Weapons Cheat – Chapter 2

TLN: I’m going to spend a little more time editing my submissions from now on, maybe it’s just me, but sometimes it seems as if the story doesn’t flow well. So i’ll edit this one more, so that it reads a little easier. Be sure to tell me if you notice a change!

Also, i need a new series to translate. They need to be short chapters if possible. Anyway enjoy 🙂


[First of all, scout the surrounding area, we’ll then acquire this location as a defensive position to act as our headquarters]


Kazuya began summoning the necessary facilities using the menu screen, under the close supervision of Chitose.

Concrete buildings were produced, along with the necessary communication equipment.

Thick walls and barbed wire made of concrete and steel respectively enclose the area. Trenches, bunkers and lookout towers are also produced.

A suitable space was set aside for the artillery, it seems that a firm defensive position has been made

[It’s good, now that our defense is sorted, lets work on our offense]

For ground mounted weaponry, he summoned the Browning M2 machine gun that was formally adopted by the US Military in 1933 due to it’s reliability. It was surpassed by the M20 75mm recoilless rifle. For vehicular weaponry, 10 mounted M4A3 Caliope’s (The type that attaches to an M4 Sherman tank), 5 truck mounted BM-12 Katyusha rocket launchers. For ordnance he summoned a M115 203mm Howitzer and the 120-PM43 mortar. Additionally, various other small and large weaponry were summoned. (TN: M4A3 and BM-12 are vehicle mounted rocket launchers)

Ok, that’s done. I should probably send the scouts out now.

[Gather all the members of the first company!!]

Kazuya calls over the first company, as well as some of the logistic personnel.

Noisy footsteps could be heard, within an instant the first company had assembled.

When he confirms that all the members are present, he begins to speak.

[I will now explain the upcoming reconnaissance mission. We are currently stationed in the Canary kingdom territory, in a location named 『The forest of no return』it seems to be a den for demons. As this place has a high population of demons, it is the perfect place for a base, if no-one has any objections, we will be keeping an outpost here. Now, each division will consist of 10 personnel, there will be 12 divisions, each division will scout 5km starting at bearing 12 o’clock North. Each squad will spread out on bearings between 1:00 and 12:00] (TLN: Hard to translate, but basically, if you imagine a clock. It goes from 1 – 12, the squads will split up like this. So squad 1 goes towards 1:00 and squad 5 will go to 5:00 and so on…)


[The soldiers who are staying behind are here to guard the base in case of an attack, as well as being my personal escorts. Regardless of whether or not you are scouting or staying behind, all of the first company will receive an appropriate weapon and necessary equipment. The division that is going scouting must take logistical support, so please take a few medics.]


The soldiers in the company who receive my instructions, salute and answer in chorus.

Well then, because they were summoned without the addition of a weapon, i should summon some.

The STG44 has a shortage in firepower… The MG42 machine gun and the Type 99 sniper rifle, perhaps the auxiliary rocket launcher Panzerfaust?

With this, they should be able to handle tough enemies.

Weapons and logistical personnel are split between the 12 divisions that are going scouting. Also, some troops have been mobilised in order to operate the artillery, should the scouting group need shelling support.

Fuu~ now, i can rest.

[Is there something wrong, master?]

As Kazuya dropped his shoulders, Chitose spoke up.

That reminds me, Chitose calls me master….. (TLN: He only just realised….)

Until now, being called master seemed to be natural, i’d never asked her to change the way she called me.

[Do you mind not calling me master?]

[I will not, because master is master. The way i call you is absolute and cannot be changed. I would like you to call me Chitose without the honorific as well]

[…..Then, i will call you Chitose from now on]

Kazuya snorted roughly, having been overpowered by Chitose’s atmosphere he decided to give in.

Proclaiming someone as their one and only master, she sort of resembles a Yandere…..

I wonder if i can see Chitose’s status?

Kazuya tried to check it using the menu screen.


Chitose Katayama


Helmet, Gloves, M43 fatigue clothes, knapsack and military boots

Main Weapons:
StG 44
(7.92 x 33mm × 30  box shape curved magazines)

Walther P38
(Parabellum bullet ×  8 9mm magazines)

Support weapons:
M24 Grenade ×2 


  • Fanaticism  
  • Love Enthusiast 
  • Devotion
  • Dependence



My aide is dangerous.

Kazuya took his eyes of the menu screen and looked at Chitose whilst breaking a cold sweat.

In return, she takes off her helmet causing her long black hair to fall to her waist. Chitose, like Kazuya was wearing the classic M43 fatigue uniform that seemed to accentuate her figure.

The character is a beautiful women, dangerous.

Chitose, who didn’t seem to understand why Kazuya had such a strange expression, instead smiled radiantly, whilst tilting her head in a cute manner.

Kazuya was instinctively stunned upon seeing Chitose’s smiling face. No, he mustn’t be sidetracked, he strengthened his heart and decided to keep her out of his mind.

After she left for the command centre, Kazuya had detailed talks with the other soldiers who had stayed behind.

He was killing time by doing so, however he suddenly receives a report from one of the reconnaissance divisions.

『Command, this is the sixth division. We have reached the sea, there is neither a person nor a living thing here. We will be returning, as our mission has been completed』

[Command here, understood]

Shortly afterwards, the fourth division and the eighth division returned similar reports.

Whilst i was waiting for the other division’s reports, a transmission came through from the ninth division.

『Command, this is the ninth division, please respond』

[Command here]

『There is an artificial structure that looks like a fort around 3 kilo’s from command. Please give us instruction』

[Command confirms. We will send the tenth division to your location, once you meet up search the structure]

『Understood, after meeting with the tenth division, the ninth division will search the structure』

The communication officer passes the information onto the tenth division as soon as the line with the ninth division is cut.

[Command here, tenth division please respond]

『This is the tenth division』

[Tenth division, please meet the ninth division. They have discovered an artificial structure which requires searching]

『Understood. The tenth division will join the ninth division』

It was as soon as the communication officer cut the lines to the tenth division


Suddenly, an ear splitting explosive sound is heard nearby. The birds in the forest, surprised by this, flew up into the air.

[What happened!?]

[I’m not sure!! Confirming it now!!]

The noisiness in the command centre increased due to the sudden explosive sound.

One of the soldiers who had been placed on watch suddenly opens the door.

[Commander!! Dark smoke has been confirmed coming from the west!!]

He came tumbling through the door as he raised a loud voice.

[Understood! How is the report from the divisions on the west side going?]

[Currently, the eleventh and twelfth divisions, who were searching nearby, are rushing to the site where the dark smoke is being emitted]

The communication officer who was in contact with the divisions from the west side says this as he faces Kazuya.

[Understood. Chitose!]

[What is it?]

[Mobilise one platoon and support the divisions going towards the explosion site.]

[Roger. I will make the platoon sortie at once!!]

Chitose, who had received the instruction, left the building.

Immediately after that, a communication comes through from the twelfth division.

[Commander, there is a communication from the head of the twelfth division]


Kazuya was passed a headset by the communication officer.

[Report the situation]

『Twelfth division here, when we arrived at the explosion site. A man in his late teens with fair hair seemed to be fighting with a man with black hair in his early thirties. These two people were also observed by the eleventh division who joined us, we took some distance from the site, however we need further instruction』

Perhaps those people are similar to me, but why are they fighting…..

Could it be…

….It’s almost certainly because of their abilities, it looks like i can’t trust anyone from another world. (TLN: In chapter 1, killing otherworlders grants you their abilities)

Perhaps we can deal with them now, whilst they don’t notice our presence.

I had just received my ability and yet i’ve already met something dangerous.

It’s cruel, but reasonable. Kazuya decides to give the instruction to kill to the twelfth division.

[Judge those two men at present as enemies and take care of them. I have one fully armed platoon on their way to support you. Be sure to kill them before they notice you, i’ll leave the strategy to your discretion. After killing them, dispose of their bodies and then return. If you fail, cancel the battle and return promptly.]

『The twelfth division has understood your orders. We will begin a course of action as soon as we are joined by the reinfor…..? Report! The man with black hair seems to have won, we are beginning our pursuit now』


When the communication between the twelfth division was cut. Kazuya switched to an open channel and issued an order to every division.

[To the divisions currently on a reconnaissance mission, return immediately to base]


Kazuya, who had finished relaying his orders, sat down as he waited for the report.


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      • naaaa… probably just played too much valkyria chronicles. He can summon V2 rockets as well right? And he can summon Me 262 jet fighter as well right? It was combat ready by 1944 and operational. Just imagine that beast; four, 30 mm MK 108 cannons, twenty-four 55 mm rockets and able to carry bombs! All with a top speed of around 880km/h! But then you have the meteor and lockheed P-80 shooting star and Arado Ar 234. My god! Bloody hell germany was on a roll. I really am having fits of delight thinking about all this! Oh and the tanks! Don’t get me started about the tanks!


    • all he need is the runway or helipad, unfortunately the current base doesn’t include that,
      with his current level he already can summon aircraft, though it’s just ten for now, so yeah need to level up so he can upgrade the base


      • well it’s true that there are VTOL aircraft but they are just experimental aircraft, not combat ready
        more efficient way is to summon aircraft carrier but even with that mc can only summon 10 aircraft, and aircraft carrier up to 1945 can only launch fighter aircraft which can equipped with some bomb but it only can carry small amount so it’s really not efficient to go war with it,

        if the base has a runway, then mc can summon heavy bomber, even only 10 they can destroy a city or two


  2. seems good so far 😀 wonder how other reincarnator/thrown in otherworlders will react to modern ish weapons if they meet him, and i wonder how kings ect in that world will react XD


    • It’s simple
      they are basically fuck up their own ass if they go war with the mc

      though right now mc can only summon 250 Infantrymen, there are still many option to use, and what’s more if the Infantrymen die then just wait another month and they back.

      if mc go war with his current level, well just summon V-2 rocket, and if the enemy capital near the sea just bombard them with 10 Yamato-class Battleship

      if there is runway in the base, just summon the plane that carried fat man bomb,

      if the mc chased, well just take refuge in the sea with ship or submarine

      all of this can be done at lv 1,

      *sigh I wonder just how op the mc later if he already reach 2016 limitation


    • Well depending on when the cutoff in 1945 is he could make fat man or little boy and wipe their capital off in a conflagration of nuclear fire. I would say that a policy of non-intervention on all sides would be the best bet.


  3. This set-up is pretty great. It can take a multitude of directions, from RTS, king of the hill, world domination and politics/peace/allying with natives.

    I’d create structures to pretend to be a peace-keeping type thing for otherworlders and as base camps for them to trade items etc for food.

    Still, other games/timelines/stories/universes instead of just being our world history (and maybe future) would make this able to shoot in nearly any direction anyone can take.
    For now, the best he could get is uranium coated weapons etc but that would be bad for the area. He needs to try and train people in magic, concealment and get his ships and planes in a regular pattern.

    I hope Satellites and rockets are part of the military he controls. I’d probably make a spacebase and use canisters summoning etc to refuel the base. On a moon would be easier.


    • Mostly yes, satellite is indeed part of of military because it used for communication and data link of modern military equipment, but for now the mc can’t summon it because the 1945 limit, if later than probably yes, depend on author

      heck, the mc probably can make internet because internet first developed for military


  4. You missed a very important part of her status that would leave people confused without it. :



      • That makes sense, those are both cool and famous. I wonder when will he summons those stuka bombers and what the unfortunate victims’ reaction be. Walking stuka/Wurfrahmen 40 is also good. Accuracy is a problem though.


    • They are new human born,

      [Structure of infantrymen]

      When summoning a soldier; the age, sex, appearance and race can be chosen. If you do not select anything, all those variables will be chosen at random. When a soldier is killed, they will not return until a month has passed.


  5. how many chapter until he can summon leo 2 ?
    😀 😀
    will he summon battleship ?

    damn i can’t wait for next chapter lol lol
    keep up the good work


    • me too, can’t wait for next chapter

      forget about battleship just summon nuclear bomb and drop it near capital kingdom so the king and the rest can see it, and say “Give me the princess or you know what will happen if don’t right” to the king (*evil route)


  6. I thought it was weird for him to suddenly create a base there but them i remembered the common knowledge he obtained; he may have thought that it was fine.

    Also ge may have disliked to kill by his own two hands yet ordering makes it easier aint it… also fright is quite dangerous as he seemed freaked out by their abilities so he will kill’em.

    Weird cheeky brat or just a snooty brat with power? Maybe the later (lol)


  7. Can you fix for the entire Army structure names. Because it’s at fault. I belive it should be consist of 12 or more “Squad” wich consist of 2 “section”. I said this because in the chapter 3, the “Division” leader is ranked Sgt. wich imposible because division is lead by Lt. Gen or Mj. Gen.


    • To add onto that, a division consists of around several THOUSAND troops… fireteam -> squad -> company -> battalion -> brigade -> division -> army corp ->army -> front


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