Modern Weapons – Volume 2 Chapter 15

Chronon: Volume 2 is almost finished, 2 more chapters to go!

Completely off topic, anyone taking computer science or software engineering at University (UK) or College (US)? I’m curious about what jobs are available once you graduate.

IMPORTANT: I AM CONFUSED. Ok, allow me to explain. Basically, the Imperial Army is the enemy from the Magic Kingdom, but the Imperial Capital is the capital of the Canary Kingdom. I really hate the author for doing this, they are so similar -_- So I just changed it to “The Capital” to avoid confusion.


Although the air conditioning was working perfectly, Kazuya was still sweating whilst sandwiched in-between both Chitose and Karen.

「Duke Lautrec, why is your body so close to master?」

「Oh, do you not like it when I’m in the same room as Kazuya?」

「Yes, because it is master and my’s private time right now」

Karen has stayed at Parabellum for 3 days already. She had quarrelled many times with Chitose over Kazuya, whilst waiting for his answer. Maria had gone to the Capital along with some soldiers. (TLN: Not sure how Maria fits into this. I think they met up with Maria.

――Con Con

「Excuse me. Remodelling of the YF-23’s Black Widow II and Gray Ghost  has been completed. Also, deployment of the F-23 has been completed. We have a communications from someone in the capital」(TLN: Ok, one of the YF-23’s was described as “the presidents personal” one, but I couldn’t see which on it was. Also, for some reason they say F-23 and YF-23, even though they are the same thing)

Kazuya was saved by the report by the communications officer, the two people next to him were still glaring at each other.

『–His majesty wanted to know if Karen was coming back to the Capital?』(TLN: This is Maria)

「I will go with Kazuya to the Imperial Capital」

『Understood. We look forward to seeing you at the Capital』

Mary and Karen finished their conversation over the communication device and Karen murmured once more.

「Something like a communication device is very useful, you can even speak to people hundreds of kilometres away」

「It is so」

Kazuya who had received the information, raised an armoured battalion and travelled to the Capital.


6 days later, they arrived at the capital. It seemed more lively than ever before.

Because many adventurers and merchants from the fort city had spread out to all places in the Canary Kingdom after the fight. Kazuya had become widely famous after repelling the magic kingdoms army. Due to this, they were treated like VIPs. A large crowd had gathered at the entrance to the city.

When Kazuya appeared in front of the crowd, a cheer arose from the crowd, the cheers spread to the inside of the city as well.

The cheers grew louder when a large formation of F-22’s and B-52’s flew at low altitude above the city in a demonstration.

「All cars stop, standby until my next order」


He then gave a waiting order to the unit that had followed him.

A soldier of the Canary kingdom greeted Kazuya and acted as his guide. They then passed through the castle gates. Kazuya was in the lead car. Chitose and Karen were in the presidential limo guarded by 2 Strykers and 4 Humvees.

The inside of the city was overflowing with spectators of various races. Most of them were surprised to see a vehicle move without the help of a horse or tamed demon.

Inside of the limo where the spectators were gazing curiously. Karen and Chitose were silently fighting.

「(Why do I have to be in the same car as you!?)」

「(Oh? Why do you mind. The destination is the same)」

「(Spare me! Even if you’re allowed in the car, why do you have to touch master?)」

「(Does it even matter? You also stick to Kazuya)」

「(It’s ok for me, I’m the property of Master)」

「(What kind of childish reason is that?)」

「(That’s a childish reason!? Shit! There are other reasons, master enjoys the feeling of my breasts, it would be impossible for someone with a small chest like you!)」

「(…..You dare!? It’s only a lump of fat anyway. This bitch!!)」

「(Ha! You can’t even retort you vixen!)」

Kazuya had vaguely noticed the quarrel between the two people and was inwardly sighing.

I’m really glad to have two beautiful women stuck to me, especially when their chests hit. I should be glad but….their aura’s are unpleasant….

Before he knew it, the cars had already parked in the centre of the capital.

When Kazuya left the car, he was greeted by ceremonial soldiers of the canary kingdom as well as lively music.

After receiving a warm reception. He was escorted to Queen Isabella’s audience chamber, along with twelve other people. He was also followed by his own soldiers, wielding IWI Tavor Tar-21’s. Major General Ibuki was also there, with a silver case attached to his hand with a pair of handcuffs as well as Chitose and Karen.

2 strong soldiers were stationed outside the door with spears in their hands. Upon spotting Kazuya, they opened the door revealing a beautiful room.

As he entered, Kazuya noticed that a large number of people were waiting for him.

Many aristocrats and nobles were spread out on both sides of the room. Queen Isabella was seated on the throne at the front, Iris was next to her showing an excited look upon seeing Kazuya.

……Iris’ eyes are scary

Kazuya slowly walked further into the room, he felt a sense of fear at Iris’ piercing stare.

As he reaches the front of the throne, he stops. Karen takes a knee and hangs her head. Queen Isabella then stands up and begins to speak.

「This is the second time you have helped us, President Nagato. I wish to thank you….」

「–Please don’t mind it」

This room was only used for a greeting, were two or three comments were exchanged. The real meeting took place in a different room.

Therefore, upon completing the greeting. Kazuya and Chitose followed a guard to their private room.

「Well, I’m tired」

Kazuya took a break in the luxurious rest room he had been given for his stay.

…..It’s good that our country is now firmly recognised, but a lot of things are now troublesome. I have to act as a leader burdened with a country all the time and watch what I say carefully. This type of load is pretty heavy for a former high school student.

「Master, we still have a meeting with Queen Isabella after this. Will you be okay?」

「Hmm? Ah, I should be fine」

Chitose was worried about the state of Kazuya’s body, as he rested on the expensive sofa.

「Please wait a moment, princess!! Please return to the throne room immediately!! Ah!? You entered without permission–」

Upon hearing such a voice, the door was slammed open. A shadow quickly rushed towards Kazuya.



It was Iris, she broke into the room with a beaming smile and was currently hugging Kazuya tightly. Beretta and Phyllis entered the room as well with pale faces.

「「I was too late…..」」

The 2 people with their pale faces murmured so.


「「I’m sorry…..」」

Phyllis and Beretta apologised that they could not stop Iris from barging in.

「Supreme Excellency Nagato Kazuya, please forgive the behaviour of the princess」

「Oh well, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to use respectful language either」


Chitose next to Kazuya was glaring at Iris, who was burying her face into Kazuya’s chest whilst inhaling, taking in Kazuya’s body odour.

Rather than stopping, she continues to muzzle Kazyua’s chest strongly. Kazuya then stroked her head, at which she trembled in joy whilst relaxing her body.

Beretta noticed the state of Iris. More so, she noticed the strange atmosphere coming from Chitose.

「Uhh!! I want to say thank you to Kazuya…. 」

「Oh, it’s sister」

「Yeah, thank you very much. I was able to meet sister again thanks to Kazuya, I’ll make sure to return the favour」

「It’s ok. Don’t worry about it」

「No, I can’t do that」

「Master, it will be time soon」

The “time” Chitose was talking about was the meeting with Queen Isabella.

「Ah, it is such a time…..we’ll have to continue this later」

「I see」

When Kazuya turned his eyes down, he tried to speak with Iris

「Iris? Iris!!」


「Is it useless?…..Iris!!」

「Hoe~? What is it Onii-san~?」

Finally, after Kazuya started to shake Iris’ shoulders, she began to reply.

But Iris, who looked up from the chest of Kazuya had a bright red face as if she was drunk.

「No, well. I have to go to a meeting with Queen Isabella soon. Did you want to ask me anything?」

「……I came to see Onii-san for something!!  」

「……Oh? What are you talking about Iris?」

「Since Onii-san would trick me otherwise. I’ll forgive you this time, so just listen to me」

Kazuya didn’t know the meaning of the words Iris had said, without answering the question, Iris continued.

「After all, Onii-san is my prince on a white horse!!」

「No….uh, Iris?」

Iris continued to heat up and continued with what she said.

「There will be no more obstacles!! I want to become one with Onii-san, let’s have an early marriage!!」


All the members in the room aside from Iris uttered a marvellous cry.


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  2. “Oh? What are you talking about Iris? Since Onii-san would trick me otherwise. I’ll forgive you this time, so just listen to me”

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  6. Yep, now I know that: lolicon and lolis themself have a very IMPATIENT personality…
    They also like sour and unripe fruit…
    Completely opposite with me therefore we won’t get along… °oloo


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