Update 17/07/2016

Nooo! I read ahead in “I bought a girl” and found Ruri’s backstory. It’s so sad. That entire chapter is so sad. Holy hell.


Also read the last chapter to see where this was all heading. I think it’ll make you all extremely happy 🙂

I didn’t post the chapter tonight because I translated half of it from Takeda’s POV before realising it wasn’t from his POV -_-


6 thoughts on “Update 17/07/2016

  1. LOL It’s like saying “I was dating my girl then I realized it was another girl” LOL anyways, that was such a spoiler itself (Even though we already figured her past had to be as sad as an Instant Bullet)

    Still thanks for keeping the translation


  2. well, gotta prepare for it than, how sad it is? Angel Beats ending sad, Clannad after story sad, Plastic Memories sad or Persona 3 ending sad? it just so i can pick the appropriated sondtrack for when i read it


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