Modern Weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 17

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There will probably be some inaccuracies, since this chapter was so long.


「So, let me marry onii-san!!」


Since the meeting was pretty much over, Queen Isabella took Iris to another room, where she threw a tantrum.

「But Iris….we don’t know when your magic will run out of control. What is President Nagato happens to get caught up in it?」

Queen Isabella prepared for the worst and a witch spread out a magic barrier.

「It’s ok!! Because I am now able to control my magic!!」

She threw her chest out proudly and said so.

「Oh, really!?」

Queen Isabella made a surprised face and tried to seek confirmation from Beretta and Phyllis beside Iris.

「Oh, yes. Certainly, the princess has become able to control her magic」

「… it’s true. However, Iris. How come you can control your magic now?」

「I worked hard so that I could marry onii-san!!」

Iris floated an innocent smile as she declared that.

「Is that so….」

I’m troubled. To marry off two important figures in this country at once….

Queen Isabella began to weight the merits and demerits of marrying both of those people off in her mind.


「I’m in trouble」

On the next day of the meeting. Kazuya was talking about such a thing in one of the rooms in the royal palace.

Oi, is this serious?…….

Queen Isabella had interrupted the meeting and proposed marriage between Iris and Karen. Since then, Chitose’s mood had dropped abruptly.

However, this was not the only reason why Chitose was upset. Various nobles and wealthy merchants had sent their daughters and grand-daughters to try and get more acquainted with Kazuya and possibly become concubines. They were approaching him rather aggressively as well.

Chitose’s bad mood aside. After this, many dignitaries from the neighbouring countries will be joining in a party to commemorate the alliance between the Canary kingdom and Parabellum

「President. You came」

「I see. Enter」

Subordinates of the monster allied powers were guarding the entrance and exit to the room. Upon seeing Kazuya, they opened the door.

「Excuse me」

As I entered, I saw a man of around primary school height also entering the room. However, upon closer inspection, he seems to be an adult dwarf.

「Here you go」

As he prompts Kazuya to sit down, the dwarf begins to introduce himself.

「It is a pleasure to meet you President Nagato, Vice-President Chitose. I am Marquis Oliver Grego」(TLN: Changed from excellency to president if you haven’t noticed xD)

The man called Oliver Grego began to rush to speak, with a bitter look.

「I’ll just get right to it. Does President Kazuya know that the imperial army is also invading our country? 」

「Oh, well I have heard something about that…..」

「I see….ah, onto the main subject. Could you also form an alliance with our country?」(TLN: I think I mentioned this before. One of the countries surrounding the Canary kingdom is a monster one)

「So in short, you want me to send reinforcements?」

「….yes, that’s right, because the monster army has suffered enormous damages. The imperial army can easily invade with the new weapons they’ve developed. In order to send them away, I need the help of the president…」

「……what new weapons?」

The Marquis saw that Kazuya was showing interest and so disclosed important information.

「Yes. 2 new weapons. One is a magic weapon and the other is a doll automata. There seems to be several other-worlders in the imperial army」

Wait just a moment!! Are there really that many other-worlders in the empire?

Listening to the Marquis talk, Kazuya realised there were more other-worlders than he previously thought.

The marquis continued his talk.

「The soldiers morale also keeps falling, as they keep getting injured fighting against this one devil other-worlder calling himself a hero….」

Devil!?….well, there is such a thing as monsters…..(TLN: Is he even listening?)

「While I’m speaking like this, the Empire is slaughtering my brothers!! Please help!!」

Kazuya answers, whilst being confused at the Marquis who has left is seat and is currently kneeling with his head down.

「…..we will send an army to annihilate the Imperial Army in the Monster Kingdom」

「Is that true!?」

「Ah, but the organisation of troops and full scale deployment could take some time. It should take about 1 to 2 months, is that ok?」

「That’s fine. If you send reinforcements, we’ll be saved」

「Is that so….I want some detailed information on the enemy first. So I’ll send several scout units first ahead of time. I don’t want to become disadvantaged due to lack of information」

Well, I’m mainly interested in seizing the magic weapons and automata anyway.

「I don’t mind…..」

Marquis Oliver says with an unpleasant complexion.

「Uh……with that, your excellency. What should we pay you for your consideration?」

…..for our consideration, well if you say it like that, it can’t be helped…..

「Umm. I want water that burns」

Kazuya accidentally spilled those words. However, he was surprised at the Marquis reply.

「Burning water?…….where do we get that?」

「….you don’t have it?」

「Well. There are some springs that produce burning water in the monster kingdom. I think it was called……black water? 」(TLN: Ok, he’s talking about oil)

Kazuya and Chitose involuntarily stare at each other.

「Well, uh. The burning water is certainly called that」

I should say this….I don’t really have to worry about fuel due to my ability. However, It’s bad to keep the stockpile for too long. So I need a constant supply. (TLN: Remember, there are times when he can’t use his ability. If the fuel he has stockpiled becomes unusable, he is screwed)

Kazuya’s cheeks began to loosen at the thought of an oil field.

「I’ll have to confirm it first」

「Is such a thing really ok?」

The Marquis was confused, nobody uses black water because it has no uses.

Although it was not a final decision. They decided to discuss the contents of the alliance for now.

After Kazuya and the Marquis left the room. Kazuya ordered the immediate sortie of the special forces, to the Marquis relief. They then went back and enjoyed the party.


The light of magic tools shone brightly under the moonlight in the capital. A massive party concluding the alliance agreements with the Canary kingdom and Parabellum was currently in session.

……I wonder if I will have to attend more of these in the future.

Kazuya was currently wearing clothes similar to that of a male aristocrat. He was being stared at by many beautiful dressed up girls with twinkling eyes. He had a wine glass in one hand.

Now I just have to make sure Chitose doesn’t scare everyone off.

Chitose was currently emitting a large amount of blood thirst, warding off any nobles or aristocrats who got too close.

At such a time, something slipped through the crowd. Chitose backed up unconsciously as Karen approached.

「Oh dear, it seems your very popular Kazuya」

「I don’t like being stared at……that dress really suits you」

「Really? Thank you very much」

Kazuya exchanged greetings with Karen, who seemed happy at being complimented.

「….what’s wrong?……is it possible that you have no experience with parties?」

Karen asked quizzically upon seeing Kazuya restless.

「… know?」

「I can. Were there no parties in your world?」

「Well, it’s the first time I’ve participated in a party such as this」

「What do you mean? Didn’t you hold a party when you made your kingdom?」

「Even if you say that. I only became a president 3 months ago, I didn’t have time for a party as I was so busy. Moreover, back to the previous topic. I meant I haven’t attended a party like this for aristocrats, I’ve attended commoner parties before」

「You surely lie」

「Why would I lie? Everything I’ve said is true」

「……speaking of which, you did seem really nervous back in the throne room」

As Karen nods, remembering Kazuya from before. The room becomes noisy for a moment as a sea of people are parted and Iris appears before Kazuya.

Since this a formal party and Iris, who never usually appears, has appeared. The room grew restless.

From the mouths of the aristocrats and nobles, they talk filth about Iris.

「(Oh, look. That eye is disgusting)」

「(Shh!! That’s the national princess you know!?)」

「(The youngest daughter of Anna. The odd eyed princess)」

「(What are the guards doing? What would happen if her magic goes out of control here!?)」

「(It’s creepy as expected. That eye)」

「(Exactly. This long awaited party is ruined. We should leave early)」

Listening to the words around her. Iris looked down whilst clenching the hem of her dress tightly in front of Kazuya.

The dress is really cute, but it is currently being shaken in order to bear the sobbing. Iris looked up, attempting to force a smile with tears visible in her eyes. She began to speak to speak to Kazuya between sobs.

「Onii-san….I…wanted…you to see my dress….guzu…..does….it look good?」

Kazuya, upon seeing Iris being so brave, was moved.

He bent down so as to be eye level with the short Iris. Then, as wholeheartedly as possible, whilst stroking her head, he said.

「You’re very pretty, Iris」

….tsu!…..tsu!…guzu, really?」(TLN: Every tried translating someone crying? I have)

「Yes, to the extent where I’d want to make you my bride.」

~~~tsu! ~~~tsu!

Iris, who had heard the words of Kazuya and endured desperately, jumped into his chest and began crying.

Whilst embracing Iris, Karen showed Kazuya that she wanted to meet after the party.

Seeing Kazuya’s interaction with Iris, the other aristocrats and nobles began to leave the party venue.

Knowing of Iris’ close friendship with Kazuya, their attitude had changed. Was my actions towards Iris ok? Kazuya thought.


Kazuya entrusted Iris to Beretta and Phyllis who escorted her back to her room, as she had fallen asleep whilst crying.

「Oh?…..I thought you wouldn’t come back」

「The star of the party can’t just disappear」

Returning to the meeting place, Karen was waiting for Kazuya.

「I wonder if that’s right? Anyway, let’s talk on the terrace」

Kazuya walked onto the small terrace, after being directed by Karen.

「That was pretty bad a short while ago, wasn’t it?」


「How is the princess?」

「She was tired from crying, so she fell asleep」


Kazuya told Karen, whilst looking up at the moon shining in the nights sky.



「Does Karen think that Iris’ eyes are disgusting as well?」

「I don’t. However, in this country, having odd eyes is seen as being unclean」


After that, the terrace was wrapped in silence.

「I’ve heard that Kazuya is going to dispatch troops to the monster kingdom?」

As if suddenly remembering, Karen broke the silence.

「You have pretty good ears……」

「Oh, aren’t they ordinary?」

Karen answered, whilst giving a bitter smile.

「…I’ve heard that the monster kingdom is in a pretty bad situation. Mainly due to the large quantities of magic weapons and automata. Parabellum is currently gathering information」

Kazuya said whilst handing other an aerial shot from the RQ-1 Predator.

「…Kazuya is full of surprises, isn’t he?」

Karen said whilst looking at the aerial photograph, like an elaborately drawn painting.

It showed magic weapons as well as something that looked like mannequin. It was around 6-7 metres tall, it had small hands and feet and an egg shaped head. Karen also saw a doll there with a single eye on it’s forehead.

「……God weapon」

「God weapon, what’s that?」

Kazuya reacted to the murmur of Karen.

「There is a myth that says the God of the Lowen religion handed down weapons to his followers, in order to exterminate the monster race, alongside the beast race. I have studied the religion previously in order to gain knowledge of our enemies. There were descriptions for the magic weapons and automata inside」

「Myth……by the way, what type of description was it?」

「It spoke of『Immortal Soldiers』with the appearance of『Mechanical Giants』, that could revive even when killed. It also spoke of『Light pillars of divine fire』That could even kill dragons. As well as a sacred place that only the believers of God could go」

「Whether such a story is true….」

「Anyway it’s a myth, It’s unrelated to the current weapons」

「Is that so?」

The confidential talk between the two people continued on for a while.


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