I can speak – Chapter 8

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For those who read the third chapter of “Heavenly Tribulation”. The author contacted me a moment ago and asked me to make some changes to the chapter regarding the length of time he spent in the storehouse with Meria/Mera? I don’t remember. If you’re interested check out the header of chapter 3 where the update information is visible.


After that, I was detained by the two horses. To be more precise, I was sitting down on the soft grass whilst the other horses laid down next to me. I am constantly on guard for a kick to come flying at me without warning.

『Ah, I feel calm as expected』

『I know right!?』

「Is this your favourite place?」

After asking that question, Caen stamped his hood on the ground as he answered.

『Of course. Do you see this soft grass, how does it even compare to the grass elsewhere?』

『Oh yeah, this place is very roomy and the grass is so soft』

「Oh, is that so?」

『It feels good to lie down here』

Caen seems to be pleased, he closes his eyes gently.

「Well, I’ve heard that horses can sleep even when standing, they only really lie down when they feel comfortable and safe」

『Oh! So you understand! If it’s not a place I’m accustomed to, then I refuse to lie down!』

『Well, human beings can also sleep whilst sitting, yet they prefer to lie down whilst at their homes』

「Yes, definitely. It’s much more comfortable to lie down on a bed」

If I keep talking to the horses like this, I wonder what people would think if they saw me?

Most of the strange voices I’ve heard so far have been animals, so I guess the voices from the ceiling must have been mice.

The only reason I hadn’t spoken to any other animals until today was because they were too far away, I could only one sidedly listen in.

That’s the only reason I can think of as to why I never talked to any of them before.

This is my ability『All-Language Comprehension』that I received from the goddess Meria.


In this world, I’m determined not to cause any trouble like I did in my past world.

『Hey, are you listening Jed?』

「Ah, sorry. I was lost in my thoughts for a little while」

『What are you worried about?』

Caen slowly lifts one of his eyebrows.

「I can really speak to animals」

I understood that today, however no level of understanding could wipe away my anxiety.

The brown and black pupils of Caen were looking into my eyes, seeming to see through my anxiety.

He looks at me carefully before exhaling「Fu~」and speaking with a calm voice.

『Yes, that’s right. I never imagined a human would be able to understand our words』

『Really! Really! I also could never imagine I would one day talk to a human』

「Don’t you think it’s strange, Caen?」

『Is it strange? Why do you think so?』

「そうそう! まじ人間と友達になれるとかやべえわ! 何かいけてるって感じ?」 (TLN: Sorry xD)

The other horse raises an excited voice. To which I return a glare. Oh well, I can’t really blame him.

『Hey Karl, don’t say such things』(TLN: Caels friends name is Karl)

『Huh? Is something wrong?』

The other horse had blank face. Was his name, Karl?

『I don’t like such remarks being made towards Jed』

『Don’t be angry. I’m sorry, Jed』

Karl lowers his head in apology. In his round eyes, there was a hint of sadness.

「No it’s ok. Because I know Karl was only trying to cheer me up」

Most Japanese people want a foreign friend, this must be that kind of feeling.

I once wanted a foreign friend.

However, if you go out and suddenly shout『Hey! I’m a foreigner!』you’ll no doubt hear secret murmurs. Filling you with a sense of alienation.

In this case, those secret murmurs will come from the animals of this world.

『Jed is a really good guy』

『I don’t think this is strange. We can converse with Jed and he can converse with us. We have accepted him and vice versa he has accepted us』


Tears seem to be flowing from Caen’s eyes.

「Caen, Karl…..thank you very much for your…」

『Don’t mention it! You can depend on us at any time!』

『That’s right! You’re welcome any time!』

On this day, Jed got two new friends. (TLN: RAWS say “Best Friends”, but can you become best friends that quickly?)

×      ×      ×

『Hey, apparently that guy can understand our words?』

『Really. Where did you  get that information?』

『Eh? Didn’t Karl say so?』

『Karl? I thought that was just a groundless rumour?』

Whilst me, Cael and Karl are conversing, Elder sister Julia returns and takes me away to walk me home.

The trees and the dirt are comparable to the sunset, both are dyed red.

Amongst the trees, I can hear faint voices.

In my direct line of sight, two bluebirds are perched on a branch staring at me.

Somehow it feels as if I’m being observed like some sort of rare animal.

Their gaze is malicious, as if it is literally stabbing into my skin.

Do foreigners who go to Japan get the same feeling? At this rate, no matter where I go, it would be impossible to calm down.

Eventually, the familiar outline of Asuma village becomes visible.

Even so, Karl. Didn’t the news circulate too quickly? We just finished our conversation a short while ago.

『Hey you. Speak.』

「Virgin!」(TLN: Or maybe he says “girl” ?乙女)


「…..what is it Jed-kun? Why did you cry out so suddenly?」

Oops! I put in a tsukkomi within my conversation with this strange bird.

From Elder sister Julia’s perspective, I must have randomly yelled into the forest.

When I look to the side, Elder sister is gazing at me with a confused expression.

『…..didn’t that boy just shout at us just now?』

『Wasn’t that just your imagination?』

『Can he speak to us as, expected?』

『Eh? What should I do?』

Even now the air seems strange as the two birds frolic around like high school girls going Kyaa~ Kyaa~

「It’s nothing. Haa…..」

I just barely answer Elder sister as I let out a sigh.

「Is that so? Are you sure you don’t want to consult your elder sister?」

Even if I told you, it would be useless…


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