Weapons cheat – Chapter 4

TLN: The author uses platoon alot. It’s essentially a sub-division of soldiers. However, he seems to just use it during combat missions to distinguish divisions.

Also, in the previous chapters i used the word “Abilities” for his mind/body strengthening skills. What i actually did was rename “Abilities” as “Privileges” as the original said “特典” privilege, but i felt “abilities” fit better and so replaced it, that was my mistake sorry.

From now on, things like mind/body strengthening and common language etc… will be put under the privileges tab.

One last thing, i ran out of time to edit this chapter. So it’s a little rough, you should enjoy it anyway since Chitose finally demonstrated some Yandere qualities xD


The first thing Kazuya decided to do whilst he was waiting for the second platoon to return. Was to check what ability and privilege he gained from defeating the other world man.


  • Mental Strengthening(Strong)
  • Body Strengthening(Strong)
  • Common Language
  • Luck(Average)

Has only one of my privileges increased….

The privilege i stole hasn’t increased much. (TLN: He got luck from the man, but it’s only average level)


Complete healing

  • Any sickness of injury can be healed, if not dead.


  • Vitality has increased by a factor of ten.


I’m thankful for the ability at the top, but the ability at the bottom….

Well, i wonder if it’s better than nothing?

Under peerless it shows “()” i wonder if it can’t be read?

After Kazuya has finished confirming his abilities, he tilts his head as he wonders what it could mean. Suddenly, the soldiers who have finished their mission return home.

「The first and second platoon have just returned!!」

「You’ve been through a lot, rest easy」

After the platoon’s return, Kazuya orders them to rest. From the soldiers who didn’t go on the recon mission, he organises a platoon to travel to to the fort the ninth division found.

「Well then, i’m going to go and see the fort now」

「Eh….? I? Master, I?」

「Ah, Chitose, please take over command in my absence. If i get into any trouble, i’ll ask for your support」

「Master….Please take me, i am your aide! Am i unnecessary for master!?」

Her eyes grew dark as she became surrounded by a disturbing aura.

Oh….i didn’t expect this…..it seems like she’s become a yandere.

「No, that’s not what i meant. The only reason i can freely leave is because i trust you enough to leave everything in your care」

「…..so……master isn’t deserting me….」

Chitose smiled at Kazuya with a relieved look.

「Then, i’ll be going」

「Yes, please leave the command to me!」

Chitose responds with a smile whilst saluting.

When she turned into yandere mode so suddenly, i was surprised.

Luckily, the words Chitose murmured next did not reach Kazuya’s ears.

「…does master not understand…what would happen if he threw me away….? Fufufufu」

The serious and threatening words of Chitose had already dissolved into the air before they were heard.


「Then, the first platoon will sortie」


After he calls the platoon together, he sets off for the fort.

Eh? is someone coming to welcome me?

「We’ve been waiting commander, the fort is this way」

Soldiers from the ninth division met up with the platoon halfway and guided them to the fort.

Suddenly whilst walking, the forest opens up and a meadow spreads into view.

The fort was sitting in the centre of the meadow silently.

「This….is definitely a fort. It’s completely enclosed with a gate. The outside walls seem extremely strong, even though it is worn down」

The fort seemed to be made completely from stone and wood.

However, how long has it been since it was abandoned? Ivy twines around the fort, it’s almost completely buried by it.

「I’ll call the head of the ninth division」

After saying so, the soldier runs into the fort.

I wonder why the fort isn’t on the map? Is it because it is abandoned?

Why is the fort even here?

The head of the ninth division walks up to Kazuya whilst he is thinking this.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. As we have already searched and secured the fort, would you like to have a look inside?」

「Yes, i would like to confirm the inside myself」

「Then, please follow me」

Kazuya entered the fort, whilst being guided by the head of the ninth division, Lieutenant Ibuki.


Furthermore, the majority of the rooms inside were worn down.

Kazuya chose a room that appears to be the least degraded, he summons communication machinery so that they can contact headquarters at any time.

As he wanted to know if there were any concealed passages or doors, he ordered the platoon to conduct a more detailed search of the fort.

After around an hour, the entire fort had been thoroughly surveyed.

Kazuya received the report from the Lieutenant.

「First of all, this fort is around 3 kilometres away from command. It’s length and width is around 250 metres, the only entrance is the gate up front. Neither a concealed passage nor a door were discovered」

「Is that so? That could become a problem」

「Yes, it seems as though the previous inhabitants were removed by force」

Kazuya, who was receiving the report from Lieutenant Ibuki peered outside.

He noticed that it was starting to get dark.

What time is it? Did we spend too much time searching the fort?

Kazuya saw the night sky through the window.

As he was not in a hurry to conclude his business, he decided to spend the night in the fort.

At night it’s very dangerous, the demons are most active at this time.

Kazuya thought about safety first and decided to spend the night in the fort.

He ordered a communications officer to relay that fact to HQ.

「Because it is nightfall right now, we have decided to spend the night in the fort. Discuss amongst yourselves the patrol rotation times. If you have to move about, do so with at least two people. Distribute combat equipment for night time use and walkie talkies, we will be leaving in the early morning」

Various equipment was handed out, Kazuya summoned a tent and decided to take a rest.

Various things happened today, so he was tired.

Should i have made the lieutenant rest first?

Kazuya, whilst feeling tired, tells the lieutenant to rest and then goes back to bed.

Whilst Kazuya was lying down, the lieutenant came to visit him.

「……Lieutenant Ibuki, is something wrong?」

Kazuya asked the lieutenant whilst rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

「You were resting, i’m sorry. It seems the patrol spotted moving shadows in the forest」

「What did you say!? please say that earlier next time」

Kazuya quickly equips his armour and weaponry and rushes outside his room with the lieutenant.

He met up with the patrol shortly afterwards and began to speak with one of the soldiers.

「What do you have for me?」

「The moving object is over there」

After hearing this, Kazuya peeked into the forest using night vision goggles.

「There’s definitely something moving…..but i can’t see it clearly」

Although he could see the forest with the night vision goggles, he couldn’t see the moving object very well.

「Lieutenant, prepare for action」


「Shall we report this to command?」

「It has already been reported. I hear that the preparations for bombardment were completed ten minutes ago in case of an emergency」

「Good job Lieutenant」

「Thank you for the praise, Commander」

After the conversation was over, the lieutenant issued an order to the 80 soldiers at the fort using a walkie talkie to prepare for combat.

「We will put our entire strength into our combat formation! Close the gate to the fort. You are prohibited from firing unless ordered to do so! That concludes my report」


Five minutes after Kazuya’s instructions are relayed.

The platoon had blocked the front gate. Kazuya prepared some flare bombs to launch into the forest.

「Fire them!」

On that signal, in every direction, north, south, east and west. Two flares were fired for a total of eight, deep into the night sky.

The light from the bombs begin to illuminate the vicinity.

「Oh……that’s not good…」

A large amount of monsters appeared from the forest, surrounding the fort.

「I can’t believe it. The scouts didn’t encounter a single monster, where did they all come from?」

「I’m sorry i don’t understand, is the current situation bad?」

The amount of demons surrounding the fort increased as the lieutenant asked this.

「Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs. I think even an orc has come」

All the demons who were approaching the fort were armed with rusty swords and clubs. They were also wearing worn out armour.

「We can’t run away now, we’re surrounded…」

「Agreed, the only way to survive now is to annihilate the enemy」

In total, Kazuya had around 80 soldiers. 20 in one platoon and 60 split between the two divisions. (TLN: Remember, he sent two divisions to the fort then brought a platoon to reinforce them)

8 M2 heavy machine guns and ammunition set up. Along with 10 type 97 double barrelled machine guns, 5 type 2 12cm mortars and 10 type 89 grenade dischargers.

Even though we have a bombardment on standby, will it even be able to annihilate all the monsters? Even if we call for reinforcements now, they won’t arrive until the morning…..

Wait, because combat has not started yet, can i still summon weapons?

Unexpectedly, when Kazuya checked his menu screen, a strange text box appeared.

[God’s trial: Number 1]

Survive the demons attacks!

Total amount of enemies:


……so this is the reason why there are so many demons.

Now it’s impossible to summon anything, damn it!! Why would you make such a trial you ridiculous God!! How is this an apology for accidentally killing me….

I can’t believe it, what a waste of time God….

Instantly, Kazaya thought of a plan.

「Lieutenant Ibuki, how long is it until morning?」

「Around 2 hours」

「It that so…. Communications officer!! Request a bombardment at once. Also, request for reinforcements」


The communications officer began a wireless communication with the command centre.

It’s almost time.

The moment when communication with command was cut, Kazuya’s preparations were complete. The nearby monsters raised a unified shout and surged towards the fort.

「Ah, they’re coming!! –Let’s show them our strength!! We will survive!!」


Kazuya stares at the approaching monsters. He raises his STG44 and aims at one of the running goblins, then pulls the trigger.

Thus the nightmare-ish battle began.


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  1. Ur leaving out the most important part of german military doctrine! Air Support and Armored spearheads! Plus does anyone know if 10 warships is like 10 Yamatos or just 10 patrol boats??


    • If he actually could just pop an airport out of his menu’s i’d call OP. He can already pop entire buildings out of the menu, an entire airport would be too crazy. and without the airport he can’t really use air support yet.


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