Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chronon: Damn. Drank too much again.

For those wondering about my friend in hospital. He had to have major surgery and was in critical for a while. He’s back home now and seems to be doing ok.

Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 4


12 thoughts on “Modern Weapons – Volume 3 Chapter 4

  1. Good to hear that bro. I didn’t read your post earlier, but whatever the condition you friend was, good thing that everything is fine. I know your feeling, blciz not long ago i lost a cousin. You must’ve been worried and stuff.

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    • Yes. Need some time to get some stuff together. There’ll be an explanation soon. However the short of it is that my town’s water is contaminated and so we couldn’t use it at all until today.

      So I went with my family to another family members house for a week, until it all died down. It was mental, people were fighting over water and taking more than they needed.

      I had limited connection there, but I’m back now and will update soon.


      • So it was something like Flint, Michigan in US, where the water supply was contaminated. Was that in Yorkshire, UK? When you say ‘mental’, it is the British way to say crazy. 😉 Hope you friend fully recover his illness soon. Please takes care the RL issues first.


  3. No, I actually live the other side of the pond. Because I work for a British company and constantly chatting with my British colleagues online, one of them casually mentioned that her friend who live in Yorksire area need to move out due to water contamination issue.


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