Weapons cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 5

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The encampment had been cleared and they had set off for the Imperial Capital in the early morning. Before noon, they had arrived.

Because it would be troublesome to ride the vehicles in the town, they instead opted to hide them in a nearby forested area. Half of the troops were left to guard them.

「So this is the Imperial Capital, it’s size is certainly a lot different from the towns we passed before」

「That’s right. Since this is the Imperial Capital of the Canary Kingdom, it has to be something we take pride in」

Kazuya separated from Chitose and sent her to the adventurers guild, whilst he continued to guard Princess Iris.

「It is a vast land circled and separated by three walls. Commoners, nobility and royalty are separated like this」(TLN: Pretty much attack on titan)

There are many different people within the imperial capital. There were some elves with pointed ears, as well as other creatures with pointed ears that aren’t elves. Such as two people who look like a young boy and girl, they seem to be hobbits. There was also a girl who seemed to be a succubus, she was wearing a racy costume. All around there were many different species. Some had bushy tails and ears, others had the lower body of a snake or a spider, those where Lamia and Arachne.

However, at the same time. No-one was smiling, they looked almost lifeless.

「Hmmm…..doesn’t it seem a little lifeless?」

「…..It can’t be helped. We’ve had to raise taxes in preparation for the war with the Elsass magic empire. Furthermore, because of the abnormal amount of monsters appearing recently, we haven’t been able to get food into the city, so the prices have sky-rocketed」


Whilst Kazuya and Phyllis were having their conversation, someone was looking restlessly from within the carriage.

「I want to join in too….」

「Please bear with it. We’re supposed to be incognito, we can’t have you casually walking down the street」

「Ah, I was found out」

「It’s good if you understand. Even so, I don’t understand why Princess Iris always sticks so close to Kazuya….」

Phyllis seemed to be thinking about the various things that had happened before they arrived at the capital.

「That was also beyond my imagination….」

The two people were considering the various happenings until now.

As they arrived at some large gates, they were met by guards.

「We’ve arrived at the castle. The guard duty ends here」

「You’re right. However, I have to report to her majesty the Queen first, with that being said…..it could take 2-3 days so do you want to come to the castle? I’ll hand over the reward there」

「Understood. We should be in the adventurers guild. If we’re no there, send a person to the vehicles location. There should be a subordinate there 」

「Agreed. We’ll meet again」

Phyllis and the others waved goodbye as they entered the gates.

But at this time, the door to the carriage was violently shaking as the person inside was trying to get out.


Kazuya sent a silent prayer to the two maids who were desperately trying to prevent Iris from going outside.

Kazuya who had just parted with Phyllis and the others, started walking towards Chitose’s location in the adventurers guild.

「Is it here?」

「That’s right」

The house had a sword and shield painted on it, just like what appeared on the map he had been given. When he asked the doorkeeper, that was the answer they gave back.

「Then, are you entering?」

Kazuya tried to open the door to the guild.

However, at that moment, the sound of breaking glass was heard as a man flew through the nearby window. The door was then completely destroyed.

「Woah! What is it!?」

「Captain!? Get down!」(TLN: He says Captain, but he means commanding officer)

Suddenly, a soldier appeared protecting Kazuya whilst wielding a combat knife (By the way, Kazuya restricted the use of firearms in the city. That’s why the soldier is using a combat knife)

The doorkeeper and Kazuya exchanged looks.

Kazuya nodded once and whipped out his own combat knife as the doorkeeper pulled out a dagger. Quickly entering the guild.

As the doorkeeper entered the guild, there was no tell tale tone of battle which seemed strange. Shortly afterwards, Kazuya also entered.

「…..what are you doing, Chitose?」

In the centre of the guild, Chitose was there. Completely silent, with a face like a demon.

She was pushing a kukri knife onto the neck of a man with a wet groin, crying like a baby. 5 adventurers were lying on the floor, their clothes in tatters.

「….it’s this」

「I can see that, please remove the knife from that man’s neck」


After Kazuya ordered, Chitose removed the knife from the man’s neck and sheathed it. immediately.

「Hyi, hyi….」

As the knife separated from the man’s neck, he made a noise that sounded like a mix between a moan and a scream as he fell down.

「Not again….」

「I’m truly sorry….」

Before Kazuya could even do anything, he was met with an apology from Chitose.

This sort of thing had often happened in the towns they passed getting here. It seems whilst she was collecting information, she was approached by these men.

The reason is clear, all the female soldiers Kazuya summoned are beauties.

Therefore it had always been male soldier that were sent to the guilds. This was the only time he let Chitose go instead.

….oh, is it pointless?

Kazuya, who was already used to such a situation, let out a sigh.


Some guild personnel suddenly appeared carrying the 5 unconscious men out of the building. It seems this is a daily occurrence here.

Kazuya glances at Chitose.

「Couldn’t you have ended it peacefully…」

「That’s impossible. Those men tried to touch my body, which is for Master’s exclusive use」


I’m happy, but can’t you say such a remark in a lower voice?

Since Chitose said such words loudly, the surrounding adventurers looked at Kazuya with burning jealousy.

「Fuu~ Well since it’s already happened, it can’t be helped. Did you at least finish your business?」

Kazuya ignores the glances of the adventurers and spoke to Chitose.

「Yes. It is complete, I also bought some slaves to maintain the newly bought house」

The business Kazuya spoke of was to gather information at the guild, then buy a nearby house to act as a safe house under a false name.

「Then, perhaps we should look at the residence」

Since their business was concluded, Kazuya decided to go and look at the building Chitose bought.

By the way, there are 4 kinds of money in this word. Copper, silver, gold and white gold. 1 silver coin is worth 10 copper coins. 1 gold coin is worth 10 silver coins. 1 white gold coin is worth 100 gold coins.

Under the guidance of Chitose, Kazuya advances into the luxury residential area. He spotted a house in the corner.

「Here we are, Master」

After entering through the gate, Kazuya was met by a ruined desolate garden.

This is it? wait….

Although Kazuya was worried. As he entered the mansion, he was met by a beautiful room covered in dust.

「It is said a merchant lived here for 3 weeks here. So the furnishings you see here have been left as is. As soon as it is cleaned, it will be habitable.」

「It must have been difficult for you to buy this mansion, Chitose」

「There was also a bigger property. However it might look conspicuous if we suddenly purchased an extremely expensive piece of property」

「Good judgement」

As Kazuya was talking to Chitose, a sound was heard from behind him.

….what is it?

Kazuya was then met with women from various races wearing maid uniforms

「Welcome back Master!! Master’s wife!!」

As they stand in line in front of Kazuya, they lower their heads as they say so.

What is this?…..maid cafe? Wait, who’s the wife?

Chitose who was at the side seeing Kazuya’s worried expression, began explaining.

「These are the slaves I bought」

「No, no. Not that…what do they mean by wife?」


Chitose didn’t reply clearly, instead she showed a light smile as she laughed gently.

Kazuya who looked at Chitose fearfully, quickly averted his gaze.

….all he could see was beauties of various races.

Although they were all wearing house maid’s clothes. Each person wore it in a different style.

Their age brackets seem to be between 15 and 30.

As Kazuya was admiring them, Chitose suddenly whispered into his ear.

「They are not all virgins, but I tried my best to collect as many virgins as possible」

I’m scared!! Was there a side like this to Chitose!?

Even though Chitose said such words gently, they visibly struck Kazuya.


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