Weapon’s Cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 4


TLN: If I don’t get the second release done tonight, it will be done tomorrow. I have my Physics exam tomorrow so want to set a little bit of time aside for revision xD


Actual chapter 3!


Kazuya, who had parted from Phyllis and the others a short while ago, promptly returned to his tent and called over Chitose to discuss what he had learnt.

「Whether you prefer to act or not, it is still difficult to act in a conflict between nations」

「Really…….Then I guess it doesn’t look good for princess Iris. On a different note, please collect information from the party of knights about the monsters in this area」


I still feel sorry for Iris……is it inevitable that she will be sacrificed for the sake of her country?

Whilst thinking this, Kazuya glances at Chitose who now has a sullen face.

「What’s wrong Chitose?」



「……Master. I think I, who stood guard all night whilst you secretly met with Princess Iris, should have some form of reward」


Without even having anytime to think, Kazuya is forcibly dragged into bed by Chitose, his movements were completely locked.


The next morning….

「Nn, Chitose. Why were you so cross yesterday?」


When the naked Kazuya asks the similarly naked Chitose this question, she begins to explain. After noticing Kazuya following Iris into the forest, she also followed. However, when she finally arrived she saw Iris being spoiled and embraced, causing her to become moody.



「What is it?」

「Please remember this. I don’t mind if master wants to love other women. But…..please love us all tightly」

That’s not what I was thinking….

「Aa, of course….」

Kazuya had no intentions on dating many women, but after Chitose said so with a serious face, all he could do was nod.

「…..Not equally…..Killing…..Mas…」(TLN: Love them all tightly, but not equally xD)

Chitose was murmuring something near the end, however Kazuya did not seem to hear it.


When Kazuya who had finished dressing himself went outside. Iris was waiting for him outside his tent, despite it being so early in the morning.

When the surprised Kazuya looks around the vicinity a housemaid enters his sight.

「Good morning. Onii-san」

「Good morning……Princess Iris. About last night, I’m sorry. I pray for your forgiveness」

Kazuya began to talk politely as he did not know Iris’ true identity until last night. He went down on one knee, lowered his head and asked for forgiveness.

However, the attitude displayed by Kazuya made Iris upset.

「…..Onii-san. Don’t be so reserved, please call me by my first name, like you did last night」

「No…..such a thing…」

「and….because you saw me in such an embarrassing state, will you take responsibility?」

「Oh!? Princess Iris. That….」

「Onii-san. Leave such manners to others, call me Iris」

「But isn’t Princess Iris a Princess? How can I, a mere adventurer do such a thing?」

「Onii-san? Can you not hear me? I’m asking you to call me like you did last night」

「Then, Princess Iris…」

「It’s Iris?」



「Yes, what is it?」

Kazuya finally yielded to Iris’ pressure.

After subsequent negotiations, it was decided that Kazuya would call her without the honorific whenever they were with someone he trusted.

「A short while ago, when you said take responsibility….」

「Will you accept me?」


「I hope to hear a good answer. Else I might carelessly tell Phyllis and the others what happened last night」

Oi! What’s with this intimidating aura!! It’s completely black!! Her atmosphere is completely different from when we first met!!

Kazuya was overwhelmed by the dark aura being emitted from Iris.

「Onii-san…..will you not take responsibility?」


「Nn? Because you saw the princess of a country in such an embarrassing state, you have to take responsibility. I think you know what will happen if I carelessly run my mouth (Because we shared each others warmth). I, who have experienced Onii-sans warmth can no longer settle for anyone else」

In the worse case I’ll be put to death……I could acknowledge it and then run away I guess…

「I see」

「Is it true!? Will you take responsibility?」


「I’m so happy. Onii-san」

Iris pressed her cheek against Kazuya’s chest just like she did last night, despite the fact that her maid was nearby.

Well, as long as this child doesn’t take this whole thing too seriously, it should be ok.

「(Because from now on, we’ll never be separated, Onii-san)」

Kazuya still seemed optimistic.

After that, Kazuya cleared up the camp and set off for the imperial capital.

However, whilst they were travelling there. Iris stuck closely to Kazuya the whole time, causing the knights to be annoyed.

Why!? Why is this happening!?

10 days after leaving the outpost, they arrived a day away.

Iris’ attitude seemed to be getting more aggressive everyday.

As Kazuya was going to arrive in the capital tomorrow, Chitose got some information about the town from the knights. However, Kazuya was worried about whether or not Iris would be ok when she entered the town, so he consulted Chitose about current affairs.

「The domestic situation is extremely unstable. There are currently two factions, the Queen Isabella faction and the Prime Minister Rayben faction. Also, overseas the Elsass magic empire is currently in a war with its neighboring countries, it is also very unstable」

「Ok. Please continue to collect information」


Chitose put away the written report as she left the tent.

「Ah, please wait a moment Chitose」

「Yes. What is it master?」

「I’d like to consult you about something……What do you think about Iris’ behaviour?」

「It’s not necessary to worry much about that girl! I think because master is so gentle and it was the first time she properly made friends that she grew attached」

「The first time she made friends?」

「Yes, according to the information gathered from the knights. Iris is a cursed child, so people naturally keep their distance. Furthermore, even the maids seem to distance themselves. Only the recently recruited knights led by Phyllis seems to be an exception」(TLN: Changed “Taboo Child” to “Cursed Child”)

「Ah, well. Did the strategy go smoothly?」

「Yes. There was little damage at all and the strategy has been completed. There is a written report detailing it」

「It caused damage…..I see, I’ll have to see how much my level has risen」

On the report, some words were written in bold.

『Large scale bombardment of monster breeding grounds report』

It isn’t good to bring personal feelings into play when deciding on the practical uses of military power. To ensure the safety of Chitose and the others, a monster suppression was needed. The fact that it could also raise Kazuya’s level was merely an afterthought.

「Chitose, shall we get supper?」

「Yes, I’ll accompany you」

Kazuya ate his meal accompanied by Chitose, whilst in the tent.


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