Modern Weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 14


Chronon: Went ahead an re-watched the Irregular at magic high school, Tatsuya is definitely God -_- The LN’s are being translated by Yen press, volume 1 was released a few days ago if anyone’s interested. Furthermore, Black Bullet got volume 3 released as well. But… Date a Live English releases so far, and B-T got DMCA’d for that series, so I was expecting an English release. I was enjoying it as well 😦

Btw, he always seems to pull in the aggressive style girls. By that I mean, he never really takes the initiative, the girls in his harem do it instead.


「The size…..」

Karen who walks onto the flight deck of 『Nimitz』 mutters so. Captain Harris who hears this, begins explaining the specifications of 『Nimitz』 proudly.

「The full length of the ship is around 333 metres. It’s total width is 41 metres. It’s load displacement is 100,000 tonnes. Maximum speed 30 knots. It can hold 6,000 people including pilots. Due to it being a large ship, it can also hold 90 aircraft」

Captain Harris laughs at he looks at the state of Karen and the others who show surprised faces. He begins to show the group the other parts of the ship.

Kazuya had also planned to show off another ship straight after 『Nimitz』

「…..It’s wonderful」

Karen leaks a voice unconsciously.

From the 『Nimitz』 it was possible to see the mainland of Parabellum. The naval port boasts a vast open space. Currently, many ships were docked as sparks were flying from engineers continuing with renovations.

Passing the naval port and entering the city of Parabellum, all the roads were paved as modern buildings came into view.

Kazuya glanced at Karen and saw that she had wide eyes, much like that of an excited child.

「Hey, Kazuya. I saw that a while ago, just what is that big building?」

Karen said, whilst turning her eyes to look at something.

「That? It’s a flak tower」

「Flak tower?」

「It makes up a cornerstone of Parabellum’s anti-aircraft network. It is installed with CIWS Phalanx, RIM-116 RAM etc…  That battery over there is the OTO Melara 127mm. The entire tower is made from reinforced concrete, in times of emergencies, it can make a good shelter」

「Yeah. So basically it’s a place of refuge?」

「Sorry. I’m bad at explanations」

「Please don’t worry about it」

Questions from Karen came in one after another after that. Before they even knew it, they were at the headquarters for Parabellum.

「Well, I’m going to stop here since I have things to do. Major General Ibuki will be your guide」

「Well…..I understand」

Karen says goodbye to Kazuya, showing a somewhat lonely expression as Chitose and Kazuya enter the command centre.

After finally getting to his office, Kazuya remembered something.

「Now that I think about it, I completely forgot. Did we already send Zara to the Imperial Capital?」(TLN: The girl he originally set out to save xD)

「Yes. After the battle at the fort city, we sent her to the capital with an escort of 5 soldiers. The guards reported that Beretta was glad to see that her sister was safe」

「Really? That’s good」

Whilst listening to Chitose, Kazuya continued to work without stopping his hand.

「–after this…..what’s wrong Chitose? Why are you laughing?」

「Fufu. It’s nothing (Finally, master is accustomed to it being just the two of us )」

After Kazuya asked Chitose that question, she replied generically whilst showing a small smile.


「How was the tour around Parabellum?」

「I’m astonished. Everything was so surprising」

After Karen had finished visiting all the facilities in Parabellum, both she and Kazuya shared a meal back at the headquarters. He was listening to her impressions of the base.

「More than anything, you seem to have enjoyed yourself」

「Well, it was very fun. Though I say that, the other aristocrats were too surprised to even speak」

「Was it that surprising?」


After finishing their meal, they sat down on the sofa and shared an after meal tea. Karen put her tea cup on the table as she corrected her appearance.

「May I speak honestly?」

「Ah, yes」

「……I know it’s bad, but can we be alone before I talk?」

「? I see」

After Kazuya made eye contact with the waiter, he bowed his head and left the room promptly.

But, there was one person who didn’t leave the room, staying behind Kazuya.

「….Vice President Chitose, will you leave the room as well please?」(TLN: Might switch between excellency and president depending on the situation. The “President” is the actual translation, but it can also mean excellency)

I will not leave master alone with another woman!!

「As long as I am not in Master’s way, I will not leave his side」

I won’t let you get close to him. Even though I say that, I haven’t been by master’s side recently because I’ve been so busy!!

Cold sweat begins to form on Kazuya’s brow as he feels the atmosphere change.

This is….why are there sparks between these two people? Oi  Oi….?

「….Kazuya. I wonder if you’ll tell me what you think?」

「Uhh…..shouldn’t Chitose be here as well? She is pretty much like the other half of my body」(TLN: Some weird expression, he’s just saying she’s so useful that she’s like his other hand)

Chitose, whom Kazuya called the other half of his body, begins trembling with joy.

「…No!! But, it’s an important thing, just the two of us!!」

Karen showed a haughty look as she emphasised the “Just the two of us” part. A blue vein floats on Chitose forehead.

「……I see. Please leave the room, Chitose」

「Haa, I understand」

According to Kazuya’s instructions, Chitose salutes then slowly leaves the room. She passes Karen and whispers fiercely.

「(Shit!! I should have got rid of you from the start!! You bitch!!)」

「(Ha!! Whatever, you think you can get close to master? He called me the other part of his body, are you jealous?)」

「(Kuu!……Just hurry up and leave!!)」

「(I’m not leaving because you said so. It was Master’s order!!)」

Chitose closes the door with a bang. Karen puts down her teacup forcefully.

「…..did something happen?」

Kazuya sees Karen in such a state and asks.

「There’s nothing wrong!!…..please don’t worry about it」

「Is that so?…..」

Karen quickly returns to her normal voice after shouting loudly by accident.

「I’ll come right out and say it. What will Kazuya…what will Parabellum do now?」

「Well, first…..we’ll visit the Canary Kingdom」

「It’s pathetic, but thanks to your help. We were able to repel the Imperial invasion. If Kazuya withdraws his troops, the imperial army will trample all over us. If you put your whole army into our kingdom for say… year…..then it would be possible for us to hold out. We should be able to reach a conclusion」

「Well, our military power is too different. So it would be like that」

「and….was it you who destroyed the demon’s breeding grounds?」

「…well, I wonder about that」

「Fufu, then we’ll leave at that for now」

Karen returns a smile and a laugh at Kazuya.

「We’ll get back to that later…now, will Kazuya give the Canary kingdom a hand?」

「……We haven’t decided clearly whether or not we’ll help. However, if we do help. It will be purely defensive and logistical support. It is a different case if more other-worlders come out, however」

「….Well, my mind is at peace knowing you’ll at least consider it」

At least knowing they’ll consider helping set Karen’s mind at ease. She stroked her chest in relief as if coming up with some determination.

「….then, I have to make sure Kazuya will definitely help the Canary kingdom」


When Karen said so, she rose from her seat. She sat down on the seat next to Kazuya and leaned against him. Kazuya was confused by her behaviour.

「Didn’t you say『we haven’t decided clearly whether or not we’ll help』?」

「Well…..I definitely said that」

「Because it will be a problem if help isn’t lent at a crucial moment, I’ll give you a deposit」


Karen stripped off her gothic-style dress and left it on the floor.

She was wearing black sexy lingerie, it fit her supple body perfectly. Her skin was glossy, her body was noticeably tense as she exposed herself to Kazuya.

Karen’s face was dyed completely red with joy and embarrassment as she noticed the gaze of Kazuya. Her outfit was one which would easily ignite a male’s animal instincts.



「…..please say something」

「Oh!!….It’s beautiful」

Kazuya accidently spilled some words whilst staring at Karen.


Karen who heard Kazuya’s real impressions, was dyed an even deeper red.

「……。No No! What is Karen talking about? You should get dressed quickly! 」

When Kazuya finally realised the situation, he tried to move, but he was pushed back down onto the sofa by Karen. (TLN: Is he a reverse rape magnet?)

「Wa! Noisy! Please be quiet, I’m giving you my first time (Virginity)!」

「Please do such a thing with someone you love!!」

「……。You, do you think I’m giving you my body for the canary kingdom?」

「Oh? Is it different?」

Kazuya was confused. Seeing such an expression, Karen sighed.

「Hah~ It’s because you’re an insensitive block head. It was impossible to tell you my feelings. I’ll say it clearly now. I love you!!」


Karen grabbed the nape of Kazuya’s neck and brought his face closer until their noses were touching. She didn’t know when another opportunity like this would occur, also this was her first ever love. She had finally been able to tell him her feelings.

「……Oh!? Uh, is it good?……well…this is?……」

The face of Kazuya who finally understood the meaning of those words became visibly red. he tried to say something, but stuttered.

――Knock Knock


Karen and Kazuya hear a knock at the door and freeze.

『Master, it’s getting late』

When Kazuya heard Chitose’s faint voice from the other side of the door, he glanced at the clock. It was already midnight.

「…..we were interrupted. We’ll continue this another time. I’ll be awaiting your answer. (Kuu!! Just a little longer!!)」

「Ah, ok」

They both began to arrange their clothes whilst their faces were dyed a deep red.

「I must be leaving now」
「Well, see you tomorrow」

After saying farewell, Karen turned to doorknob trying to leave, she glanced one more time at Kazuya.

「What’s wrong? Did you forget something?」

「……Because you might not believe my confession if it’s just words. I should show you with direct action.」


Karen draws Kazuya’s face in close touching his cheek as they exchange a deep kiss.

「KISSING NOISES」(TLN: I’m not translating this. It’s just random letters)

Karen put her tongue in Kazuya’s mouth and moved it around aggressively.

Chupon~ Karen seemed sorry to stop as a bridge of silver saliva was built between their lips.

「Thank you for the meal. Then, see you tomorrow」

Karen licked her red lips with her tongue, tasting Kazuya’s saliva as she left the room.


To Kazuya, the kiss seemed dreamlike. It was almost as if his soul had been pulled out.

「Is master finished now? For some reason, your face is red….」

Chitose glanced at Kazuya whose face seemed blurred and blushed.

「Tsu!! It’s nothing!! We should go to sleep now」

Kazuya, who had finally come to his senses, rushed to answer.

「Ah!! Please wait a moment!! Master!!」

Chitose’s suspicions deepened, as she chased after Kazuya who was running towards his bedroom.


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