Weapons cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 6

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TLN: Decided to upload weapons cheat instead since I have around 5 more donated chapters to do. I do appreciate those donations, since without them I would’ve been screwed O.O# I lost alot of Computer Science coursework and only 50% or so was backed up. Thankfully since I had that money on hand, I managed to quickly purchase a new HDD and get back into action.

WARNING: The latter half of this chapter might be distressing to some people. 

In short, this chapter has feels.


After hearing the introductions from the housemaids, Chitose showed Kazuya around the rest of the residence.

「–this will be master’s room」

「Hmmm……I guess it would be nice to rest a little」

……the bed looks comfortable.

After being shown around the rest of the residence, Kazuya was relaxing on his bed in his room.

「….now that I think about it. How much did my level rise after the aerial bombardment?」

Kazuya, who had just remembered he hadn’t checked his status in a while, opened his menu.

[Weapon summons]
Your level has risen to 55, certain restrictions have been lifted.

Weapons developed on and before 2013 can now be used.

[Amount of summons possible:]

・20,000 people (One division)





※When these arms are summoned, the number of people needed to operate it will also be summoned

※Logistical personnel (combat engineer, maintenance soldier, communication soldier, supply soldier, medic) is not included in soldier summoning, and summoned separately. The amount of logistic personnel that can be summoned is the amount needed to maintain a division.

※There is no limitation on summoning small arms and heavy arms that can be operated by 2 or 3 soldiers.


「This is such a cheat….」

The reason for the rapid advancement in levels was due to the tens of thousands of demons that were killed in the bombardment. Kazuya rejoiced at this, the previous limitation of his ability was now released.

With the increase in scale of his army and the new weapons now available. Kazuya was anxious to return back to base and switch out the old equipment.

So he quietly left the Imperial capital, accompanied by Chitose.

In a nearby clearing, he summoned a UH-60 Blackhawk and boarded it, hurrying to the outpost.

Kazuya arrived safely at the outpost several hours later and began to summon and re-organise the base.

「First, I should summon state of the art equipment, since the old stuff isn’t needed any more–」

24 hours later, the re-organisation of the outpost and home base were complete.

Because of the increase in troop size, Kazuya promoted Chitose from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel.


Although he was exhausted, Kazuya finished up his work and set off for the Imperial Capital.

「Fuu. I’ll finally be able to return to the residence and sleep. Chitose, let’s go」


After returning to the mansion, Kazuya slept soundly in the same bed as Chitose thus reducing his fatigue. However, when he woke up, he was met by a strange report from a group of soldiers. (TLN: Not sexually…..probably….)

「…..in the back of the house, there’s a hidden door?」

「Yes, whilst cleaning the residence. One of the housemaids spotted it」

「Did you examine the interior?」

「No, we decided to report it to the general」

「Then….let’s make sure of it now. Gather some free soldiers, as well as some arms and check it out」


When Kazuya returned his answer, the soldiers who had entered the room, abruptly left.

However…..a hidden door, huh?….


「Oh? What is it Chitose?」

「……this is just speculation, but there may be an underground prison ahead of the hidden door」

After hearing the soldiers report, Chitose seemed to be brooding over something.

「Why would it be an underground prison?」

「Well, when buying the residence I heard that…..it used to belong to a slave trader…」

「……I guess if it’s because of that, it’s not impossible」

Was the merchant who lived here before, a slave trader?

If that’s the case then Chitose’s idea is probably right.

Later, Kazuya joined up with the soldiers outside the door and discovered that Chitose’s idea was indeed right.

「What is that rotten stench?…..」

「It’s dreadful isn’t it?…」

The room behind the hidden door was a prison, a decaying smell seemed to waft around the entire area.

Therefore Kazuya summoned Anti-NBC protective equipment. After it was equipped, he continued his search of the prison. (TLN: Thanks comment section. NBC is protection against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents )

「Be careful」


Kazuya advances carefully whilst illuminating the room using the flash light from his M4A1 carbine. He continues down a dark, stone paved hallway.

As he got further down, he suddenly met up with Chitose.


Chitose was crouching on the ground, pointing her light at a rotten corpse writhing with insects.

So this is the origin of the smell….

「……lets move it from here and carry out burial rites」


Whilst a subordinate carried the corpse outside, Kazuya continued to advance further.

「Is this a dead end?…..」

They arrived at a larger dungeon area, there were many corpses laid around much like the first one.

Kazuya shoots the lock off one of the jail doors with his M4A1 Carbine. He opens the door to check the inside.

「…..it’s too cruel」


There were many corpses lying around, most had body features related to those from the monster/animal families. There were visible signs of torture.

「Why do such a thing?…..」

「….in this world slaves are treated as mere possessions, this is especially true for the monster and animal people. In other words, how they treat their possessions is up to them」

Chitose replies to Kazuya’s question with a mutter, visibly frowning.

Shit, what is with this?

Kazuya started to feel ill from the sight in front of him.

「Even the small children…」

Kazuya glanced over at the two bodies that looked like little girls, they had bruises and scratches all over. They seemed to be sisters.




That’s impossible……is she alive!?!?

Kazuya was initially visibly upset, however he suddenly notices the eyelids of the two girls were moving faintly.


Chitose who doubts Kazuya, crouches down and shines a torch into one of the girls eyes.

「…..they’re alive」


「They live!? These two people!!!?」

「That’s impossible!!」

Chitose uttered a loud cry, suddenly another soldier perks up.

「Wait, there are more survivors!?」

「Is it true!? Quickly!!! Fetch a stretcher!!!!」

Another soldier quickly left to fetch a stretcher.

「Call a corpsman and a surgeon!! Hurry to confirm their life signs!!」


On the orders of Kazuya, the troops quickly rush about.

Because of this unexpected event, Kazuya was now completely exhausted.


「Good work, Master」

The final number of slaves rescued from the dungeon equalled 7, 5 from the monster group and 2 from the animal group. Vampires, Dark Elves and Lamias. The 2 from the animal group had animal ears. What are they? Dog, Fox? Maybe wolf?

They had all narrowly escaped death thanks to the full healing capability of Kazuya.

「Their condition is stable…what happens now is up to them」

「That’s right. Sadly, even with my healing ability, I can’t cure malnutrition. Oh right, be sure to move them to either the hospital at the home base or the outpost as soon as possible」

「Understood. It will be arranged」

「I think I’ve used my ability too much, I’m feeling very sleepy」

After informing Chitose, Kazuya returns to his room unsteadily.


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40 thoughts on “Weapons cheat – Volume 2 Chapter 6

  1. when i heard it has feels i was worried his yandere lover gets killed or something lol but yeah it does leave a sour feeling hearing about the slaves and how cruelly they got treated to the point that they were left for dead….. at least he could save two of the kids i bet they will end up soldiers for his army later on :O

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  2. There are no backstory for these people yet so it doesn’t have much feel to me. I was worry that the princess will get ntr or some weird stuff with your warning. Still, I hope these girl didn’t get rape and mind break by the merchant.

    Liked by 2 people

      • While I agree with you on the atrocities topic, both the original comment and the topic was how ‘distressing’ each idea was; which is both a different concept compared to how ‘atrocious’ something is, but also far more subjective. OP’s just saying that the betrayal of a character they’ve grown attached to hurts them more than the torture of some characters that were just introduced. At least, that’s what I assume OP was saying.

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      • the amount of distress is always subjective. people die everyday but youre not losing sleep over it, however if you found out a close family member passed away you’d feel distress same concept.

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      • So children being made slaves, tortured and killed for the kicks of some human supremacist should no long be considered sad because it already happens every day in the world. Your logic is lacking in the comment u previously made


      • i didnt say they arent sad im just commenting on the level of distress something would cause. if you’re losing sleep over children dying of hunger go feed kids in africa. not calling someone a sicko for torturing kids doesnt mean i condone the action. because im sure somewhere in the world a sicko is doing some horrible stuff but we cant catch him/her because we have no knowledge of it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I guess some new reader well be so its ok to be cautious
        but some readers like me out grown this kind of setting from various novels we encounter

        when we speak about slaves this kind of treatments is just expected
        and I also agree ntr is more mentally exhausting since it can reflect real life, while slave are in the border of it. Unless the slave is not a stranger then the impact will be the same

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  3. Thank you for the update!
    (A)tomic (B)iological (C)hemical is an older military acronym. NBC, with N for Nuclear is more common “milspeak” these days. And,,,

    Is the author going to fixate on the “All Humans Is Evil Xenophobic Trash” trope that seems to becoming common these days? Sigh… Not that killing child-killing slavers isn’t a good thing.


  4. I got scared… I thought Chitose was gonna die or he was gonna find his people death after going back with that helicopter… Hopefully the slaves are all ok though… I felt bad for the children 😦
    BTW… 2013 or before… He can easily make a country now… It’s internet counted as a weapon? xD It should…


      • yeah also thought the same, basically his army is part of his cheat so all the soldiers are immortals.
        and remember that the people MC summon are base on his preference, so we can expect that MC can revive them all over again as long as its part of its cheat.


    • He could make a nation, because with the amount of people he could have would be something like 20,000 crews.

      Theoretically, that means let’s say 4 people per vehicles (tanks), 3 or 4 per artillery at the least, 1-6 per plane and anywhere between 10 and 9000 per ship (carrier.

      So,a minimum would be 20,000 + 15,700 + any logistical personnel.

      If we’re talking larger numbers, anywhere from that to 20,000 + 3,020,000 just for the infantry and crews + undetermined logistical support.

      So, theoretically, he can have a population of 30,000 to maybe 1,000,000 by having plenty of support, if he can get logistical troops for his other arms.

      So with those numbers, yes, he can make a country, but none of his troops would know how to run it. He could also conquer a country. Or he could become the kingmaker, the ultimate mercenary boss in that world, and either just do whatever he wants, or have people pay tithes to him to stay alive.


  5. ⊂⊃     (⌒⌒)
      Thanks    ||||| 
       Nepu!! / ~~~ \  ⊂⊃
      ⊂⊃ /  ^ω ^ \  ⊂⊃


    • ⊂⊃     (⌒⌒)
        Thanks   ||||| 
         Nepu!! / ~~~ \  ⊂⊃
         ⊂⊃ /  ^ω ^ \  ⊂⊃


  6. “Weapons developed on and before 2013 can now be used.”

    Imo instead of that, I would say “Weapons developed after 1945 can now be used”
    So that leaves the possibility of getting Scifi weapons.


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