits the man, it tears off a large portion of his body.


The face of the man who doesn’t seem to know what happened is stunned. A large part of his body has been flung one metre away.

The lower part of of his body hits the ground at the same time as the upper part.

[Did we do it…..?]

As if to reply to this, Sergeant Eric turns to face his platoon, raising his fist and floating a smile.


After confirming once again that the man was indeed dead, Sergeant Eric relaxes his shoulders.

After reporting the mission completion to HQ, Sergeant Eric joins up with the first company and disposes of the body. They then start their return to base.

[Mission complete!! Let’s return home!!]


After the report, guns and explosive sounds could be heard from the west.

A few moments later, the noise ceased and a report from the second company came in.

『Target has been eliminated, our damage is two injured. The amount dead equal zero. Because the corpse has been dealt with, we are returning to base』

[Command consents. Return home]

With this, the object of worry has been destroyed

At the base, Kazuya begins to think…..should i go and confirm it myself?

Hearing the results of this, Kazuya issued orders to his soldiers.


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  2. Wonder what the old magician’s level is.
    He could flicks bullet mean mc army could have some hard time against other people of this world.


      • for now i think is rather impossible, because they are right now in forest and there is no path for tank or car to use


    • for current mc fighting face2face with other people might become rather problematic because limitation of 1945, but if long distance fight, mc will have upper hand.

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      though the magic in the new world is broken too


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  4. I would suggest changing division with squad: typical unit organization, fireteam ->squad->platoon->company->battalion->regiment->division->corps->field army-> army group->theater


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