Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Explanation in the header. Yes, it’s split into parts, but part 1 is 1,206 words and part 2 is like 400 words, so I might be able to finish tonight, but definitely by tomorrow.

Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 6


Update 08/09/2016

So it has been a long time! Sorry about that. My part time contract runs out in 10 days or so and I don’t have an apprenticeship yet. I’m pretty much a NEET at this point -_-

I’ve got an interview on Monday, if I can secure either a full time contract at the job I’m at or an apprenticeship I’ll be able to post again. Otherwise I’m gonna need some more time to sort a job out before I focus on translating again.

If you know anyone interested in helping translate any series either MTL or not, please ask them to comment below.

Thanks guys!

Update 19/08/2016

Sorry. Just got my results, so sorting out my future xD

Anyone interested in joining the translation team? I’m gonna be pretty busy with overtime at work and making sure I actually have somewhere to go after college.

I’ll try and post tomorrow, since I’ll be back at 10pm tonight.