I can speak – Chapter 11

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So I’m adding these “Interesting Facts” sections on the bottom, it might be interesting to some people. If not, just ignore it.
There’s song, dance and drama in this chapter :O
EDIT: Accidentally translated chapter 11! Instead of chapter 9, posting the right one tonight.

Two days later, I heard word of a little bird who had been injured by goblins.

I was heading into the forest alone, it was located down the road from the residence.

In the opposite direction from the village, I could see an empty, wide open plain. At the end of the plain, there was the dense forest, which I was heading towards.

The forest was rich in nature; beautiful clean rivers, tasty wild nuts. Despite this however, the villagers tended to stay away, due to the presence of fearsome monsters such as goblins and orcs.

It would set my mind at ease to be accompanied by an adventurer as an escort, however the village did not have many adventurers. So it would not be possible.

Gradually, the plains disappeared and I began to set foot into the woods.

I had hired the white and blue bird I had seen previously to act as navigators, with the promised reward of bread. We were supposed to meet at the entrance to the forest……where are they?

In the lonely and clam forest, a gentle breeze brushes against my cheek as the branches sway.

The twitter of bird could be heard from a variety of directions, it was beautiful… (TLN: Warning, it’s pretty much only speech from here on out)

『『The sun has risen again today!』』(TLN: Almost forgot, remember that these birds sound like Japanese high school girls. It’s relevant….Also, yes. They are spontaneously breaking into song)

『『Sun-san Good morning!』』

『『I’m happy that you’re here!』』

『『My mind and body are going ~PokaPoka』』

『『I’m shaking my wings, feeling the wind』』

『『The trees are also dancing, so I sing!』』

『『Sun-san sun-san sun-san, good morning!』』


『Isn’t it a good feeling? Good vibes?』

『Yes, doesn’t this place make our voices sound much better?』

『That’s right』

『Don’t you think we’re missing some type of sound?』

『Well, there is a lot of vocals…』

『Perhaps we could do something else aside from just vocals?』

『We can’t play musical instruments, because of our wings』


『Then, let’s ask Jed! As a human, he could play an instrument for us!!』

『『『That’s right!』』』

My image of birds twittering beautifully is abruptly destroyed.

……..tens…no…hundreds of little birds had been singing happily.

The birds look satisfied after they had finished singing, I gave them my honest opinion inside my mind…..

Somehow. I also want to participate in that song. I would even be willing to play an instrument.

But if I participate, we may fall out due to musical differences.

『Speaking of which, isn’t that Jed!』

「Ah, so you came」

The bird stationed on the high wooden branch noticed me first.

Almost instantly, ripples of cheerful voices saying『It’s Jed!』could be heard from amongst the group of birds.

『Well if it isn’t Jed! We have something we need to discuss with you!』

「If it’s the talk about the musical instrument, let’s save it for another time. I came for a different reason today」

『Oh? Then we’ll put an end to those Goblins quickly first! It’s our army codenamed “Bird Strike” after all』


…..bird strike is the name of a commonly occurring accident in my previous world…. (TLN: Bird strike is when birds get killed by crashing into man made objects xD)

Mainly from birds colliding with aircraft.

「Well, I’ll rely on you guys for scouting and directions」


As soon as the birds shout that out simultaneously, one of the birds flies towards me and lands on my right shoulder.

『I’ll stay here and show you the way』

The bird on my shoulder is covered in blue feathers, it’s breast is a light orange. It’s very beautiful.

「Nice to meet you」


We begin to greet one another whilst walking.

『…..hey, is there no white bread?』


With the little bird guiding me, I advanced through the forest.

Thanks to the birds, I advanced through the forest safely. Occasionally, I would ask them to help me find safe fruit to eat. I was walking quite happily surrounded by the little birds.

『It’s them! They’re here!』

– One bird reports whilst flapping.

『Big brother, we did it!』

The bird perched on my shoulder now refers to me as “Big Brother” in an attempt to make me give him white bread.

「The location? How many of them is there?」

『It’s straight ahead. As for the number, If I flutter my left wing rapidly many times, do you understand?』

「No, because I’m not a little bird, I don’t understand」

『It means there’s lots of them!』

「Yes…I see….」

Despite the troubles in understanding the little bird, I walked ahead cautiously.

After walking for around 15 minutes, I came across a little road.

In the surroundings, there were large rocks placed in a circle along with the trees. Three goblins walked out of the small opening in one of the rocks.

『Iya, I really slept well』


I was speechless when I heard that voice, I could understand the demons words.

My head began to hurt as I observed the goblins from behind a bush.

『That’s all of it』

『I’m still hungry』

Surprisingly…..the group of goblins act as if they are actually human males. They walk whilst stretching and patting their stomachs.

『Elder brother that goblin there has an ugly face. He looks evil』

The little bird on my shoulder whispered into my ear.

Is that so? I only see a man enjoying the morning sun.

「Can little bird-san understand what the goblins are saying?」

『Oh, I sometimes hear and I sometimes don’t. It’s random』

「Can you at least understand the main subject in their speech?」

『We’ve never really spoken to any demons, they all look too fierce』

「Well, I guess that’s true」

It’s understandable. I find it hard to imagine a little bird and a fierce demon holding a conversation.

Even with humans. A man of high birth and a man of low birth would never hold a conversation.

『It’s a shame those birds escaped yesterday』

『Ah, I wanted to eat grilled chicken!』

『I really wanted the meat as well』

『No, I would peel off the skin and eat that!』

『No! The heart, it has so much taste!』

『Well, it’s not very filling from such a small bird』

『『That’s right』』

Really, it looks like a group of old men discussing their favourite food.

『Humans odour. I smell a human』

One of the goblins with a big nose and an the round face begins sniffing deeply.


『Where is he?』

The goblins begin roaming the vicinity, searching for me.

『It’s dangerous big brother!』

I began to feel tense, the demons might attack at any time.

I wanted to observe them a little more, do I have no choice but to go?

『Here he is!!』

『Oh! He’s over there!』

『I’ll go!』

At the same time as the goblin finished his words I used『Magic Language』from behind the bush.

After seeing the form of the goblins, I turned my back and went in the other direction. To the opposite side of them (TLN: I think this is what it says? He never really goes into detail about what happened. I think he cancelled his odour using magic)

『Where is he!?』

『Is he not there!?』

『Isn’t that strange?』

『Geez! I was a fool to believe you』

『Me too』

『I’m certain I smelled a man』

The slender goblin and the regular sized goblin with a square face both hit the round faced goblin a little.

『….Oh, well I’m a man』

『……that’s right. I’m a man too』


『『Did you notice our smell!?』』

The round faced goblin hits the other two over the head.

It’s somewhat different from the image of demons I had been told about.

(TLN: It ends here….ok it doesn’t. The author then writes out the lyrics to that goddamn song and I swear to God, if I hear it again in my head…..)
Interesting Facts:
The kanji for “Forest” is three radical trees together xD —-> (森)
The word “alone” is made up of the radicals for “1” and “Person” so literally “One person” which means “alone”—–> (一人)

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