Upper world – Chapter 11

Don’t hate me xD Was busy over the weekend so missed out on alot. Got back at midnight, been sleeping all day.

The promised chapter of I can speak will be out tomorrow, then weapons cheat. This chapter was a pain, all the names are in katakana. Not just people’s names, but the names of monsters. I’m 90% sure none of the monster names make sense, so I changed them to something easier to understand.

Here’s the link!


11 thoughts on “Upper world – Chapter 11

  1. I don’t know japanese but i found with google:
    Lelei La Lalena (レレイ・ラ・レレーナ Rerei Ra Rerēna), alternatively romanized as Lelei La Rellena
    from gate – thus JSDF fought there.
    レレーナ could be translated as Lalena, Rerēna, Rellena, right?

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      • This may be it, I knew these were foreign names, but I didn’t think to interchange “L” and “R”. I might use Lorena instead.

        Looking at the Kana レレーナ -> Rereena using the “L” and “R” interchange it becomes becomes Lelena. The ー particle just extends the vowels sound, and when saying “Lelena” the “e” in the middle is slightly drawn out, so there might not be a need to write the extra “e” in.

        So I’m stuck between:

        – Lorena (lo-ren-a)


        – Lelena (le-lee-na)

        Which do you prefer?

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    • This actually helped xD I made two extra suggestions on icemiced’s comment if you want to take a look. Basically, I forgot to switch the “r” and the “l” in the foreign name. Pretty much all characters in the novel are using foreign names O.O#


      • personally i prefer “Lorena” but that is purely because i have never heard the name “Lelena” before, though considering the fantasy setting i could get used to either one.


      • I think your suggestion Lorena has more background to it.

        From a quick search it seems to be symbolic of victory, whereas Lelena is a scottish name meaning someone who will go through great suffering.

        I think I’ll change it again to Lorena haha 😀

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