Modern Weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 13


TLN: Sorry it took so long.


The sound of aeroplanes taking off and landing at the runway echoed throughout the outpost.

Kazuya was busy doing various work at the office of such a noisy outpost.

It has been 5 days since the attack by the Elsass magic empire was obstructed and repelled. Sorting out the prisoners and meetings about establishing the “Military State Parabellum” had delayed work and so they were behind schedule. (TLN: A military state is one which bases its economic model on its armed forces.)

「Master. I have adjusted the meeting schedule」

「Oh, not bad Chitose. When is it?」

「2 days later at noon. They seem to be busy with reconstruction work」

「Really? Ah, did you get the report I asked for?」

「Yes. Here」

Kazuya began to look through the file immediately. Due to the change in Parabellum (From 1 army to 1 nation) the organisational structure had been moved around. Chitose had become the vice-president as well as receiving a promotion from Colonel to Lieutenant General. (TLN: I think she also became the chief of something -_-)

「It says here that the renovation of each ship is going well」

「It seems to be」

The current Parabellum homeland (The first base set-up on an island) was currently undergoing changes. One of which was the renovations of each war vessel.

The renovation was mainly to add electronic equipment such as RADAR and anti-aircraft weaponry as well as replacing the engines. This type of remodelling most commonly occurred at the end of the second world war. Whether it be night or day, there was always something being renovated. This was not limited to just war vessels however.

「Well, after this…..」

「It is the meeting」

「… a meeting really necessary?」

「It can’t be helped. Master’s authorisation and instructions are needed on each new project 」

「I know」

Despite complaining, Kazuya left with Chitose and headed towards the conference room.

As soon as they entered, the subordinates inside immediately stood up and saluted.

「We were waiting. His excellency president, Excellency Chitose」(TLN: Yep, he adds excellency to both of them)

「Be seated」

After saluting, Chitose and Kazuya proceed to sit down as the meeting began.

「First, the high altitude reconnaissance aircraft the SR-71 Blackbird and the unmanned drone the RQ-1 Predator took these images」

The LTG of the intelligence division said so, as he took out multiple images spreading them on the table whilst putting a copy of it on the big monitor.

「About 100,000 of the 200,000 imperial troops who retreated, dispersed into the 5 forts around the border. However, after suffering that much damage, it will be a while before they can attack the canary kingdom again. Further information to support this comes from an intelligence agent we placed within the imperial army」

「Is that so? Then it seems ok to leave them alone for a while」

After Kazuya gave his thoughts on the report, Chitose opened her mouth to speak.

「Master, why don’t we just eliminate the enemies at their hideouts using a strategic bomber such as the B-52?」

「No, it isn’t good to show your hand all at once. It would become awkward later on to craft counter measures」

「Judging by the enemies technical capabilities, I don’t think that’s something we have to worry about……」

「Did you forget about the chunnibyou disease man in the elsass magic kingdom? We don’t know his ability yet, so we should be cautious」 (TLN: Yep, he’s named the “Chuunibyou disease man”)

After hearing Kazuya’s words, Chitose became ashamed.

「I’m sorry master. I did not think it through」

「No, it’s okay. I’ll say this to everyone, don’t become complacent just because we are seemingly powerful. We don’t know what our enemy is hiding. After all, magic exists in this world. Later on, it may be possible that our weapons and tactics will be useless. Just remember that」


After giving his lecture, everyone stood up and saluted Kazuya.


2 days later. Escorted by a AH-64D apache longbow, whilst riding in a VH-60N. Kazuya arrived for the meeting with Karen. (TLN: VH-60N is also known as Marine 1. Used by the president on the United States)

The VH-60N landed at the landing zone the first division had set up at the fort city.

Kazuya was then greeted and directed by a soldier to the meeting room, where Karen was waiting.

However, it was not only Karen waiting in that room. There was also dozens of aristocrats, including Earl Argus, who had led the reinforcements from the canary kingdom.

After a brief self-introduction, Karen prompted Kazuya to sit down and began talking.

「Then, let’s begin」

「First, Kazuya. Who are you? Do you mind telling us?」

「Then, I’ll explain」

Chitose opened her mouth and began to reply to Karen’s question.



「are people who belong to the military state Parabellum」

Karen and the Earl showed a troubled face at Chitose’s words.

「I’m sorry Chitose. I’ve never heard of a military state called Parabellum」

「That’s natural, since Parabellum only showed up in this world just several months ago」

Ignoring the commotion she caused, Chitose continued.

「That is our country, Parabellum. Our country came from a different world, similar to the “Other-worlders”」(TLN: She actually explains it like this, leading to this misunderstanding)

「Such a thing, that’s impossible!!」

「A country coming from another world!? This is unprecedented!」

「Impossible!! There’s no way a country could just appear in this world!!」

「So it was something like that…..well, you wouldn’t have such a large quantity of strong weapons otherwise. So…what position does Kazuya hold in Parabellum? Is it General?」

Karen seemed somewhat happy after saying that. However, Chitose’s next words caused the room to instantly silence.

「Master is the supreme excellency. In other words, he is the king of Parabellum」


The quietness of the room began to grow painful.

「Please wait a moment…..Kazuya, is what she said true?」

After begin quiet for around 5 minutes. Karen abruptly broke the silence.

「Well, it’s true」

「Could you please give is a little time?」

Taking Kazuya’s silence as an answer, the discussion was suspended.

…..well, the person in front of your eyes is the king of another country, who has strong weapons in large quantities. If it was me, even I would be flustered.

Whilst the discussion was halted, Kazuya was led to a waiting room by a young maid. After a short period of time, he was lead back.

「For our disrespect thus far, please forgive us」

「Please talk to me normally, since I don’t mind」

As soon as Kazuya entered the room, he was greeted by Karen and the other nobles who were kneeling on the floor with their heads down.

「….if that is your desire」

After receiving the words of Kazuya, Karen immediately stood up. However, afraid of getting on the wrong side of Kazuya, the other nobles were too afraid to move.


「Even so, it’s unbelievable that you are a king,」

「Were you surprised?」

「…..where you surprised!? Of course, I’m definitely surprised!!」

The talk this time continued with just 4 people. Chitose, Karen and Maria as well as Kazuya.

「(Karen!! Please calm down!! Mr. Nagato is the supreme excellency of Parabellum. If we incur his displeasure we will be exterminated!!)」(TLN: Forgot to mention. Technically supreme excellency translated to president. But supreme excellency can also be used and sounds better)

Maria broke out into a cold sweat after telling off Karen.

Maria as well as the majority of the canary kingdom had witnessed Parabellum mercilessly cutting down the Imperial army. With weapons that boast overwhelming strength.

「(…’re right, I let the blood get to my head a little. But it’s ok Maria, this man is still Kazuya you know?)」

After waiting for Maria and Karen to finish their conversation, Kazuya got a word in edgeways.

「Are you ok?」

「I’m sorry. Continue.」

「Well, I’d like to visit the canary kingdom officially, when can I do that?」

「I wonder…..I’ll have to ask before giving you an answer, your majesty」

「Understood, will you send a messenger now? Whilst waiting for a reply, I’ll return to Parabellum. The unit protecting the fort city will remain」

「Well, ok」

「Good. Does Karen also want to visit Parabellum?」

「…..may I go too?」

Kazuya was excited about taking Karen to Parabellum, so he decided to bring her


「…’re a little afraid of this, right?」

2 days after Kazuya’s identity was known to Karen, she was currently travelling in the VH-60N, it was Karen’s first time in a helicopter.

「It would be so, since it’s my first time」

Small islands began to appear in a horizontal line as the island housing the military state parabellum appeared in sight.

「Hey, Kazuya. What’s that?」

Karen pointed to the countless small grains floating in the ocean.

「You’ll understand when we get closer」

Kazuya said so, deliberately withholding information.

As the helicopter approached the grains, Karen finally understood.

「That’s impossible!! Kazuya, are all these ships!?」

「That’s the correct answer. This is the Navy of Parabellum, as well as the coast guard」
Around 1,000 ships were currently floating in the ocean near the island.

「Wait a minute……if it’s this big at this distance….just how big is it!?!?」

「Pretty big? When we get off, do you want to see one directly?」

「It’s going underwater!?」

「Well, it’s possible. If you use a submarine」


「Does Karen no know? Well, a submarine is a vessel which can conceal itself inside the sea」

At those words, Karen showed a difficult face.

「In the sea…..」

「It’s a long vessel, most of them can stay underwater for two months without surfacing」

「2 months!? How do they breathe!?」

Karen was astonished to hear this.

「Even if you ask that, I don’t fully understand it. Besides we’ll be landing soon」


Whilst Karen was talking to Kazuya, the helicopter landed on one of the ships.

As soon as it landed, Kazuya opened the door and stepped out.

「Welcome to my ship, Supreme Excellency Nagato, Excellency Chitose and Duke Lautrec. My name is Captain Harris. This ship is the nimitz-class aircraft carrier commanded by me named “Nimitz”」(TLN: Not kidding, he named his ship after what class it is)

After being received by the Captain, Kazuya followed him whilst Karen gasped at the sheer size of the nimitz.

Coming separately in 2 chinooks were Karen’s personal guard as well as the nobles from the meeting. This excursion was meant to show off the strength of Parabellum. Those noble who had once talked big, instantly dropped their jaws as they were stunned.


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