I bought a girl – EXTRA 1

Chronon: Hey o/ This is technically chapter 88, but it relates to an event that’s already passed, so there’s no spoilers. It’s set the day before Ruri attends school. It’s  basically her preparing for school.

Also, thought I’d give my thoughts on the adoption problem. I think this chapter will highlight it. It’s not that he can’t adopt her, it’s that he feels it’s too early right now. Ruri can hardly introduce herself and she has difficulty making friends. He probably doesn’t want to make her school life more difficult when she’s only just joined. Because when she changes her last name, the kids in the school are gonna be wondering why it changed and they’d bother her.

Also, the later chapters are unbelievably adorable.


In the evening, after finishing our meal. We were currently sitting down and leisurely watching TV.
The show we were watching had just ended, so I was thinking about teaching Ruri something.

「Okay, then let’s practice」
「Yup. Don’t you want friends Ruri?」

Ruri looks down.

「Do you not want any?」

She seems to be thinking about something, so I’ll wait a while.
When I looked up, she was staring at me,

「You can just go to school」

I hope this will make you happy Ruri.
Have you never been to school before?

「Have you attended school before?」

Ruri shakes her head.

「But you want to make friends, right?」

Don’t show me such a sad face….my heart is aching.
It would be bad if you don’t get on good terms with everyone at school.
It’s time for some intensive training.

「First, let’s practice your self introduction」

She seemed as if she was about to say something, but stopped. (TLN:

「Don’t want to?」
「I do」
「めっちゃ嫌そうじゃん」(TLN: Sorry no idea :O)

When I say so with a laugh, Ruri lowers her head.
The joke doesn’t seem to have got across.
For now, let’s just practice.

「Doesn’t Ruri want to change? Will you exert yourself? Let’s practice the self introduction first then」

Ruri still has her head down.
I wonder what’s wrong?…..
Then, she raises her face, looking as if determined to do something.

「Ha, Hasegawa Ru, Ruri」

I said that involuntarily.
She said it in a small voice, but it’s progress.
I’m glad at this amount of growth.

「Good job」

Pekori~ Ruri lowered her head. (TLN: What type of noise is ペコリ?)
This much might be ok.
Well, she’s trying hard, so it’s unreasonable of me to say that.

「Ruri. Try calling me」

Saying that, Ruri showed a troubled face.
Because we didn’t do self introductions when we first met, it’s not surprising she doesn’t know my name.
She probably doesn’t even know what to call me.
In fact, she hasn’t called me anything at all yet.

「You can call me『Masachika』」
「….I can’t call you by your first name without honorifics」
「Then you can add『-San』」

Surprisingly easy.
Honestly, I thought you’d call me『Sir』or『Master』

「You can call me that from now on」

I felt like the distance between me and Ruri had shortened somewhat. It might have been in my mind though, not much has changed.
I wanted her to call me that on her own though.
It kind of feels like I’m forcing her…..I feel guilty.
No no. I have to focus on Ruri’s introduction.

「I want Ruri to be happy, so I want you to work hard. You might be scared or embarrassed, but the most important thing is being happy. So won’t you try making friends?」

When I say so, I looked up at Ruri who had her head down.
She nodded.

「Your answer?」

Ah. I hope she doesn’t hate me for this.
In order for her to be happy, I’m fine with being hated.
After finishing self-introduction practice, we both went to sleep.
I thought Ruri hated me because of this. However, since I hadn’t closed my eyes from worrying so much, I noticed Ruri sneak into my futon. Throughout the night I could hear Ruri sleep talking, 『Masachika-san…..』

7 thoughts on “I bought a girl – EXTRA 1

  1. めっちゃ嫌そうじゃs

    meccha is kinda emphasizing its ‘really something’
    eg: mecchakawaii ‘really cute’

    and here iyasou, kinda more like reluctant


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          iヽ       /ヽ
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         i     i,__,,ノ   i,__,,ノ_,,丿
         ヽ,_,,ノ”~´ ̄  ̄

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