Weapons cheat – Chapter 5 (ACTUAL)

TLN: So i’m an idiot, sorry. Spent 5-7 hours last night getting this chapter finished. Went to bed exhausted. Started freaking out that i didn’t enable comments. Tried to enable comments using my phone. Somehow deleted all the text in the chapter.

So now i’ve spent 2 hours retranslating it in the morning before going to college. I feel like death. I still have 2 more donated chapters to do tonight. Wish me luck!


Shells rip through the nights sky landing on the ground shortly after.

Tens of monsters are blown away by the resulting explosion.

The monsters who are not killed instantly, are scattered around the site, covered in blood and panting heavily.

「Communications soldier! Contact command! Concentrate fire position 2-7-0 distance 3200 metres. Aim at the area surrounding the fort!」

「Understood! 1st platoon here to command! Concentrate fire position 2-7-0 distance 3200 metres. I repeat, concentrate fire position 2-7-0 distance 3200 metres. Aim at the area surrounding the fort!」

After combat was initiated. The flow of monsters had not slowed down, despite a significant amount of time passing.

Kazuya kept up the barrage, desperately shooting monsters dead.

Dammit! The numbers don’t seem to decrease no matter how many we kill!

Kazuya was operating the M2 Browning machine gun. Grotesque red flowers blossomed on every monster he hit.

「Commander! From the right!」

「Got it, eat this!!」

The power of the M2’s 12.7mm bullets was so great that you couldn’t even recognise that what it hit used to be a living creature.

「There are so many!!」

「Don’t worry! With the support from the bombardment, we’re safe!」

A nearby soldier tries to encourage his comrade who had lost faith.

The M4A3 Calliope, BM-13 Katyusha and the M115 203mm Howitzer were providing significant explosive firepower. Whereas the STG44, MG42, Type 99, Panzerfaust, Type 89 and M2 heavy machine gun were cutting down the demons at a rapid rate.

「Ah! The bombardments power has fallen!」

Kazuya noticed that the number of shells that were falling on the battlegrounds had significantly decreased. Kazuya asked the communications officer next to him what was wrong.

「The M4A3 and the BM-13 are reloading! The bombardment has decreased because the Howitzer is overheating! It can’t take rapid fire!」

Dammit! There’s no other way. We’ll have to supplement the bombardment using the Type 89 grenade dischargers and the Type 2 12cm mortars!

Kazuya was running out of bullets, if he didn’t save them now, he would quickly run out.

He comes up with an idea after hearing the communication officer’s report.

「Ibuki! How long until morning!?」

「About one hour!」

Lieutenant Ibuki who was sniping with the Type 97 answered loudly, whilst picking off a large troll.

Only one hour……can we endure that long?

Whilst Kazuya was thinking of a counter measure, the monsters who noticed the decline in bombardment, advanced on the fort.

Then, one soldier shouts with a sorrowful voice.

「Bullets! Someone give me some bullets!!」

Eh? They’re running out of bullets as well!?

Kazuya reels from the double punches. Not only has the support bombardment declined, but they were running out of ammunition as well.

I wonder how many are left?

Whilst thinking this, Kazuya opens up his menu panel.

[God’s trial – Number 1]
Survive the monster’s attack!!

Total amount of enemies:

Although we’ve killed a considerable number, is there really this many left?

「I’m out of bullets!!」

「Me too!」

「Same here!」

The soldiers began to shout out the same thing one after another.

「Dammit! Eat this!」

「Throw them!」

The soldiers who had ran out of ammunition, began to throw grenades and open fire with their P38’s.

A soldier a short distance from Kazuya raises his voice.

「Troll approaching!!」

When Kazuya turns to face the direction the voice came from, he sees a large Troll slowly walking towards the fort, shaking the ground as he does so.

Ah! There’s no other way! I’ll have to use the last one!

The Troll began to run towards the gate. Kazuya loaded the last Panzerfaust round into the launcher, aimed at the Troll and then fired.

Boshu~  The shot warhead travels in a straight line straight for the Troll. The head of the Troll is completely obliterated.

The Troll who lost its head due to the explosion, fell backwards and crushed the Goblin behind it.


Monster’s began to break the gate as the lack of ammunition had hindered the platoon’s defense.

…..the gate won’t last much longer.

「Everyone! Distribute your remaining ammunition!」

As Kazuya looks at the gate, he orders the soldiers to pool together and then distribute their ammunition.

「The redistribution is complete」

「Those who still have a working weapon, meet me at the gate!!」

Kazuya issues an order using the walkie talkie. He then quickly gets of the wall and hurries to the gate.


「Is this everyone?」

When Kazuya arrived at the gate, soldiers who had been fighting in various places around the fort were now gathered in one place.

All of their eyes shone like that of a beasts. Their faces were coloured jet black from the smoke.

「We will stop the monster’s advance by any means necessary!」


Kazuya operated the M2 Browning and aimed it at the gate.

Suddenly, the gate began to break in some places. Through the gaps, Kazuya could see the ugly face of a goblin.

「Everyone, fix bayonets!」

On the instruction of Kazuya, all the soldiers took their bayonets from their waists and affixed them to their STG44’s.

At the same time, the morning sun shone down on the fort.

The support unit from Chitose should be here soon.

We just have to endure until then!

The sound of the gate being broken increases. Hope fills Kazuya’s chest as the gate finally collapses.

The monsters raised a jarring yell. however, the first thing that met them, was a barrage from Kazuya’s M2.

「Hello! ….. now, goodbye!」

The 12.7mm bullets were so strong that they not only pierced straight through a monster’s head, but also the monster behind it.

However, within ten seconds the bullets had all been used up.

「50…..40….30….20…..10…..0. I’m out!!」

Immediately after hearing 0, the soldier began to charge.

「Everyone charge!!」

Everyone began to advance on the monsters with their STG44’s with attached bayonets. A fierce battle erupted.

The amount of monsters had decreased to around 200.

One soldier who lost his STG44, started hitting a Kobold over the head with a shovel, whilst others pierced their hearts with bayonets.

「Behind you!」

「Eh!? Thanks…i’m saved!」

Kazuya who was providing supporting fire with his Walther P38, saved a nearby soldier.

Suddenly, as Kazuya was slipping out an empty magazine. A goblin carrying a rusty sword leapt at him.

That’s bad!! I’ll be killed!!

Kazuya was completely open. He tried to twist his body to reach for the spare magazine at his waist.

However, suddenly a bullet flew from the side and struck the goblin dead.

When Kazuya looks to where the bullet came from. He sees Chitose carrying an STG44 whilst panting heavily. She must have ran here at top speed.

Smoke rises steadily from her gun’s muzzle.

…..I’m alive. Thank god Chitose got here on time.

Following suite, the rest of the reinforcements arrived.

Afterwards, the rest of the monsters were wiped out.


Upon seeing the appearance of Chitose, Kazuya sat down next to her.

Chitose approaches him whilst running her fingers along his body, checking for any injuries.

「Master!! Are you safe!? Are you injured!?」

「Ah, i’m safe, i have no injuries. You really saved me Chitose.」

「Of course! It is my raison d’etre to protect master after all」(TLN: Raison d’etre -> Reason for existing)

Kazuya offered a hand to Chitose who floated a gentle smile.

The surrounding meadow around the fort had been completely burnt and upturned due to the bombardment

Monster corpses filled both the inside and the outside of the fort. The smell of gunpowder and burnt monsters is strong.

「Master, we should leave the corpses to be dealt with by the platoon i brought. We should return to command for the time being, we have injured to treat after all」

「……that’s right」

Kazuya takes Chitose’s advice and leaves the processing of the corpses to the soldiers. He then returns to the command centre.

The rest of the soldiers who had just returned from the fort, were ordered by Kazuya to take a two day rest.

Afterwards, he listened to the damage report submitted by Chitose.

「35 light injuries. 10 seriously injured…..five dead? It’s a miracle that only 5 people died」


Kazuya murmured so as he looked over the crowded corpse bags in the field hospital.

「…..well, i should replenish the ammunition before i rest」

「Master, as master is not yet accustomed to combat, please rest」

Chitose seemed to ask with a worried expression.

「Ah, as this was my first time in combat, i’m far too high strung to sleep right now」

「However….. Never mind i understand, please rest after the replenishment」

「Got it」

After nodding and replying to the words of Chitose, Kazuya began silently replenishing the ammunition.


Chitose, who was anxiously watching the back of Kazuya from quite a distance away, began to smile from ear to ear as she thought of something good.

She hurriedly called over the nearby female officers and began to whisper.

「Hey, you guys」

「Hm, what is it?」

「Listen a little…..murmur

「–!? That’s a great idea!」

The female officers who heard Chitose’s words also began to smile from ear to ear.

If Kazuya had seen the fearless smiles of the female officers at that point. Perhaps what happened next could have been avoided.


「Hm? Where did Chitose go?」

Kazuya began to search for Chitose after his replenishment work had ended.

「Oh, thats where you were. Hey, Chitose!」

Kazuya found Chitose surrounded by a group of female officers, all with serious expressions.


「!? Master! Have you finished!?」

Chitose’s voice seemed to tremble as she spoke

What? Did i surprise her too much?

「Yes, i’m a little tired, so i’m going to rest now」

「Is that so? Then please take a long rest, i will make sure no-one approaches」

「Ok, thank you」

Immediately afterwards, Kazuya went to his room in the command centre and laid down in his bed.

He suddenly heard a noise.

……eh? …..has someone entered?

Kazuya suddenly noticed that someone had entered his bedroom, so he repositioned himself to take a look

Wait? Isn’t there something wrong? Kazuya thought as he realised he couldn’t move his body.


Looking around he saw that his hands and feet were restricted by a rope.

Also, five female officers including Chitose and Lieutenant Ibuki were at the foot of his bed.

…..? What is with this situation?

Kazuya, not understanding why he was restrained, tried to ask Chitose.

「Chitose, why have i been tied up?」

「Master….it’s that….」


「We want to show master how much he means to us……with our bodies」


「Because husband’s son seems painful, allow me to take care of it」(TLN: ;D)

Chitose and the other’s faces seemed dyed red with sexual desire.

「I can’t hold back….」

「No no, master does not need to hold back. You can be as greedy as you like with our bodies」

「We will try out utmost to please master!」

Chitose and the others say so as they float a smile, slowly approaching the bed Kazuya was on.

「Wait! Settle down!! Listen!」

「We are driven by our instincts now…….we’ll talk later….」

Chitose slowly begins to remove her one piece.

Kazuya could see that the others had lost all reason, so he tried to call for help from the other soldiers.

「Ah! Someone help!」

「It’s useless master. You told everyone to take a 2 day rest…..」


A large amount of sweat begins to pour out of Kazuya as he listens to the words of Chitose.

Chitose and the others seemed unable to endure it any longer and got onto his bed in their undergarments.

「Then…..please enjoy our bodies」


As a hand was put on his pyjamas, Kazuya screamed like a girl.

Afterwards, all that could be heard throughout the command room was panting and moaning.



After 2 days had passed. Kazuya left the command room seemingly appearing thinner than before.

He had been wrung dry.

After the initial attack, the other female soldiers in the company started participating.

Without the strong body strengthening and peerless skill given by God, he would’ve surely died.

2 days had passed before he was even aware of it.

From the space in the door, Kazuya took a glance into his room. Chitose and the others were sprawled on his bed sleeping soundly with a pleased expression, whilst covered in a cloudy liquid.


Kazuya took one last glance into his room and then went to the operations room.


What he was met with was a group of male soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder in formation


…..what’s this?

The male soldiers simultaneously saluted, then left the operations room.

……i don’t understand.

Kazuya also saluted in return. Without understanding why.


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