Update – 06/08/2016

I haven’t disappeared!

About a week ago my town’s water supply got contaminated so my family moved to another family members until the water was cleared up. It took about a week for it to finish and I had limited connection where I was. Tests showed it was E.coli (probably from the chicken factory)

I ended up buying a car (funded by the family member we stayed with) so I’m currently sorting out my money and plans for next year (insurance, road tax etc..) since I bought the car a month before my years no claims is finalised, it’ll take some working out. I also have to deal with transportation to college, lessons, part time job, translation schedule etc..

I’ll hopefully be posting soon, depending on when I can get my stuff sorted. For the record, my job starts soon (about a week) and its thursday, friday and saturday night shift. So I have to reschedule when I post.

Have a nice summer!


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